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Mimi Actually Did It, Says God Guy

5/3/2008 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mariah Carey did in fact get married to Nick Cannon, so says a clergyman for something called the National Church of God in the Caribbean – which definitely makes this nuptial seem all the more legit.

Bishop Clifford Petty tells People that he presided over the wedding of Mimi and Nick and specified that he didn't give a sermon. Ok, that clears everything up. Meanwhile, it seems that the couple did get a marriage license in the Bahamas, which means, according to a local official, "It's still a valid marriage even if it's not filed. Anywhere in the world."

Also, Mariah was supposed to be on "The View" Monday. Guess not: we've confirmed that she's not scheduled to appear.

Was That Really Ashley Dupre at Marquee?

Everybody in NYC is buzzing that Ashley Dupre stepped out at Marquee the other night for her 23rd birthday party. But our spies tell us that the happy hooker-alike in the crowd there was about as real as Eliot Spitzer's devotion to his wife.

We heard just like everyone else that Client 9's favorite girl was at Marquee, but when we checked her out there, it wasn't her. There was also buzz that Colin Farrell was at the same club, but it wasn't Colin – just a guy who looks a lot like him and gets his comp on at clubs as a result.

Amy's Bond Number -- No, No, No

Slightly less controversial than Mariah Carey's wedding is the notion that Amy Winehouse is going to do the next 007 song.

Well, her producer, Mark Ronson, says that it just isn't going to happen. She's given up working on it, and Ronson says that it would take "some miracle of science" to finish it. The original Britwreck is "not ready to record any music," he tells Sky News.


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Lenn K.    

Mariah is married, well, hmm, ohhh, alright.

2329 days ago


Ashley's birthday is in January not May so this story is a lie.

2329 days ago

Team Jon    

Mariah Carey is corny as hell and then she went and married someone even cornier. Who in their right mind would date corny ass Nick Cannon. Can you say desperate.

2329 days ago


I love Mariah! Am very happy for her, screw what everyone has to say! If she happy that all that matters!

2329 days ago


Tanisha......nobody askin" you? Mariah, the best tonyou and Nick. I would love to be as corny as they are!!!!!!!!!!!

2329 days ago


ashley is a PROSTITUTE, not a "celebrity".

why are you giving her any attention ?

she should be in JAIL.

2329 days ago

SoCal-free-thank God    

Re: Mariah getting married. Can she really even notice that there is another human being on the planet? She is SO into herself. Seriously, maybe this marriage will bring her down to earth and make her more real. I do hope so.

2329 days ago

SoCal-free-thank God    

RE: Ashley - I totally agree with Post #6. Additionally, her 15 minutes of whorefame is way over.

2329 days ago


Well I hope she does not get blind with science and decide to work on it, or I'm a going to the film late....though she could add some new music sounds by snortting to the beat

2328 days ago



2328 days ago


shouldn't the IRS be investigating ashley dupre for tax evasion ?

she made a fortune screwing men for big money.

shouldn't she pay taxes on all that hard-earned money ?

and why isn't she being prosecuted for prostitution by the state of new york ?

2328 days ago

Team Jon    

#5 Please and he gave her his ex's ring come on now

2327 days ago

Genevieve BrentMayer    

It has been announced that Amy Winehouse is no longer in the run for any music for The New 007 Movie.

Per Sky News: Mark Ronson said he has been forced to stop work with her on their collaboration for the next Bond movie.

He said."We tried to work for a little bit. I'm not sure she's ready to work on music yet."

Asked if the Quantum of Solace track will be made he added: "I don't think so unless by some miracle of science it gets recorded and someone sings a vocal on it so probably not.

"We did work on it but we never finished it so that's about it."

Asked if the pair are due to work on other projects he replied: "No, we tried to work for a little bit. I'm not sure she's ready to work on music yet".

However, a spokesman for Winehouse has said: "Mark has presented a track to Amy, but she had other ideas about the direction it should take.

"She has always made her own decisions about her music."


We here at Atlantic News have been contacted by Jeff Greenberg of Greenberg & Silverman, the Management Company of Valare' ( ) and have been advised this singer would

be a shoe in for the project (you may listen here- )

While we are merely reporting the news and are not their PR Company, we do believe they may be on to something.

After all, Ramone (Valare's Producer) of Greenberg & Silverman was accused of being 'Clive Davis' in the following article that predicted the demise of Kelly Clarkson's Record after Kelly told Clive to

'shove it."

Looks like Ramone was right on the money here:

While the aforementioned Artist, Valare' has only one song posted by the name of Show Off, you'll see what we mean when you hear it.

Over 100,000 MySpace hits in a little under One Month, and still unsigned...

The Artist instantly reminds you of authentic Tina Turner with several Horn Sections as well as Solo's accompanying her.

Her vocals are the true quintessence of raw talent from the factory...with a substantial hit of Soul unheard of today.

No Vocal coach...just GOD according to Jeff.

Please let us know here at News 7 if it's a yea or nay for you...

For Atlantic News 7,

Genevieve Brentmayer
Entertainment Reporter

2327 days ago


Pay day for Nicky C if they ever get a divorce and dont have a pre nup in

2324 days ago

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