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England's Loss, Prince's Rogaine

5/8/2008 4:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If you thought that shot of poor Prince William's bald spot TMZ posted earlier today was just one bad frame -- wait'll you see the video!

The Hair Club for Men has a President already ... doesn't mean they can't also use a Prince.


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it's inarguably and fundamentally more dignified to wear your balding head as-is than to pump drugs into your system/buy wigs/weaves, etc. the hollywood culture disowns this while turning itself and its followers into silly, carnival-like aberrations and then, of course, mocking the norm and the traditional. prince william could buy los angeles county if he felt like it and apparently, he could care less about balding. good for him.

now where's my propecia?

2327 days ago

I smell a good ol fashioned witch hunt    


It is the mother who carries the gene for baldness, NOT the father. So, look at Di's mother's side of the family if you want to trace the baldness line, NOT Prince Charles.

See you learn something new every day!

2327 days ago


So what??????

2327 days ago


Public service announcement to England-

Its the 21st c time to get rid of the monarchy; you look ridiculous. The United States and Ireland left to be a republics and you wonder why our countries are just better than you. You have one family who does nothing but live off your resources. Wake up. Thank you and I will leave you to your scheduled programming.

2327 days ago


Harry looks like his uncle.

2327 days ago


24. Why don't you show Harvey Levins bald head.? Forward this to Harvey. Must be nice making money off being mean. Great character you have Harvey. Hope your kids will be proud of you...

Harvey doesn't have kids, he's hetro-challenged.

2327 days ago


Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat. Losing ones hair is hereditary. Look at his father and his grandfather. They were loosing their hair around the same time.

2327 days ago


I was hoping that it was the wind that made him look thin...guess not. Would it have anything to do with the low gene pool.

2327 days ago


He will be the last and greatest king of England.

BTW, James Hewitt went into "regression hypnosis" on television and admitted he was screwing Diana a lot sooner than "believed".

2327 days ago


Baldness gene can come from either parent, that it comes from the mothers side is a myth, you people have no idea what you are talking about

Harry is not Prince Charles Son.............if you have not compared photos of him to James Hewitt, whom Diana had an Affair with, go to google and google Prince Harry James Hewitt, even better to google images

As a fellow hair loss sufferer I feel for the Prince, He is really really going fast, within 2 yrs he will be bald on top. I guess it does not bother him, enough to do something about it, or perhaps he has not responded to conventional Rogaine, Propecia etc

TMZ is a bunch of A the way

2327 days ago

dan's mom    

Harry looks just like Diana's eldest sister, Sarah, and all her siblings and her father had red hair, so no surprise about Harry. And my grandfather died age 90 with a full head of hair, yet my father and his four brothers all went bald at completely different times in their lives (one is 80 and still has a full head!). As far as we know, they all came from the same two parents. So it's a genetic crapshoot what you end up with, hair-wise.

2327 days ago


How cool to make fun of things people can't control. It's not fun losing your hair...especially at a young age. It's embarrassing for some of us and it affects your self confidence. So, quit acting like you're in Jr. High with the name calling and mean spiritedness.

2327 days ago

kerry zaputz    

He's already had hairplugs (in the front). So has his old man.

2327 days ago

me too    

response to #10 speaking about William showing his paternal male baldness genes ...

read a bit and you will soon educate yourself & realize that the male baldness gene in fact comes from the maternal lineage in which case either William or Harry could have inherited ...

2327 days ago

Spell Check.    

The heir apparent has the hair of a grandparent.

2327 days ago
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