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Michael on Dina -- What a Mother F***er!

5/7/2008 1:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan was piiiissed when he found out his ex-wife Dina was off getting an award for her *irony coming in 3 ... 2 ... 1 ...* spectacular mothering abilities, when she was supposed to be at a family therapy session.

Mike told us that White Oprah was in contempt of court for ditching their meeting, a charge that Dina later called "crazy." A lawyer for Dina couldn't be reached for comment.

With parents like these, who needs kids?


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SMART moveby E! for going with Dina on this one. They have an audience to consider and people think Father Michael is a total deuce. Aren’t the kids old enough or nearly old enough to decide for themselves if they want to see their father. Their gonna be thirty by the time this is over. He’s just trying to prolong this to get his name in the news and tarnish Dina’s reputation out of pure bitterness. He is so full of it. Anyone who knows him knows how spiteful he is. If we ignore him, he’ll will go away. Good luck to the children. HOPEFULLY they don’t repeat their parent’s mistakes.

2356 days ago


First?! Not that it matters, I just saw that no one else had posted and I am bored!

2363 days ago


White Oprah? WTF? Is that supposed to be witty?

2363 days ago

pattie in cali    

see! more of the LOHOs they are all lohos trash, why do people like trash so much? i think they are nasty people who need alot of help. HOLLYWOOD CLEAN UP YOUR ACT, stop paying these trash heads, theres alot better actress out there, like UMA, REESE, all these people who don;t give a damn, drop them,

2363 days ago


I'm not religious but I hope there is a hell so people like the lohans and the paris hiltons and the entire cast of the hills can have a nice warm home for eternity.

2363 days ago


The whole family should die off.

2363 days ago

too sad    

the lohans are one big joke .

totally useless and talentless.

2363 days ago

Me in DC    

The group who gave Dina Lohan a "Mother of the Year" award is a group of women who apparently have nothing better to do than ignore their children and go to parties to drink, etc. I bet these types of groups have weekly meetings so they can tell each other what good parents they are and to practice what they will say to the press and to outsiders in general what a good parent they are!

These types of mothers, who live through their children, who make a living off of their children, who wants to be a friend to their children instead of a mother, are sick people! These are women that when they were growing up were spoiled and given anything that they wanted. BUT!, they will be the first one to cry "Why did my daughter/son do that?" when their children get into trouble. Trouble these mothers/fathers taught them how to get into.

I have nothing good to say about Dina, she has not shown that she is a good mother to any of their children. Just a pimp!

2362 days ago


What kind of mother whore's her children out to the media? Yeah that's DINAmyte. What a lousy parent. Not that dear old dad is a peach but he seems to be straightening up and she seems to be above the law.

It's the kids who will suffer baby.


2362 days ago


First of all, this man needs some English lessons along with his therapy. She's obviously not going to be in contempt of court for missing one session if she misses 60% of them without punishment, you douche. The reason you go to jail if you disobey it is because you're a damn criminal!

2362 days ago

rabbit on the moon    

That whole family is pathetic.

2362 days ago

Lee Peterson    

Dina is interested in attention at the expense of her girls.
Met Lindsey at a after party years ago and her neediness and insecurity was obvious and pitifully sad considering
her talent potential and celebrity status. I hope she breaks free from her Mother and moves on to make a successful
life. She needs a good counselor not the Mommy Dearest ,

2360 days ago

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