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Fit After Fame

4/27/2008 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Money might not be able to buy some stars class, but it can do wonders on the figure. Check out whose waist shrunk as their celeb status rose.
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RIcki Lake is beautiful fat or thin. I wish I looked more like her.

2340 days ago

Mr. Hat    

Jean Summers:

You just made fun of trailer trash on the pregnant women site.
What a hypocrite you are.

2340 days ago


Mrs. Rhodes : Not everyone-just the Mean, Lean and Preen- ing Jean Summers. Art teachers tend to be cool at any age.

2340 days ago


I never met her , but think of it like this.... All women are beautiful --fat, skinny, short, tall.. Star obviously has more brains then all of us posting here..... She's a lawyer for one, not only that but she earns millions in the entertainment biz.... that takes a lot of brains and skill..............

2340 days ago


Jean- there was a special on meth addicts on the Chicago News. Their personalities were a lot like yours. Hope you are just fooling around, and are really not that mean spirited person that you seem to be.

2340 days ago


Raw420 : You are happily, or sadly (for Jean Summers), speaking the truth.

2340 days ago

Go away!!    

Jean Summers, maybe if you spent more time educating yourself and less commenting on your size you would'nt be so stupid. This is not the first time you have confused people, eat an apple, your brain is starving........

2340 days ago

Just call me trailer trash....    

she will always be the "fat kid" underneath

that's why she married a gay man, desperation of a fat chick

2339 days ago


"39. I never met her , but think of it like this.... but... Star obviously has more brains then all of us posting here..... She's a lawyer for one, not only that but she earns millions in the entertainment biz.... that takes a lot of brains and skill..............

Posted at 12:25PM on Apr 27th 2008 by Raw420"

Speak for yourself. Star's law degree is from a third-ranked law school, mine is from one of the top five law schools in the nation (top ten at the time I graduated). It is a fallacy that all lawyers are created equal. As an ADA, Star made a paltry $60,000. a year. Anyone who goes to a top law school, who has top grades and who loves money as much as Star does, goes to a corporate firm, not the DA's office Star took that route becuse no firm would have her.

As for her making MILLIONS in th entertainment "biz", let's make that past tense, shall we? She made $2 million a year while on The View. Her big mouth, bigger ego, and gargantuan GREED caused her to lose that cushy job and comfortable salary. What lowlife who makes $2 million goes on tv each day to troll for freebies for her sham wedding to a gay man?!!?? She has never approached her former salary since leaving ABC. She always lived beyoind her means and at one point, when all post-View negotiations fell through, she settled for a week-long stint on a black radio staion before going grovelling back to Court TV. You would have to be a NY insider to know how rude and ungrateful she was to Court TV when she first left for a job at the Today Show (as a legal correspondent) - her first big showbiz break). She acted as if she were above everyone at Court TV and she would have to have been desperate to go crawling back to them recently. Well, desperate she was -- desperate for the limelight and the relatively small paycheck. Rest assured, CTV wasn't paying her anywhere the $2 she formerly made. Word is, she was making less than a million, which sounds about right for a cable entity struggling to re-invent itself, as CTV is attempting to do at present. And even THAT was gone in a heartbeat. She is getting divorced not just because her husband is gay (she has known that since shortly before her marriage), but rather, because she can no longer afford to keep Al and his boyfriends in the lavish style to which they all became accustomed -- living off of her since shortly after their "fairytale" wedding (emphasis on the "fairy").

You've never met Star, but I have, and I know MANY people who have worked with her. I can tell you there is no more insufferable, egotmaniacal, obnoxious, self-serving creature on the planet -- not even Kathie Meee Gifford rivals Star in his regard. Star's antics wree LEGENDARY here in NY even before she met Al. When she was stiil as big as condominium, she once gave a bar-b-que and served her guests hot dogs and burgers, while she sat in her kitchen and ate lobster. That's not a joke, it's the truth. Ms. Jones is the biggest bitch imaginable. I am one who believes that as you treat others, so shall you eventually be treated. Star's current public ridicule and humiliation are proof positive of this.

2339 days ago


There must be an awful lot of envious fat chicks out there judging but the comments directed at Ms Jean. Good for you Jean,,you kept your figure. And I bet it was work....not lots of Micky D, Col S and buckets of ice cream. Like anyone who tries to keep in good physical condition its lots of work and I think its way easier to sit in front of the computer and put down people who work at being healthy. Star is dispicable fat or thin. She must look awful naked. If Al wasnt gay to start with all that streched out and surgically tightened skin with no muscle tone would be enough to turn him or any man!!!! THen there is her nasty passive aggressive personality....yuk. I could go on but whats the point. I think everyone gets what a troll she is. Hopefully she will go back to ambulance chasing....her TV Career is OVER!!!!

2339 days ago


In my above post, I meant to describe her law school as "third-rate" rather than "third-ranked" (which would imply that it is at the top of the pack, when in fact it is middle to bottom). Any reasonably intelligent person would be able to get into Star's alma mater (there are many low-level law schools that aren't nearly as out-of-reach as the general public thinks; most people are simply too intimidated to even apply). Anyone who ever listened to Star pontificate on The View has to know she was in no way a genius.

2339 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

Now she has a face of an ASS.......

2339 days ago


Ref comments #39 and #41. It was wonderful to read such an articulate rendering of Ms Star. To hear Star pontificate you would think she graduated Yale. I lost all respect for her during the OJ trial. Remember that dear readers....all of her blathering on in a really really non judgemental way. Even partied with the murderer after his aquital. She the fat piggy wasnt even his lawyer...just a media ho.

2339 days ago


Jemma = Jean the Nutcase 47 year old cheerleader Pharmacy owning Anorexic Meany. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah = The ex -Mrs. McCartney. What a Coupla Mean Spirited DESPERATE Anti Fatites ! (Seinfeld fans know what that is ) If you are not her husband, or boyfriend, WHY do you care about Star Jones' face or body ??? Edumacated sounds like one of the New Jersey View ladies, who never really liked her. Maybe the teacher, Joy Behar ??? I don't think Joy is that mean. Maybe little Elizabeth.
Doesn't Star have enough tsouras right now ? (trouble, aggravation, bad times) She is probably going through Hell.

2339 days ago

Winky Vitalic    

Jemma is soooo right - all of the fat chicks are out en masse! Star may look better now body-wise (well, her clothes look better; I don't think the bare bod can possibly be that great after losing such an enormous amount of weight). Both my wife & I have proudly maintained our weight for our 25 years of marriage. Even after 2 kids, Toby was able to fit into her "normal" clothes in only a few weeks. She was and is HOT (she looks a little like NIcole Richie - whoever referenced her before).

And,. as someone who travels extensively throughout western Europe, YES! I've seen all of those Stedman pics with Star Jones (when she was FAT - what was he thinking), Dina Lohan AND that girl from American Pie who is now just a drunken mess (sorry - can't think of her name). They aren't afraid to write about EVERYTHING over there. I know Toby saw stories on Perez too. So trailer hating fat idiot - the tabs are right with that story. Surely you don't believe that Stedman is really Oprah's "man?"

Jean S - you are too funny! I will check to see if you're posting elsewhere today.

2339 days ago
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