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LiLo -- AliLo's Show Could Be "Toxic"

4/25/2008 7:52 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is getting worried for little sis Ali – she thinks the new pimp-out reality show momma Dina's doing with Ali could be big trouble. And LiLo knows toxic.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that, according to "a longtime Lindsay associate and friend," Lindz is worried that the show has the potential to be "really toxic" – sound like code for Britney? – and that Ali's life could end up as effed up as hers.

As TMZ told you last week, Lindsay's been battling her own demons because her wackadoodle parents won't stop squabbling.

Cover the Couches: Tom Returns to Oprah

This should be fun, or at least funny: Tom Cruise is returning to Oprah. And this time, at least half the show will be outside the studio, presumably to limit the chances that any couch-pummeling hijinks will occur.

The show is meant to celebrate the Scientolofreak's first role in "Risky Business" 25 years ago, and he will do one part in-studio, and one part at his Telluride mountain retreat, as MSNBC first reported. Unclear if there are any couches in that house, or if the Bride of LRH and the Scientolotot will appear.

Miley Not a Slut, Just a Diva, Says Disney Star

Miley Cyrus got a little support yesterday from one of her stablemates in the Disney fold: Brenda Song tells People that what MiCy does in her personal life is ok by her.

"She brushes everything off with a smile. She is truly a diva – in a very good way!" says Song. And how is being a diva ever a good thing? TMZ discovered that Song had a little saucy moment of her own when a snap of her showed up in a backpages sex ad in an L.A. paper.

Party Favors: Heidi -- No, Not That One -- Going to See Dr. Drew ... Jacko Actually Working?

Heidi Fleiss will be the next trainwreck to get some help from Dr. Drew Pinsky, reports Radar. She's trying to wean herself off addictions to meth, Vike, and bad PR. ... Michael Jackson is recording tracks with Akon and RedOne, which can only lead to very strange and unpleasant results. "Smack It," anyone?


No Avatar


See, I told you all that was really Miley in those pictures.. you bunch of idiots.

2338 days ago


TMZ don't just throw around people's name just for the hell of it. That is mag is getting sued for using song pics for that porn ad...she didn't do anything wrong!

2338 days ago

Lenn K.    

Of course, Dina pimping out Ali do you think she cares what others think about her parenting skills or lack of them? This has been and always will be about her.

2338 days ago


Slut in Training!

2338 days ago


To think how my view of Tom has changed in 25 years. Who would have thought, I had never even heard of Scientology back then and I am not even sure it was around.

2338 days ago


"MiCy" ??????

"MiCy" ???????

I cringe everytime I hear or see one of these stupid celeb names the media has created. Do you know how silly and juvenile this sounds? When will this stupid fad ever end?

2338 days ago

who dat    

Is this site going to turn into daily miley updates? The young girl has no talent, never will. Sure, she is getting rich. If that is your criteria for stories, bill gates is always talking. How much is disney paying you to force miley on us?

2338 days ago


Thomas Mapother is insane, and ugly.

2338 days ago


Why do so many good people die, yet Thomas Mapother still lives ?

2338 days ago


I believe that Thomas Mapother and David Miscavige are homosexual lovers. Thats only my opinion. It could be true or false, but I believe its true.

2338 days ago

Funny Answers    

Cruise in too far out there. He is like a control robot. Sciencetology was given life from a guy named L. R. Hubbard who wrote a book telling people they have the power to control their own destiny. Dyinetics (yes I know I did not spell it correclty but don't have spell check on this computer) is the name of the book. It is still out there. Read it. In the late 60's early 70's this sold millions. People were trying to take control. The man then became a symbol of these lost sould who want to love greed and power, and here we have a new "Church" for tax purposes. They help one another promote. That is why some people joint the cult. It was born in a time and era were cults were everywhere. This man it passed nuts, not mentally ill, like some people are and cannot help themselves, as my brother is, these are people who feel entitled to what ever they want. Oprah wants him on there for rating, she has all of those sciencetolotgy people on her show. Kristie Alley, John Travolta, Leah Remini, the women who played Darma on television. Not a fan of Oprah as she beleives herself to be a God too. No one, and I do mean no one loves her as much as she loves herself. If she goes to the bathroom it is in the papers and makes a televsion specail, so why not showcase weird people. Yes, she does good things, but if you really look close "the bible says do your good deeds, and keep them to yourself" or it really is not a good deed, just something to make yourself feel good about who you are, and plus she puts in on her show, and a televsion special>>> One nut to another nut who think the world loves them. so why not be on Oprah shows. She makes me sick.

2338 days ago


I hope Ali Lohan goes crazy like Britney Ali looks like a brat and if she wants to be like her sister more power to her! Im guessing within a year.. REHAB! Cant wait!!!!

2338 days ago


Lindsay needs to WORRY about Lindsay!

2338 days ago


If you want a good laugh, go to You Tube and watch Part 8 of Jason Beghe's 8 part interview on his escape from Sciencraptology...he makes fun of Thomas Mapother's insanity by imitating Mapother's mindless hysterical insane laughter. Its a REAL hoot.

2338 days ago


I agree with #12 Carolyn, Oprah is in this for the ratings. I have never been a fan of Tom Cruise and find him completely over-rated as an actor. I could really care less if Suri is his kid or not and know the day will come when katie Holmes wakes up and says to herself, "I am out of here". As for Scientology, as with all religions, I am 100% against any organized religion. Cruise can go to his buddy Oprah and jump off of a cliff for all I care. He made a first class ass of himself doing the couch jumping and was shameless in his preaching about anti-depressants and treatment for mental illness. I applaud Brooke Shields for standing up to him. Tom Cruise is an authority on absolutely nothing. Just like his mentor Oprah, another expert authority on absolutely nothing. And by the way Oprah, I think the world is pretty well convinced that you are gay and frankly my dear, we don't give a damn.

2338 days ago
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