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Kim K Levels Bush's Playing Field

5/6/2008 2:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim KardashianKim KardASShian is doing to her ass what she just did to her Bentley -- body work.

Well-placed TMZ spies say Kim K got cellulite removal treatment. Paris' nasty comment (KK's butt "looks like cottage cheese stuffed in a trash bag") has nothing to do with anything -- she's doing it so she can make a calendar for Reggie Bush for their one-year anniversary.

But if Kim claims to exercise religiously, what's up with the cellulite therapy?!

BTW, Kim has been deep into laser hair removal, from the nose down.


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To #47 - Why do you think Kim has her own reality show, is in every magazine, on every entertainment channel, etc..? It damn sure isn't for her "talent", now is it?? She's so out there, BECAUSE of her looks, and whether you like it or not, because of her ASS. And please - PLEASE quit tryin to compare Paris to her...there is none. All Paris is good for is flailing her frail self around, jumping from dude to dude, playing that air-headed, ditzy role which is NOT cute, nor is it impressive. She doesn't have not one thing goin on right now that is bigger OR better than what Kim has goin on. On top of that, she is with FINE AS* Reggie Bush. Please - you can't tell me nothing, If I could, I would jump straight into Kim's shoes, and I know you would too! Please...keep it the hell real!

2354 days ago


she;s still a nasty ho bag, with or without hair, or a cottage cheese ass.

2363 days ago

Winky Vitalic    

Paris wasn't being nasty; she was speaking the truth!!

2363 days ago


oh and whooo hoooo, First...

2363 days ago


Wow. Paris really did a number on her. She doesn't need to have a cosmetic procedure done for a calendar. Photoshop is the best plastic surgeon in town.

2363 days ago


Here we go......this is just the beginning. She'll start looking faker & faker as the years go on -- she's one of those! Watch out Joan Rivers.. Remember the rumors she had butt implants? Were those true? She does have a BIIIIIG OLE' ASS!

2363 days ago

Uff da    

PARIS HILTON SLAMS SOMEONE ELSE'S LOOKS???? She must be blind. Paris is the ugliest celebutante ever. That ventriloquist dummy mouth...boring pasty untoned body, ugy downturned hawk nose, stringy hair...ish. She would have gotten ZERO attention without her last name. PUKE

2363 days ago


good for her, you can tell she is one hairy girl!

2363 days ago

Rocco and David    

why not try diet and exercise?

2363 days ago


I feel soooo sorry for her. It must suck to be so ugly that you have to have a new cosmetic procedure every week. She must be very envious of women who are naturally beautiful!

2363 days ago

Ooooo Noooo!    

Laser hair removal . . . .yum, smooth hardwood floors in the basement, I'll tell ya what.

2363 days ago

Just my opinion    

Kim is a beautiful girl. If I had the money, I'd have it all done too.

Fix it up for Reggie....we need him happy on the field!

2363 days ago


A lot of women feel sexy wearing a G-String. I don't think she can squeeze that big rump into a Z-String.

2363 days ago


Since when is there a cure for cellulite? Cellulite is stands fibrous tissue that connect to the skin. You cant change this. There is no fix, just temporary band-aiding.

But I guess she has the money to waste.

2363 days ago


I would wear that ass like a hat

2363 days ago
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