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Forrest Gump Supports Wapner, Obama

5/4/2008 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tom Hanks wants Barack Obama to be Prez, and it could be one of the most effective celeb endorsements so far.

Hanks, who put his homemade video up on his MySpace page, begins by saying, "I'm Tom Hanks and I want Barack Obama to be the next President of our country. As an official celebrity, I know my endorsement has just made your mind up for you."

Hanks then gets serious, acknowledging both candidates have screwed up and associated with the wrong people, including relatives. Could Tommy boy really be saying that about Bill?

Watch, then cast your vote!


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tard in the hood    

hitler was a left wing idiot like hanks

2325 days ago


Tom Hanks epitomizes thoughtfulness and grace~

2325 days ago


I don't like him. He's a great actor but he has a HUGE ego.

2325 days ago


# 28

Please. before you write anything else that is as stupid as your last comment and shows your complete ignorance. . .Just trying learning your history first . . .Hitler was not left by any means ; quiet the contrary Hitler was a reactionary right wing pycho. . . No wonder our country has been so screwed by the right wing so badly for eight years they count on ~ "dumb, uneducated and completely uniformed stupid people"

2325 days ago

tard in the hood    

hitler was left wing...who do you think he took power from?

2325 days ago

dallas fans are morons    

Obama is an idiot and so is Hanks. It's a shame people are voting for this man for reasons that have NOTHING to do be politics. He is the devil and this country will come crashing down if that moron becomes pres. which he won't. Not everyone is that stupid.

2325 days ago

Just call me trailer trash....    

please this is not a political forum

that said: did bush really say democrats were nation builders? HELLO we are now building a nation from the ground up cuz we are the ones that tore it down

bush and chenney need to be tried for war crimes! maybe even Colin Powell for his part in this mess

2325 days ago


This Nation is seriously in trouble, If we depend on celebrities to help us choose our next Commander-In-Chief; I think we have
intelligence to make our own Decision. I personally am Republican and vote for the western guy MCCain (AZ)

2325 days ago


love your work tom, but the bottom line is that you're a working ACTOR. I'm a working WRITER. Your endorsement means NOTHING to my decision and it's a horrible country if someone says "well, tom hanks says I should vote for Obama." We all, as Americans, have needs we have to have met and the country needs to be fixed. IT'S OUR RESPONSIBILITY to find out who WE want to vote for...NOT who the celebs want in the white house. MAKE UP YOUR OWN MIND PEOPLE!

2325 days ago


For the first time in my adult lifetime, I am really proud of my country.

2325 days ago


Who care's he is friends with that sleazy hbo exec.

2325 days ago

yer mom's soo effin hot!!    

must've received some blackmail in the post recently...

2325 days ago


What do ya' know.. another wacked out celebrity endorses Obama. Let's see.. who else could be hiding their support for Obama.. we already know Louis Farrakan, Rev. Al Sharpton, Bill Ayers, Rev. Jeramiah Wright and of course Jesse Jackson, wonder who else might be a closet Obama supporter.. maybe Osama himself. But these people could never say publicly because it would let the cat out of the bag and Obama would be unveiled, thus lose the election.. Now we got Forrest.. Forrest Gump??? Leave it to a celeb to go with whats in style...but no substance. Hanks must not care about America, even after he and Speilberg made all those WW2 movies.. traders and very shameful.

2325 days ago


I can't wait to see if Obama picks GAYle King as Vice President.

The underlying message in all of this is just how much power have we given Oprah Winfrey? She owns the media and now she will control the government if and when Obama is elected POTUS....and by a lot of accounts of experts who have reviewed her relationship with that Tolle troll, she is going to take over how we all worship.

So, that being said, make some decisions of how much you time and effort you go to supporting Oprah's spinoffs and products she endorses. She has made some positive changes but now we have to wake up and see if we agree or disagree with whether or not we want her and her staff, editors, producers, writers, etc. controlling the world.

2325 days ago


Obama would be worse then Bush.. Proof, Obama wants to deny the most sacred rights of all Americans in the right to vote. Obama wouldn't cooperate with the DNC for Michigan and Florida, even though Obama voluntarily removed his name from the ballot in Michigan (snubbing voters for fear of losing) and in Florida it was some Republican in a suit that messed up Democratic voters rights. See Obama would punish Americans who don't agree with him. Its a form of power abuse that Americans suffered under Bush. Obama runs his campaign on change, yet he's the first person to run and hide behind old corrupt rules?? Whatever! This isn't "change" , its the same ole' politics with Obama. Sen. Obama would be no different then Bush/Chaney. Buyer beware.

2325 days ago
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