If You Don't Want to S**t, Get Off the Pot!

4/27/2008 4:50 PM PDT
TMZ is calling out H-wood celebs! Lately, plenty of stars have been faking the funk and we smell bull! There are actually some stars who do like to stay out of the limelight -- while others just like to pretend they don't want the attention. Why even bother?
Hollywood fake-out!
There are probably 15,000 restaurants and nightspots in L.A., but when celebs go to The Ivy, Hyde or Villa -- then swat away the attention -- it just doesn't make any sense. Restaurants like Katsuya in Hollywood have other, more discreet locations, but guess where the stars insist on going?

Stars can go wherever they want -- but if you hated burgers, would you hang out at Burger King?