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X Marks the Spot!

4/29/2008 9:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If this actress was the chick from "Total Recall," she'd have Tic-tac-toe. She's not, but click here to see which star was smart enough to cover up in front of the cameras!


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I do not want to see whos boobs these are. Can we see more of Clooney and McCounahottie?

2335 days ago


Nice to see REAL BOOBS for a change. So much more attractive than those plastic bouncy-balls you see so much of in Cali.

2335 days ago



2335 days ago


OhCrap. TMZ are you that hard up for stories. Tell those paps you have out in the streets to get off their butts and get some real news, This sux.

2335 days ago


The Hidden Upside to the End of Constitutional Protections

We have been dismayed by the parlor game going on in the halls of power, true enough. An anti-torture bill designed to codify torture; the acceptance and legalization of domestic espionage without court order or demonstrable cause; the removal of habeas corpus, one of those petty legal terms that the entire arc of American law relies upon. The Republican Party decided that their election-year strategy, this September, would be to take boxcutters to the Constitution, and they found just enough accomplices to do it.

But there are upsides, here. And the primary upside is that, after being a movement dominated by the terror of government ready to go amok, people who carried the Bill of Rights on cards in their wallets and stockpiled guns with the belief that only guns would save them, the conservative and far-right movements have finally given us the precise legal tools to remove the far-right from the national landscape. Forever.

Before Osama bin Laden, there was the American citizen and terrorist Timothy McVeigh, who drove a truck full of explosives to the front of a government building and detonated it, as an act of terrorism against the United States. Before the Cole bombing, there was an organized series of mail bombings against judges, bombings of abortion clinics, assassinations of abortion doctors, conducted by those affiliated with Operation Rescue and an assortment of domestic terrorist organizations. Weaponized anthrax, sent to news outlets and liberal politicians. The Atlanta Olympics were attacked by terrorists as well, a shrapnel-laced explosive detonated in the crowded Olympic village in order to cause as many deaths as possible. Even if al Qaeda had not existed, the unholy wraith of terrorism against Americans, on American soil, still would be a compounding and urgent problem. And all of those acts were perpetrated by Americans, and specifically by the American far-right.

These acts of conservative terrorism have been all but forgotten, after bin Laden's crimes. But they are domestic terrorism, and were explicitly intended as such, and of the sort that these new Republican, conservative laws are precisely aimed at taking on.

The advantage of these new laws in these new times is, bluntly, that normal rules of evidence no longer apply, and that those charged with aiding terrorism need not be granted a trial; no actual crime need be alleged; no evidence need be presented against them; nobody else is required to be even informed of their imprisonment; there is no appeal. If the President of the United States determines them to be affiliated with terrorism -- and it does not matter if that President is Republican or Democrat -- the judgment is final. All that is required to strip an American citizen of their Constitutional rights, strip them of their citizenship itself, and declare them an enemy combatant in the fight against terrorism is the say-so of the President. That's it.

So if we are dejected, today, that Americans no longer are protected by the Constitution, cheer up just a bit. Because from now on, American terrorists and their conservative supporters aren't protected by the Constitution either. It has been changed, in this time of war, according to their own new laws -- and that means that at the first point in which the Republicans lose power, these same new laws can be used to imprison those that all reasonable men agree are terrorists, and their supporters, and those giving them assistance and comfort.

The entire far-right conservative movement is tied, in no more than two or three degrees of separation, to U.S. terrorist Timothy McVeigh. His roots and his support were based in the conservative militia movement, a collection of far-right groups and organizations, many of them white supremacist in nature or affiliated with the even more noxious Christian Identity movement. Many of these groups stockpile guns and ammunition in the direct belief that those guns will be required against the U.S. government, and in places like Ruby Ridge and Waco, have brought those weapons to bear. They are proven terrorists; this much is indisputable. Under the new laws, future Attorneys General will be able to mark these individuals as enemy combatants, and no further Constitutional protections will apply. Janet Reno will be marked as the last Attorney General to have had to deal with terrorism unequipped with the new laws designed to strip such figures of their citizenship and trial rights.

A mere presidential finding, now, is now sufficient to determine which men among these conservative militia groups are the terrorist leaders, and which are the followers, and which are supporters. The acts of Timothy McVeigh were praised by many, on the right. Those men are themselves terrorists; arrest them. The men supporting the militia movements through word and deed; they, too are terrorists. A

2335 days ago


Hey truth: This isn't the NY Times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

2335 days ago


Cute woman, great boobies.

2335 days ago


Yeah for boobies!

2335 days ago


Tennis Anyone? Doubles?

2335 days ago


So, those are "covered up"? Yeah, because of those tape X's, I have absolutely no idea what those boobs look like.

2335 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

She was excellent in her role as Christy in the mini-series called The Seventies and one word from that decade describes her perfectly: Fox.

2335 days ago


What boobs? Those are tiny....

2335 days ago

Media whores    

Hey "Truth".... I'll bet the government is sending out mind control radio waves also! And putting something in the water to make us vote Republican!
Would you get away from your computer and stop concocting conspiracy theories long enough to enjoy your life before you lose your mind completely?!
Nobody reads that crap... I read 2 sentences and realized it's the same old dredge.

2335 days ago


Beautiful. Exquisite flesh. Thank you, TMZ, for posting such a spank-worthy photo. No fillers, additives, or silicone. Slurp.

2335 days ago

JessBcuz, is she ganna do the whole, "tear it off fast like a bandaid" thing so it wont HURT???'s she ganna avoid the PAIN?????

2335 days ago
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