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Gary Coleman and Wife Don't See Eye-to-Eye

4/26/2008 4:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After just eight short months of marriage, vertically-challenged Gary Coleman is heading to "Divorce Court" (via MSNBC). Whatcha talking about Gary?

The publicity whore is appearing before Judge Lynn Toler on TV's "Divorce Court" to hash out his matrimonial problems before they rise out of his reach. The 40-year-old has-been says he's sick of always being the bad guy and wants his voice heard. Gary's 22-year-old missus says her little man has a hot temper and bangs his head against a wall when he doesn't get his way. That explains a lot!

Gary doesn't help matters when he goes MIA in the middle of the night. His wife says she doesn't know who he's visiting in the early morning hours, considering her hubby has no friends. Gary isn't shy about his lack of friendships and says he can't trust anyone in Hollywood and doesn't need any BFFs.

Clay Ain't Aiken to Come Out

Is he or isn't he? Clay Aiken says, "Nobody cares."

The rumor mill has been smoking ever since Clay walked off the American Idol stage and into a hit music career. Clay says he doesn't think anyone should slap their sexuality in anyone else's face-and that all he wants to do is sing (via Us).

Despite his attempt for a private, personal life, a few gays have come out on the World Wide Web, alleging they got a measure of the man himself. The hot ironed star says it's difficult dealing with all the scrutiny, but has learned to not let it bother him. You go girl, man!

Hilary Duff Goes Back to School

"90210" Part 2 is registering students and former Disney Brat Hilary Duff is being considered for admission, according to E!

Hilary was sent a script and is up for the role of the principal's daughter, Annie Mills, an awkward theater brat who wants to fit in with the "anti-cool" crowd.

If the spin-off is anything like the vintage original, then there will be a lot of guy drama and girl fights-not much of a stretch for Hil. No word yet if the recovering teeny-bopper will ink a deal.

Party Favors: Lauren Conrad Sex Tape Fo-Real? ... Carrie Underwood Cracks

California's resident douche, Spencer Pratt, tells Tyra Banks on Tuesday that Lauren Conrad definitely, 1000%, did the nasty on camera. When pressed if he ever saw the infamous sex tape featuring the celeb wanna-be, Spencer was non-committal and said he would "rather throw up". ... All those country lyrics can get to a girl. Carrie Underwood broke down while singing one of her songs, a la Kellie Pickler, according to People. Apparently, she got caught up in the moment looking back on all her success-or maybe she's having boy problems.


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here we go again    

Gary's missus probably woke up on day and realised that it wasn't cool to be married to a guy who's still shorter than her when he stands up on a bar stool.

2311 days ago


Clay it is ok, we all know your gay.

Carrie, maybe you need a vacation?

2311 days ago


Clay has it exactly right. Why do I need to know what he does or doesn't do in the bedroom? I DON'T CARE! Honestly, folks, why do I need to even know if the guy I work with is gay? I don't walk into a room and announce, Hey! I sleep with guys! and everybody at the table pats me on the back because I am announcing I have sex? It's stupid. go find something else that is actually worthwhile to pin your opinions of yourselves on.

2311 days ago


Ok TMZ. I sent you the tip that the "victim" that accused Miranda Lambert of attacking her has been arrested for filing a false police report. The police investigated and said Miranda never touched her.For Mirandas sake update please.

2311 days ago


So Gary Coleman is getting a divorce....and his wife claims he has tantrums, bangs his head against the wall, disappears in the night. Are we surprised? Hell no! He is just another child star has been who was coddled and under-educated. I agree he was ripped off financially by his parents. He was also ripped off by his friends, the Michael Jackson wanna be. Why in the hell didn't Coleman get some major therapy, make sound financial investments and go to school? Once again I say, another pampered and spoiled has been child star who gets his divorce on TV...all for the money folks. Grow up Gary and maybe, just maybe you and others may like you.

2310 days ago


If you must ask Clay Aiken if he's gay, you need to work on your Gaydar skills. Seriously. You have none. Leave him alone about it. It won't change your world one leeetle bit if he ever answers.

Gary Coleman on hitting his head against the wall (his words) - "It feels good to get a little plaster in your hair". Being married to that guy must be like having an unruly, mouthy, 6 year old little boy. I do give him props for not wanting to have kids though. He's got issues.

2310 days ago


All you guys do not get it, sure no one cares about his sexuality, thats a no brainer. But when you choose to be in the public eye, and become a celebrity who makes a living off the public, its about character and honesty, hiding one part of who you are is a flaw in character, and what else is he hiding from the fans that pay his way, he is a disgrace to the community if he is gay, bottom line and everyone knows it. Man-up youngster.

2310 days ago


"Clay says he doesn't think anyone should slap their sexuality in anyone else's face"

what about the people who like that kind of thing? Oops.

2310 days ago

You're Killing Me Larry    

Believe me the Gary Coleman divorce story will have legs. Any guy 4' 8" (some say he's more like 4' 6") who thinks he's the late Bobo Brazil doing Coco Butts against a wall and jumping up and down yelling "EEEWWW" when he doesn't get his way? Oh yeah, that has media attention written all over it. And did I mention the part about Coleman being 40 and his wife being 22 and he's still (from all reports) a virgin? At least Tiny Tim read the book of instructions on what goes where and when.

We'll stay tuned to TMZ.

2310 days ago


Spencer is jealous cause he's not banging Lauren. I wish that Garbage Pail kid would just GO AWAY!!!!!!!!

2310 days ago


CW SUCKS i stoped watching this chanel when they canceled Charmed the best show they had on that chanell.They are getting worse with crapy shows they pick. Duff needs to get better movies and shows. I dont know how she not a good acctress.

2310 days ago


Gary Coleman is a little man with HUGE problems. I don't know why that woman wanted to marry him -- a 40-year old virgin with severe emotional problems -- mucho anger & a hugely defensive person. There is nothing sane about his marriage or himself. To me, that guy is a ticking time bomb!

Clay Aiken -- I loathe the guy -- he is just SO full of himself. However, he has EVERY right not to discuss his sexuality publicly if he doesn't want to -- we all have those rights.

2310 days ago


Gary coleman is a bitter little man filled with a lot of hatred.

2310 days ago


Clay is a singer and now broadway star.

That doen't make him gay or not, and if he doesn't want to say one way or the other who the hell cares?

Let me ask you this.

If clay came out as Gay, and you think he's a good singer... would that change his ability to sing?
If clay came out as Gay, and you can't stand him, would you suddenly become a die-hard fan of his?

Of course not. So what does it matter?

He's worried that if he comes out either way....

If he said he's not gay...he could disenfranchise his gay fans
if he said he was gay... he could disenfranchise his straight fans.

So he's keeping his mouth shut.

At least he's not a media hound like Heidi and Spenswhore annoying the world, and he's used his notoriety to do some good things for charity.

For a nation that shoves tollerance of everyone down people's throats, people are sure intollerant of poor Clay straight or not.

2310 days ago


Undersnore performs like dead-eyed robot, yet she cried over one of her songs? Puhleeze. Not one of them is emotional or touching enough to enduce tears. She was probably crying because she had to sing it. She's a beautiful woman, but her songs are BORING and is she.

2310 days ago
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