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Who Shot J.R.?

4/28/2008 7:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The 76-year-old resurfaced at a TV taping in Dublin this weekend, looking great.
Larry Hagman
In 1995, Larry had a liver transplant after years of heavy drinking led to cirrhosis.

For the record, J.R.'s sister-in-law/mistress Kristin (played by Mary Crosby) pulled the infamous trigger.


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god bless larry may he have many more years on this earth

2336 days ago


Larry Hagman is NO longer a drinker and a STAUNCH member of AA! Like Mickey Mantle, he did receive a NEW liver due to alcohol abuse. However, Mickey NEVER stopped drinking once he got his NEW liver and Larry did..........doesn't touch the stuff!

2336 days ago


Wow......I was expecting a really bad photo..Larry looks damn good!!!!!!!

2336 days ago


Wow..look at all these PERFECT little idiots on here bashing this man like they all live such a perfect little life in their perfct little world! HOW DARE ANY OF YOU! This man is just like everyone else in this world. Lots of people have skeletons in their clostes and if he has some so big friggin hairy deal. Is this all you people can say about this man? If so, they you are all LOSERS! You should not judge others as you all have unless you want other to judge you and from what you all are saying..mean nasty no good crap..they I judge you all and say you are all LOSERS! I do not know this man therefore I shall not be one of you idiots bashing him left and right. Shame on all of you....LOSERS!

2336 days ago


Larry says he stopped drinking cold turkey when told he need a transplant and from interviews you lot dont know hasnt drank since,

some of you people are getting Larry mixed up with 70' soccer star George Best

2336 days ago


I live in Dallas where he got his transplant........................and YES he did get his liver over a very sick younger person.!

2336 days ago


Wait a minute. #1 im a RN. In cases if you abuse drugs,alcohol, if your need a liver they DONOT give you a new one. I don't know why some people are lying. LET's keep it real. When my ex-mother in law was dying they said straight out because of her addictions they do not even put you on alist anymore.

2336 days ago

tard in the hood    

My DAD had all the money/insurance in the world ALSO liver cancer that spread from his colon. He was not a drinker or drug abuser. He was not allowed on a transplant list.

2336 days ago

DingDong DingDong    

For a 76 year old Larry looks great.

2336 days ago

montana mike    

jr ewing was the ultimate bad guy-would sell out his family or anyone else to make a buck. larry hagman was great as jr, and when you talk of villains, jr ewing has to be somewhere at the top--how could you talk bad about a guy like him

2336 days ago

Haha suckers...    

Who shot JR? Now, that was a great show.
Larry was amazing as JR Ewing :)

2336 days ago



I have had two kidney transplants; the first in 1980 (from my brother) and one in 1992 from a young man killed in a motocross accident. When my first kidney started to fail in 1987 due to being infected by CMV virus (a virus that in the general population causes a cold, but in the transplant community can be deadly) by my cheating / whoring ex-husband, I went on the transplant waiting list. During that time, between 1987 and 1992, I went on dialysis. I waited... and waited... and waited.

People in the transplant community are torn by those thrust to "the front of the line" by these celebs... everyday, people die while waiting for a kidney. liver, lung, pancreas... while there is no "in-between" treatment like dialysis for kidney failure, I find it personally appalling these celebs get bumped up in line - ESPECIALLY when they were the ones responsible for their disease process. I wish Mr. Hagman well, but - somebody died as a result of him getting preferential treatment by the medical community. It's not right, and it's not fair.

2336 days ago


A person can have problems that require a liver transplant that have nothing to do with drinking, drugs, hepatitis, etc. I have a genetic disease called polycystic kidney and liver disease which so far has required a kidney transplant, and could someday require a liver transplant, and as a result of the medications that I take for the rest of my life, could even affect my pancreas to the point where I would need a pancreas transplant. So please don't assume things unless you know what you are talking about.

2336 days ago


15. Seriously, some of your are plane stupid. "innocent people dying while waiting for a liver" Um, hello, who do you think gets liver transplants? Usually people with Hep C, drinking problems, and some cancer patients. Majority are ex-druggies or recovering/struggling alcoholics. So rest your little heads, no one innocent died while waiting. Most are people with past or current issues.

Posted at 8:44PM on Apr 28th 2008 by Jr

I will be sure to share this with my Type 1 diabetic daughter that was diagnosed at birth (now 22) and needing a liver transplant due to the toll it's taken on her liver. I guess she should start drinking and put her name in the celebs column, then that would constitute her getting one sooner than those that have been waiting.

Disgusted mother and NON celeb!

2331 days ago
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