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Jeff Archuleta -- Stage Dad? Who, Me?

4/24/2008 8:57 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has been telling you how Jeff Archuleta – David's dad -- is the worst kind of stage dad. But even when he denies it, he sounds pretty much ... like a stage dad.

Jeff fires back at what we've reported in an interview with Us, saying that there's "absolutely no truth in any of the stories" about him yelling at David or withholding water. The funny thing – he doesn't deny being totally involved in his son's life, whether it's song choice on "Idol," or realizing his talent at "age 4 or 5" and giving him the video of "Les Miz" to watch at age 6 and basically shoving Broadway musicals down his throat.

Jeff also takes the chance to nail the "Idol" judges, saying that "they overreact." Now that doesn't sound like a stage dad at all.

Spencer to Prez: You're Too B-List for Me

Now Spencer Pratt has gone too far: He and Heidi have bailed out of the big black-tie affair in D.C. because, according to him, it isn't "A-listy" enough.

The New York Post reports that Speidi bailed out of the White House Correspondents Dinner because, says a source, Pratt thought it was beneath them, even though MSNBC had invited Montag to the bash. (They wouldn't pay for Pratt's ticket.)

Guess who's coming to dinner? Pam Anderson, Ben Affleck, Jen Garner, Kerry Washington, John Cusack, and Rob Lowe. If they're not A-list, what's Spencer?

J. Lo Trots Out Twins for New Reality

Jennifer Lopez already splashed her two little tots all over the pages of People magazine, and now it looks like she'll be doing the same on TV.

People reports that she's signed up to do a reality show for TLC – the cable net best known for "Trading Spaces" – which will focus on how Lopez juggles her career, her babies, and a 90-pound skeleton-being also known as Marc Anthony. No airdate has been revealed, but the series is already in production.


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Lord Snooty    

Spencer is the guy sucking the sweat from a dead man's balls.

2338 days ago

Lenn K.    

J-Lo will pimp these kids out to get as much attention for herself and that emaciated looking husband of her's.

2338 days ago


Isn't she the one that wanted her privacy. Being married to Marc hasn't put her in the spot light like she's use too. No one is interested in her as long as she is with someone so boring and ugly! Does she really need the $$.

2338 days ago


Spencer isnt ANYTHING without heidi.. heidi isnt really anything if it wasnt her pal Lauren! They are nobodys!

2338 days ago


Show me da $$$$ !!!!!!! She like the attention. Albums not selling, Sistah ???

2338 days ago


Jennifer Lopez and most celebrities are media whores. She is so greedy...six million dollars for photographs of her children dressed in ridiculous frill like costumes for People Magazine and now she will pimp out those children for more money and parade them on TV. Who in their right mind would be interested in watching her "juggle" motherhood and career? It's such a novel idea (NOT)...most of the civilized world have to do that and we don't get paid millions or have multiple nannies helping us...and our children don't sleep in garish nurseries with crystal chandeliers! You can take the girl out of the Bronx but never take the Bronx out of the girl.

2338 days ago


Who is David Archuleta and why should I care about his dad?

2337 days ago


David A looks scared to death ALL the time. Seriously the poor kid looks like he's on the verge of a nervous breakdown every time he's on camera. He may well be a "wonderful young man" as a poster above says but his father is obviously pushing the kid to his limits. If he wins AI it will ruin his life.

2337 days ago


Puhlease. Who but 10yr olds would watch J-lo and Skeletor on a reality show?
Nice way to pimp out your kids for money. Not getting enough attention from your
boring CD's or even more boring movies?
Maybe Skeletor needs the money to support all his other kids?

2337 days ago


So his Dad gave him Broadway musicals to watch-big deal. What's he supposed to do NOT encourage something his son is good at or interested in? Would anyone call Tiger Wood's dad the equivelant of a 'stage dad' for giving his kid golf clubs at 2 or 3 years old? No. Parents encourage their kids to do what they show interest in. My mother took me to museums and put me in art classes because I really liked to draw. Oh, how horrible for a child's father to take interest in his son's life. Stupid.

2337 days ago


Is J-Lo running out of money or something? She's selling pics to the highest bidder and doing a cheesy reality show. Is she having a tough time getting acting gigs or something? This is very low rent.

2337 days ago


spencer douchebag pratt (who i'm told by many of my insider pals plays for the other team) reminds me of dorothy stratten's killer fiance (rent the so-bad-it's good movie star 80 and you'll see what i'm talking about).

2337 days ago


What biased reporting. The US weekly article said that for the most part, David's dad was fine with the judges, sometimes they overreact but mostly he was totally fine with their comments, and that they were instructive. Get a clue TMZ.

2337 days ago


Wow.. Spencer needs to get his ass kicked and realize he's no one important, and how much he doesn't even deserve that invitation. What an idiot. Nothing bothers me more than speidi!

2337 days ago


How much money does this girl need, or I should say how many fur coats does she have to have? Now she is using her babies for attention, she is a pathetic mom already.

2337 days ago
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