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Dina Lohan: First Class Bitch!

4/29/2008 2:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dina LohanLooks like Naomi Campbell has been giving Dina Lohan flying lessons.

TMZ spies caught Lindsay's mommie dearest going ballistic on her assistant at JFK baggage claim last week. Our source tells us Dina -- who was flying back from LAX with her middle-aged teen daughter Ali -- was screaming at the assistant for forgetting her bag and yelled, "You must have left your brain on the flight. You're my assistant and that's my bag. You should know this!" It's safe to say you won't be seeing that on "White Oprah's" reality show.

Oh, and we're told Dina flew first class on American Airlines, but used the bathroom in coach. Apparently, D-nasty doesn't s**t where she eats -- only on her employees!


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will this woman every go away? If was her assistant I would hve told her , " its your luggage. U go get it yourself. I quit"

on a side note, On disney channel they showed "Freaky Friday" , that was the first time saw Lindsay Lohan, I thought, she looked so cute & normal back then. Now she is a train wreck

2366 days ago

sarah wall    

lol, what does this woman and her child do, other than soak off of Lindsey's money, make her need an assistant for? I mean really... Can't wait until Tracey Ulman acts out this scene!

2366 days ago


C U Next Tuesday

2366 days ago


Total loser whore! Linds is just like her and now the youngest daughter wants to be like them! It will only stop when you keep Linds away from all celebrities and celeb functions - ban her - she has no talent! White Oprah is well hated by many and Linds is definetely getting there. Would somone tell the lil sis she is better off without those two fame attention losers?!

2366 days ago

Really, really sad    

" Just a thought...wouldn't it be funny if brit and lilo cut the purse strings. What would the repulsive moms lynne and dinah do? Wither and die I bet."

why do you think these girls are so messed up? can you imagine what it must feel like as a young 20 year old girl to know that if you stopped making money your whole family would collapse? No wonder they turn to alcohol and drugs. they want to escape the reality that they are heavily burdened by lazy parents.

2366 days ago


If I talked to my asisstant like that, he would tell me exactly where to shove it!! ou don't talk to people like that. Period!!!!

2366 days ago


**YOU** oops!

2366 days ago

John Astin    

Who does this hanger-on, piece of crap, zero purpose on earth think she is? I hope her, ahem, "assistant" smacked her over the head with the missing piece of luggage. Carry your own luggage, douchebag!

2366 days ago


Dina's probably just pissed because she didn't think of having 14 year old Ali pose topless wearing a sheet with smudged lipstick and "bed" hair. Miley's minder's beat her to it. There went another opportunity for Orange Oprah to pimp out her underage daughter. I hope Ali grows up OK, I feel really sorry for her.

2366 days ago

Dawn Buttimer    

Me and my Aunt Janet saw this skank and her 2 firecrotch daughters at the Rainforest Cafe here in Dallas once. I flicked some ice over onto their table amd it hit Mama Whore in the arm. She got PO'd, stood up and tried to find out who did it, yelling at all the surrounding tables...made a complete jerk off out of herself. The Manager calmed her down with a piece of chocolate cake, too.

2366 days ago

river rat    

This bitch is a nobody who thinks she's somebody!

2366 days ago


OLD WHORE BAG- LMAO!!!!!!!!!!! I can"t stand these moms who pimp their kids out then leech off them. Get a job, biotch!

2366 days ago


Why does SHE have an assistant??? EXPLAIN!!

2366 days ago

Spell Check.    

I'm glad my parents aren't this crazy!

2366 days ago

Media whores    

Looks like a barfly to me. She doesn't have much going for her in her own right... she obviously was and is a horrid mother. Doesn't take much to recognize a fame whore either (tho she's not famous..only thinks she is). Who hasn't met or known a woman like this. One of those people who's closest friends even laugh about them behind their back. Needs to discover what truly will bring her happiness in her life... and it's not fame (by proxy) or money. She'll live a miserable life. Shame.

2366 days ago
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