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David Cook Won't Royally Screw Kids

5/2/2008 12:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David CookRoyals fans can rest easy -- there won't be 25 crying kids in the crowd when David Cook comes to town.

Cook was approached by the Kansas City Royals to sing the national anthem at game on May 9. The problem is 25 elementary kids were already booked.

A spokesperson for the Royals told TMZ that Cook didn't feel comfortable bumping the kids -- so he'll sing "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" during the 7th inning stretch instead, and throw out the first pitch.

Cook was invited to the game because if he survives another week of "Idol," he'll be making a trip home Blue Springs, MO. for a visit.

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I really hope that David C wins the whole thing! He sang a song on the show I would love to download, is this possible? Where do I go?

2310 days ago


of all the idol choices, David Cook is the only one, win or loose who is gonna make something of himself... He's so much like Chris D. Hear anymore about Taylor? NO, but Chris is going strong....................... Davis Cook HAS a BIG future ahead of him !!

2310 days ago

LA Girl    

I personally do not like David Cook, I agree with Simon when he said David appears to be arrogant. And if he is a true rocker, He would be caught dead winning the title. Ask a musician, they wouldn't be caught dead on that show. The best thing for Bo and Chris D., was not winning. They don't want that moniker. I didn't think that he had a good voice, he doesn't sing, he yells. If he keeps it up he won't have much of a voice, He needs to take voice lesson if he wants to have a long career. I will say, I thought he did good with Andrew Lloyd Webber's second song.

2310 days ago


David genuinely has a big heart. So many are so jealous of him. He has a wonderful, edgy, rocker voice. He is handsome
and has a great personality. His music will sell and he will go far in life. How many people do you know that could hold up with their brother so close to death? I couldn't. For those asking if you can download his music, I-Tunes has all of his American Idol music, but I have found his CD Analog Heart downloadable for free in MP3 format. No matter who is crowned the next American Idol, David Cook will succeed.

2310 days ago


After next week he will have plenty of time to sing national anthems s his time is about up! He needs to clean up his act and stop that "I just got out of bed" look.

2310 days ago


I don't think he is arrogant. I think he is painfully shy and afraid to make a fool out of himself, so he keeps things low key. I can see how he might seem arrogant, but if you watch him closely he seems nervous and fighting to look in control. Maybe he has anxiety...didn't he go to the hospital earlier in the show?

Anyway...I hope he makes it home to Blue Springs, which is a suburb of Kansas City. The town is excited for is homecoming, especially his old high school. He has a reputation for being an all around nice guy and good student.

2310 days ago


Dear #10,
People over 40 invented screaming music (see AC/DC for reference).

Over 40

2310 days ago



2310 days ago


David Cook rocks my world every week on Idol! He is by far the most talented of the contestants and NEVER comes off as arrogant to me. I don't understand why some people think that he is when they don't even really know him. I agree that he might be nervous and trying to mask it by not acting like a goof. I just LOVE him!

2310 days ago


luv him

2310 days ago


You can download all his songs from itunes

2309 days ago

Marianne C    

I'm older I'm sure than his mother, but I must say I am totally enamoured of this young man. I think he's the best singer this year on AI and I think he is beyond handsome and sexy. I thought the Austrialian man was a little more handsome, but for some reason he got voted off, so now my attentions are totally on David Cook and I adore him.

2309 days ago


An article just posted on the MLB site says that it was a rumor that David was going to supplant the kids......he was invited to sing "take me out to the ballgame"....throw out the first pitch........and comment in the media booth.

Just get the facts straight, TMZ.

2309 days ago


I have to laugh when folks insist that David Cook "can't do anything but scream". Are they even watching the show? He took on one of Andrew Lloyd Webber's most iconic songs, performed it absolutely straight, and did a very good job. I know several classically trained singers who couldn't have done that song that well. The man has an undeniably good voice, regardless of what genre he applies it to.

For that matter, he seems to be a genuinely nice person. Reports like this just add to the leaks backstage of how kind he's been... comforting other contestants offscreen, giving up songs that he'd won in draws because other contestants wanted them more, trying to help the others out. Add in the classy way he's refused to mention his brother's illness and his quiet act of support for Lindsay Rose, and it sounds like he's got heart to spare.

I like all the contestants, but I'll be very pleased if Cook wins.

2309 days ago

Lady L    

I love the sideways smile too. This guy is a class act and a true talent. I have tickets to the tour and hope he wins it all!!!!!

2309 days ago
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