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Cruise Puts Crazy on Hold for Cancer Victim

5/5/2008 10:32 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The manic antics surrounding Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were suddenly subdued when the mother of a two-year-old cancer victim ambushed them for support outside their New York hotel.

Tom was anything but glib while listening to the woman's story.


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Good I hope you're scared. I wasn't either until they killed my little boy in the hospital when he was 5 yrs old, because they refused to help him with his aggressive cancer. Check Rate Md's. Oh did I forget to mention a decent doctor and a lack of mistakes in on hospitals part might help too. Thanks for your support, I think I'll go cry my eyes out of a little while. Yeah, aspartane is really bad for you numbnuts.

2359 days ago

Tanner's Aunt Katie    

I am NOT a Tom fan, but this is not a plant. The woman is mom to 2 yr old Gracie from the UK. Gracie has stage 4 Neuroblastoma. As aunt to a 4 year old with the same cancer, I can tell you that these families will go ANYWHERE for help. Most kids with this disease die within 5 years (many in as few as 2 years) The longterm survival rate is around 20%. Very little research is being done for lack of funding. I don't like him, but I would ask Tom and Katie for help in a heartbeat if there was a chance of my nephew beating these odds.

2359 days ago

David Noon    

Instead of giving Tom a backhanded compliment for his actions with the mother desperately looking for support from her daughter maybe you guys should post the website and encourage all your readers to at least check out the site and possibly make a donation.

2359 days ago


Yeah the fn chemo route sucks. I miss my little boy. I wish I could have done something, anything to save him. I wish our world wasn't so horriblily tainted. I wish they didn't make so many mistakes at the hospitals. and I wanna know what special treatment Ryan ONeal got to let him live with the same cancer that killed my son. Aren't you glad you have a two tier health education system in the States. They keep trying to do that here. After you've lost a kid to cancer what else is there left to say????

2359 days ago


Yeah, you're right. I can't watch TV without cancer thrown in my face every 30 seconds either. It takes about that long for the tears to start flowing atter turning on the TV. Yeah, kill the story TMZ it's too painful.

2359 days ago


They were both very gracious. Even with the media Tom and Katie both made the situation personal. Say what you want but he handled it like a human being....something that rarely takes place in the media. People don't want to hear about kindness. Having a child myself with severe medical problems makes you desperate to do anything. Couldn't you see her face? She didn't look at the cameras...she looked at Tom and Katie. Just the hug alone made her feel better. Doesn't make her situation better but it gives her some hope that he will look at the website along with all of us that heard.

2359 days ago


Give us some stories TMZ that will make us laugh and take away all the bad feelings. That's why I can watch your show on TV and not many others. dang that sucks I suppose I need to be afraid of this story being on today show...Guess I can erase TMZ

2359 days ago

L Ron was a CON    

How did she know Tom was going to be there at that time?

and isn't TMZ very pro Tom these days
interesting ....

2359 days ago


hatecancer - I'm truly sorry for the loss of your son.

2359 days ago


Thank you I'm sorry.

2359 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

You are right that there are many causes for cancer. Living is one of them. Cancer is caused when the cells in your body don't listen to the process that tells them it's time to stop reproducing themselves and die. Most cancer is genetic. Sometimes it's hereditary and sometimes it's a mutation. The external causes are very unimportant in the long term. The pesticides and other chemicals in our lifestyles cause more harm simply by being poisonous.

Go Sox

2359 days ago

L Ron was a CON    

I actually think this was a convenient meeting orchestrated to make tom look good
and to divert attention from the crap interviews and all the scientology stuff
... talk about timing

2359 days ago


Personally, I don't think Tom is crazy. He's just a big star who I think let his stardom go to his head in the past. But, I think he is a happily married man now, with a beautiful wife and daughter, and I think he's starting to rethink his ideas now that he's finally come to terms that he isk after all, just a human being. I hope his career DOES get back on track because I think he's a phenomenal actor and I just hope people will just let him live his life.

2359 days ago

L Ron was a CON    

so the website exists
so what
do you people realise what scientology will do to keep their poster boy looking good?
i'm very sorry for the family involved
but tom is nothing but a cult shill
i have no pity for tom or katie
they should get their heads out of the sand and stop promoting a cult as if it's sweet and innocent
scientology is evil and tom is out there looking for the sympathy vote
from a read of the comments looks like most people are falling for it

2359 days ago


The asbestos that is is the Freewinds is the deadliest kind which can cause mesothelioma. Scientology celebrities and others have been exposed to this potential hazard and Scientology management ignored the sworn affidavit about it in 2001! If you know a Scientologist that has been on the Freewinds, please warn them and ask them to get checked for signs of mesothelioma.

This is the some text from the article earlier.

"WILLEMSTAD: During refurbishing and reparatory work, which involved removing the ceiling and panelling on cruise ship Freewinds, blue asbestos was released and ended up in the ventilation system.

Freewinds' captain did not report this when it's own personnel were working on the ship on the Mathey warf in Otrobanda. The Curacao Drydock Company (CDM), where the ship was taken for reparatory work on the hull, heard from the surveyor that there may be asbestos on the ship. The captain acknowledged the incident and said that after the incident Freewinds had some investigation done. Keeping the incident quiet became more noticeable when it turned out that the 40-year-old
ship contatined blue asbestos.

The question is whether or not the blue asbestos dust, which can cause cancer, can be removed from the ship. The CDM has stopped all work on the ship. The ship was sealed and isolated and experts will investigate and measure the presence of asbestos dust in the hull and surrounding areas. Commissioners Eugene Rhuggenaath (Economic Affairs) and Humphrey Davelaar (Public Health) said on Friday.

CDM interim director Frank Esser, deputy head of the Department of Labour Affairs Christiene van der Biezen were accompanied by two inspectors and head of the health Department Tico Ras. Samples taken from the panelling last week by inspectors that were sent to the Netherlands showed that they contained significant amounts of blue asbestos. After an extraordinary meeting, the Executive Council decided to inform the public in general about the incident to avoid rumors and panic.

The CDM personnel were also informed via the media because it was impossible to gather all the workers Friday evening to personally give them the information."

Being this story is relevant to both cancer and Scientology, I hope that the message gets heard.

2359 days ago
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