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Brit Scores Big in Court

5/6/2008 5:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsSources close to the custody case tell TMZ Britney Spears will get three days supervised visitation a week, significantly more face time than she gets now.

It is unclear whether she has overnights with the kids. A source close to the fam tells us Brit is aiming to get back 50/50 custody by August.

We've also learned Britney will spend Mother's Day with the kids.

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That's just absolutely fantastic! She so much more deserves those kids than that gay man that has them now.

2304 days ago


40. Your mysteriousness excites me too.
Are you from Virginia?

Posted at 5:31PM on May 6th 2008 by Pocahontas

No, but I wish I was, because then I could at least have a fighting chance to win you away from John Rolfe.

2304 days ago

Mr Poop Scoop    

I think the conservater ship is up in July! If that's correct than she is aiming to have even more custody after the conservatership has expired ( unless is is pushed out again ). Anyway July time frame should prove to be very interesting to say the least.

2304 days ago


Ok, thanks The Unmasking Avenger...I made a list of famous people, 1st under!!!

2304 days ago


aw yay! I'm so happy for Britney!

2304 days ago

frogs and gravel    

I wonder if her kids think it is weird that every time their mom visits
there is some stranger in the room? Anyway: I am glad (glad is probably to
strong of a word) that she received more visitation rights. go Brit!

2304 days ago


Brit at her worst is a farrrrrrr better parent than KFed at his best.

2304 days ago


Hey TMZ. How did you come up with "scores big in court"?

Item: the conservatorship continues.

Item: Kevin still has custody.

Item: Britney still has to pay child support.

Item: Britney still cannot have unsupervised time with her children.

Item: Instead of 9 hours a week with her children, Britney now has more time.

Compared to what lots of Britney fans have been praying for (complete, unsupervised custody for Britney, or at least 50/50; end of child support for K-Fed; no more conservatorship), this is practically no change at all.

The final item I mentioned is definitely a step forward, and I'm sincerely glad to see it. However, it's only a small step. I certainly wouldn't say "scores big".

2304 days ago


K-Fed is doing what he said he would from the start. First, he said he was going to take care of his children and that Britney needed help. He said that he did not want to keep Britney from the children forever, but would do so until she was able to be a parent. He seems to have been willing to give her more than the court was, on a supervised basis. That also speaks well of his intentions.

It may be a very long time before Britney is living an unsupervised life herself, so she can hardly believe that all of the restrictions are going to be lifted (both on herself and her sons) in a very short period of time.

The Spears family have also done what they said they would do. They tried to reach her and reason with her, which didn't work. They begged and pleaded and then were left no alternative but to push the 5150 issue, which was the only way left when you are dealing with a child who is not a minor and who has mental health issues.

Whether it is due to medications, the control the court has over Britney, or the control that the court has given to her father, or her desire to be with her sons.....either way, something is working to her benefit.

It is now up to her to learn to deal with her issues and her illness in a mature way so that she can live a relatively normal life and share in parenting her children. As bad as things were, they are looking up.

2304 days ago

pattie in cali    

good for you brite, things will get better. blessings

2304 days ago


49. Brit at her worst is a farrrrrrr better parent than KFed at his best.

Posted at 5:51PM on May 6th 2008 by chicken stripper

Oh, really? Here are some examples of Brit at her worst:

1. Repeately refusing to follow court orders that would have made it much more likely that she could have kept custody of her children and be the mother that they needed.

2. Repeatedly refusing to appear in court. This also would have made it more likely for her to have kept custody.

3. Repeatedly partying late at night without her children.

4. Publicly displaying her nude crotch instead of staying home with her children.

5. Having sex in gas-station bathrooms instead of staying home with her children.

6. Instead of turning her kids over to K-Fed, as was part of their legal agreement, locking herself in a room and losing control of herself to the point where she needed to be committed for a 72-hour hold.

7. A bit later, getting re-committed for a two-week hold, from which she was only able to leave Against Medical Advice.

8. Blowing anywhere from 40 to 80 million dollars of her former 120 million dollar fortune. This was done over the past few years. Those millions would have been a very nice nest egg for her babies.

I agree that K-Fed is no shining angel, but I can't think of anything that he has done that comes even close to Britney's transgressions, especially with regard to his parenting skills.

But maybe you know better. If so, let's have a list of parenting attributes of "KFed at his best", as you put it, that look worse than the parenting skills that I listed above. And you can even add things that show "KFed at his worst" to the list, if you want.

2304 days ago


Posted at 6:12PM on May 6th 2008 by Please give us examples

I totally agree with you. Britney had 50/50 custody of the kids before and she f*******d it all up.
To me the kids seem to be a burden to her. She wants them and yet she did everything to seperate herself from them.

2304 days ago


I am happy she is making an effort & I hope she comes back stronger. I think she deserves another chance. I think she is basically a good person in a messed up world.

2304 days ago



2304 days ago

Mr. Hat    

I'm looking for the Unmasking Avenger and I am not happy.

2304 days ago
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