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Ricky Not as Thicky

4/29/2008 6:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Thanks to his new capoeira regimen, Ricky Martin can look hot and kick your ass.

After a short stint livin' la vida gorda, Ricky was back at his bon-bon shaking weight today in D.C. Now where's that Speedo?


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#28; hilarious. And WOW Ricky is beautiful inside and out. Watched an interview he did years ago and was completely blown away by his gentle spirit and incredible kindness in helping the needy. You haters have no idea what you are talking about, Ricky is a great human being, extremely classy guy and after seeing him in concert once INCREDIBLY talented too! If we only had more celebrities like him this world would be a better place.

2365 days ago

just wondering    


2365 days ago


Like the speedo comment. What is it with latino men and thier tiny swimwear?
What I hate is how those speedo pictures still circulate, But they never show ALL the pictures from the orginal mag article,. It is Ricky's brother Eric on the beach with hiim, along with Eric's girlfriend and other members of his family. But that cropped picture of Ricky and his brother will live on forever with twisted comments live on forever.

2365 days ago


Just becase non-latino(s) express an honest opinion that Ricky Martin is mediocre at best does not mean that he or she is a "Hater." I appreciate Italian entertainers and I don't mean the 20-30 something noise-makers. (I am not Italian)

2365 days ago

Skinny is out    

Ricky Rocks!!
Sexy, Smart, talented, fantastic humanitarian. He is perfect.
Hate him, falsely say he is gay, act jeolous, or want. But everyone knows Ricky is the best!!!!!!!!!!

2365 days ago


WaTeVeR yAlL jUsT hAtIn He Is HoT!!!!!!!!!! He NeVeR gAiNeD wEiGhT
gOsH 2 mAnY HaTeRs InDiS WoRLd

2365 days ago

M P Caird    

Maybe people will focus on other things now. And just so you know, not all gays are adament that a cute guy must be one of us. I always knew he was straight. Love Ricky no matter what. Just wish he would get back to making music.

2365 days ago


Ricky is a class act. He's a fine FINE MAN.

2365 days ago


Those eyes, he's so handsome, his girlfriend is so lucky.

2365 days ago

Me Again    

#38 Eggo
I guess you;re one of those gay men who wants all celebrities to be gay or a jeolous straight man, Cuz Ricky dates girls and has always said straight. So go back to bashing on and calling RichardGere and John Travolta closet cases, cuz nobody cares about your gay obsession.

2365 days ago

Me Again    

Is that his brother Angel or Fernando with him? I get all his brother's mixed up

2365 days ago


He's an all-around great guy, who does so much good. I think he deserves so much more recognition, instead we focus on people who contribute nothing but negativity, like Paris and Britney.

2365 days ago


He is so hot it HURTS.
Thank-you Ricki --- just for BEING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What a body, what a smile, what eyes, what a mouth!

2365 days ago

Kim Rocks    

Ricky you're looking hot always, keep doing your thing. Anyone that says anything negative about you are only jealous of you...

Ricky is the hottest man alive.... "YOUR TRUE FANS LOVE YOU

2365 days ago

Never inked up!    

Okay for all of you who think this man NOT gay. WAKE THE HELL UP!!!

When is he EVER seen in public with a woman on his arm? If one is: rich, good looking, young, and MALE, he would take full advantage of this staus, if you will, and have MANY ladies around. This is what men in his postion do.

Ricky has done none of these things, because HE'S GAY!

I say come out with it already. Who really cares! I'm a complete liberal so, to me this is no big deal. Go for it Ricky.

2365 days ago
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