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Is the Fix in For Archuleta?

5/7/2008 1:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David Archuleta could fart and the "A.I." judges would say bravo.

Davie boy was pretty good last night, but really, it's as if the judges were preprogrammed to drool over him regardless of what he did. They didn't cream over Kelly Clarkson the way they did with David, and no offense, but he eats her dust.

"Idol" has its mitts on the recording contracts of the winners. So is this about talent, or that David is more commercial and has a longer shelf life? We're just askin'.....


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We need to stop looking for the bad on people, this kid is 17 years old and he CAN sing.At the begining of this season(A.I.) I told my wife; that kid is going to make it all the way. Sometimes I get tear-eye when this kid sings, America is doing a good job voting this season. David Archuleta should win by a mile......

2360 days ago

Bob B.    

I think that David Archuleta is much over rated.
He thinks that he is much better than what he is.
I don't know why Paula drools over him like she does.

2360 days ago


He is a good vocalist. That clip sounded like they were all creaming themselves. Too much.

2360 days ago


RIGGED!! Paula really revealed the truth of this show. Nobody mentioned that David's song were way to "old", he's only 17 and sang songs that were too old for me and I am double his age. Whatever happened to Simon's comments about act your age. These comments are rigged and prewritten. Idol is on the decline.

2360 days ago


At last someone is bringing this out in the open. I almost thought it was just me!!! Syesha and David Cook are WAY better than David A. Vocally, he's a one-trick pony. No range at all!! Because of this, I feel the judges are losing their credability. Why bother having them, if we know how they'll react? (Mostly Randy and Paula)

2360 days ago


After the flubs this year I'm pretty convinced that AI is rigged. It's a shame cause there are so many deserving folks on there. For some reason they have had it in for Jason & I thought we're extremely cruel to him last nite. Poor thing....after they way they went at him on his 1st song. no wonder he forgot the lyrics of the 2nd one. I'm pulling for David Cook but think he'd be better off in 2nd place then he could do his own thing & not be under the ruling thumb of AI & Simon. David A is more suited for that!

2360 days ago


kelly who? don't hear much about her lately... ego got too big?
david is very young... but he takes their advice... he has a wonderful voice... he's very gracious when given criticism and very (honesly) humble when getting good comments... however, i think syesha should win...she has a gorgeous voice... david will be fine on his own when he gets older

2360 days ago


I'm sorry, but there is no way this little boy should beat out David Cook... Has anyone else out there, but me noticed his breathing when he's singing, it's like he's gasping for air... and it gets on my last nerve??????

2360 days ago


He is horrible. I totally think it is rigged. The boy is annoying and has no talent!

2360 days ago


As a fan of the show, I am guessing the only people voting for him are 12/13 year old girls. And possibly elderly people.
I think if it is "fixed" they are going to have to take into account that 12/13 year olds are not the ones buying albums.
When I think of American Idol, I think of POP music, i.e. popular.. David Archuletta is NOT POP.
Granted at 17 he has a great voice, but he's more of a adult contemporary artist such as Michael Buble, Josh Groban,
David Cook has my vote.

2360 days ago


great voice but bores me to death

2360 days ago


Something about him just isnt right. Freak for sure.

2360 days ago


i dont see wats so great about him. yeah he can sing. but he lacks everything else. no star quality,charisma, personality,posture, same songs everytime....he needs to go. atleast jason is good n has star quality n personality. David Cook is a great singer and performer, and so is syesha.

2360 days ago


I am SO SICK of little David - he sounds he same in every song...............ggrrrr

2360 days ago


Would you actually buy an album from David A? Hmmmm......nope. He's got the sellability of a Clay Aiken. I wonder when he'll come out....19, 20?

2360 days ago
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