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Dr. Phil's Moment of Truth

4/24/2008 11:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's sweeps again in television land and since he can't exploit Britney Spears or a teenage girl accused of being the ringleader of a high school beatdown -- Dr. Phil has turned to ripping off a popular reality show.

TMZ TV exposed how the good doc's using a polygraph, a child molestation victim, and fancy graphics all in the name of ratings.


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To be nice I would say he needs to put a powder puff on his shiny spot. That is about it though. :)

2337 days ago


hun at TMZ who wrote this? um...

I'm not a big Dr. Phil fan but um...

Dr. Phil was doing lie detector tests long before moment of truth.

As did Maurry
As did Judge Judy
As did People's Court
As did Judge Joe Brown
As did Judge Mathis
As did Montel
As did everyone in law enforcement

also, how did you expose him? He was promoting this episode weeks in advance, showing the lie detector test clip in the commercials.

You can't expose something someone's not hiding.

"I'm Just saying."
As did a crap load of other people long before moment of truth

2337 days ago


Oops, the last line should have come just after "As did everyone in law enforcement. my bad. having a TMZ moment and forgot to recheck before posting. ^_^

2337 days ago


I still believe in him...

2337 days ago

just wondering    

Bring on Dr. Oz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..." Dr." Phil is a true farce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2337 days ago

Miriam Shutes    

Let's get off of Dr. Phil's back... althoough he has these people on his shows, he also has people who are behind the scenes who help him prepare for his guests. If we get rid of Dr. Phil, we will have to do the same thing with Jerry Springer as well as Maury Povich!!

2337 days ago


A diagnosis of Britney Spears announced on national TV but there's a few ingreients missing here; a patient, an appointment, a comprehensive history taking and a big fat fee for a 'magic' 50 minute hour. Just what were YOU thinking, Phil?! Where didn't you go to medical school, Phool???

2337 days ago


To answer the question to the post above regarding Dr. Phil's show being "fake" and commenting on how it seems all set up- WHY, YES....YES, IT IS! I can say this with 100% certainty. The reason I can say this is because I was a "guest" on the show twice. The second time was only because they needed someone to fill a spot- the topic of the show had nothing to do with me or or anything I would be remotely interested in. Of course, I had to act like it did. Why did I do it? Free vacation, free hotel & food, & to make a complete @ss of myself! After it was all said and done (and everything was edited to Dr. Phil's liking), I'm not too pleased with the way I was portrayed after being told something completely different. What the heck, like you all care......but it IS fake at times and most definitely set up.

2337 days ago

Media whores    

I had this lame ass figured out after one of his first (and my last) shows. It's a soaped up Jerry Springer Show. Airing other's dirty laundry = big $$$. There's a sucker born every minute and they are keeping him on the air. He's like the talk show host version of Jim Baker.... You know something isn't right about him, but you'll just have to wait for the scandal to be exposed to find out. Stay tuned! I guarantee something will come out about this guy sooner or later.

2337 days ago


To those that still like him (believe in him- whatever)- I do still think Dr. Phil is a decent guy. The first time I was on his show was an awesome experience. He HAS changed- and he is caught up in the whole "Hollywood" thing. I guess that happens to the best of 'em, huh?! In all honesty though- Dr. Phil is a good guy with good intentions- he does leave a lot of the editing, the guest selection, the "scripts", etc. to his staff members. I'm sure he's just as shocked as we all are at times at the subject matter, the guests, etc.

2337 days ago


Yes, his production staff are the like reject interns from Entertainment Tonight... cheesey "teasers" ad nauseum... But I do think Dr. Phil one on ne is ok....But he does need to tone down his own family....I don't need advice or "motivation" from his Botoxed Baptist Bridezilla or moralistic advice from that "I married a centerfold"son.

2337 days ago


Ummmm, this is news? I am by no means a Dr Phil fan but he's done the SAME SHOW AND SUBJECT a couple of times before and he uses a lie detector FREQUENTLY, and so have a TON of other TV talk show host. And, OH PLEASE! Exposing who and what? TMZ you need to hire people who know better!

2337 days ago

Media whores    

Hey #21.... "Gullible" is written on the ceiling {waiting while he/she looks up}.... okay, now... get off your sofa, buck up and and get in the real world. I'm absolutely positive the man is never shocked by the subject matter. He is TV.... it's all about ratings, popularity and the almighty $. I have never heard a piece of advice come out of his mouth that any person with at least an ounce of common sense couldn't have come up with.

2337 days ago

Dawn S.    

Maury P. did the lie detector stuff long before Moment of Truth. Steve Wilkos does it too. Where is THAT in the news?

2337 days ago


Lie detectors are not accurate. Why can't he just let the guest come to him like he used to? It was working for ya right Dr. Phil?

2337 days ago
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