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Peter Falk Runs Amok -- Refuses Help and Comb

4/23/2008 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Columbo's got a new mystery to solve -- what the hell's up with Peter Falk?

Police were called to the scene in Beverly Hills yesterday after onlookers saw the 80-year-old actor flapping around, looking disheveled, and seemingly in need of assistance.

Sources saw Falk come out of a building and attempt to make his way across the street to a bank. Along the way, he was nearly run over by a car. When the police arrived, the glass-eyed TV detective refused their help and was let go.

Calls to Falk's rep were not returned.


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I agree with some of the prevous comments. Sensationalizing whatever happended is in poor taste. Peter Falk is a great actor with a proud and impressive history. I can think of no one who has brought more entertainment joy to my family. In light monments, my father still mimicks Columbo. Im dark times our family is watching my Grandma suffer through Alzheimers. To make fun of a man who tried to draw attention to cure for one of our nation's worst diseases ,in his time, of need is deplorable. PLEASE REMOVE THIS PHOTO.

2328 days ago


If anyone on here talks bad about Peter Falk( Columbo) should really be ashamed of themself. First of all i believe someone set him up. And for you Judi to say ( i dont think he wanted any help) you look sad. Columbo was not a great show it (IS) a great show, where the famous all started out. So he paved the way for many. And for TMZ to stoop soooo low, i have no respect for you at all, and to be honest how desprate could you really be to make a old man look so bad. Tristania i agree with you , you are on the right page. TMZ all li have to say is if you really want a real critic hit me up and i will give you some real feedback , buttttt what you did here on Peter Falk , was dowm right sad and you loose all crediability .
you be cool .

2308 days ago

catherine falk    

This is Catherine Falk, his daughter wanting to tell you that my father has entertained millions for over thirty years and deserves more respect then being smeared on your web site for personal gain and humiliation.. My father is an elder like all of your own fathers and with age comes dementia and other progressive diseases and we all need to show some humility and respect for the elder community.. making fun of people in times of sickness and vulnerability is a sad way to live and I can't believe for a second any viewer in their right mind feels that these pictures are fun or entertaining.. want to thank your viewers for their kind words of my father and for their shock of the amusement your company puts forth in humiliating others for personal and financial gain.. we all have one thing in common-we have a father and we have aging parents and my father deserves more respect then what has been portrayed of him to your amusement! THANK YOU TO THE VIEWERS COMMENTS for your support and positive comments about my dad, Be well

2305 days ago


This is so sad. Columbo was a great show. Seems like TMZ would try to help him out versus taking his picture during a time of need/assistance.

2373 days ago


Poor guy. I hope he gets some help.

2373 days ago


sad, it happens to everyone sooner or later.

2373 days ago


Whoa, dude's going all Hebrew King Lear. It would be cool if prophecy was spewing from his mouth but instead it was probably more like "Where's Carla? Did Carla take my linens?!"

2373 days ago

Lucy Phoenix    

Awww. I like Peter Falk. I'd have helped him.

2373 days ago


get him a crack pipe and a fat rock and he'll be alright....

2373 days ago


Oh God, that is SAD. He spoke out in a public service announcement for Alzheimer's in 2005. I sincerely and truly hope that's not what the problem is instead of just "old age." My mother had it, and I wouldn't wish that hell on anyone.

2373 days ago


This is a sad commentary on the state of the U.S. these days. An elderly man who gave millions of people pleasure in his younger days is clearly in need of assistance and what does he get? Rather than anyone helping him across the street, his picture is taken and slapped on a snarky gossip rag and cops are called. Our grandparents who lived in a more civil time must be rolling in their graves.

2373 days ago



2373 days ago


Maybe he didn't want any help! He made it to the age of 80, and this is the first time that I know of that he caused a reason to have his picture slashed on the internet in a negative way. Leave the old man alone unless he asks for help, or is a danger to himself or others!

2373 days ago

Just Me    

Tristania you are so right...TMZ you disgust me on this one...shame on you!

2373 days ago

the DQ    

Wow, somebody really needs to watch out for and help him. I have always loved Peter Falk.

2373 days ago
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