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David Archuleta -- Crybaby!

5/9/2008 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The ginormous crowd of screaming tweenage girls was just too much for David Archuleta to handle -- boy started bawling on stage today in Utah!


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What on Earth is the matter with you people? You didn't make a big deal of Syesha crying and doing all that she could to get sympathy on last week's Idol broadcast. Can it be that so many people are threatened by a 17-year-old boy. David Cook is arrogant and pompous. You don't comment on that. Give this kid a break.

2354 days ago


Your stupid tv show sucks !!! All you do is make fun of people and exaggerate stories of people. You need to get a life and leave this boy alone. He is talented, good looking, young, and has a genuine personality that no one can match!!!! You need to get your facts straight about people before you bash them. I have seen you lie before about people and I don't watch your show because all you do is start rumors!!!!

2354 days ago


Have ya ever reported Syesha crying last week or Jason forgetting his words???? Lay off this kid you know he is awesome you need to get a life....and a news show that reports the news and not lies!!!

2354 days ago


This punk is soooo fake! He's just sickening! Every week, it's the same old thing: "Gosh, Gosh, Gosh"!!!! I don't know why anyone says he can sing! It's the same old raspy thing, almost like he's asmatic, trying to get a breath! Every note is the same, every corny line is the same. He doesn't even carry himself well! It is even PAINFUL to watch. Syesha and Cook at least look and act normal, not to mention have talent. I just want to throw up each time that Randy just sings his praises, no matter what! I think it's rigged for him to win. Dear old dad must have something on somebody!

2352 days ago


You must be a bunch of mean people at TMZ who enjoy saying nasty things about a talented boy. I guess he's just too wholesome for you!

2351 days ago


David Cook and David Archuleta are both fine singers. And David A. was here clearly touched by the support, love and cheers of his hometown. It's a touching scene for those who have a heart.

What bothers me reading the comments on this website -- and so many others -- is that there seems to be an unreasonable hatred toward David Archuleta on the part of many. The bitterness and venom is just shocking.

I remember an America when there was civility and decency in public discourse. But here I find a maniacal hatred of a 17 year old kid. What in the hell is that about? David A. is a good kid with a big heart and soul. He loves to sing. He is just doing what he loves, and it seems many people find his music and his presence to be encouraging and moving. So why this sick urge to insult him, put him down, and to spin even his tears of joy as a sign of weakness on his part? That's garbage. TMZ is really stooping into the gutter making such a dumb story out of this, and lots of mindless croneys are following suit.

Have we as a nation, as a people, gone straight to hell? Have we lost our class, our dignity, our respect?

I really hope David A. wins big. I hope he grows into the fulness of his talent and becomes truly great.

And meanwhile, the thoughtless writers and editors of TMZ, and the naysayers, will continue being pathetic.

TMZ and the moronic demon spawn of haters are the real "crybabies" -- not David Cook (who has cried on stage), and certianly not David A.

2350 days ago


David, you are THE WINNER, you are a WORLD IDOL, what the producers of american idol have done to you is very nasty, Simon is a racist who came to america to take all american`s money, he fixed the show for David Cook//// DAVID ARCHULETA YOU ARE THE BEST

2345 days ago


David Archuleta should have won American Idol. He can sing any kind of song. He can sing high, medium, and low range. He can hit the high notes, as well as the low notes. David Cook seems like a nice guy but he can only sing High range songs. He has to change the songs so he can shout or scream them out. There's no way Cook can sing LOVE ME TENDER, or IMAGINE the way Archuleta did.

2341 days ago


Aww Leave the kid alone.Those were happy tears.That was a proud day for for him come on landing in second is not bad.he should of won but he'll be alright.i look forward to hearing from him. David your amazing-
I'm David Archukleta's # 1 fan always!

2339 days ago


what is up with this? ALL 3 OF THEM CRIED AT HOMECOMING! NOT JUST DAVID! and COME ON, does crying mean anything at all to this competition? no, didn't think so. it was overwhelming for a 17 year old who is finally living his dream. all these stupid websites and magazines need to LAY OFF DAVID JUST BECAUSE HE IS YOUNG. get over it!!!

2314 days ago


WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?! So big freaking whoop, he cried. Well NEWS FLASH DAVID COOK AND SYESHA CRIED TOO! So I don't wanna hear your $hit about David Archuleta crying. He's 17, it was overwhelming and excessively emotional that day! Overpowering feelings just happened to come out in tears, and it's a natural human reaction. JUH-eez what is wrong with you people! Don't pick on him, don't pick on anyone! If you were in the same position, you would have done the SAMe thing. Don't deny it, it would have happened and NO ONE can stop it. Yo uwouldn't be able to restrain. Just think about that and LAY. OFF.

2314 days ago


TMZ - you are loosing your credibility. You twist headlines to get attention but they are not factual. I won't watch you anymore because you're sleezy. David was crying because he can't understand why everyone is going crazy over him. It has nothing to do with "not being able to handle" anything. If you can sing in for 300 million people, you can stand under a tent with 200 teenagers. Be realistic! He is humble, and you will never see David on drugs. His strength comes from his relationship with God, not from wordly things. Leave him alone. He's a prodigy and he is smart enough to know who he is, what his destiny is, and where his gift comes from. (God) TMZ - you will never be on David's level so stop trying. Go interview Obama.

2310 days ago


He looks like it was ver overhwlming for him but he was smiling hes only 17 its alot to handle but he can do it:)

2358 days ago


Fake Fake Fake

2358 days ago

me again!!!!    

he's crying cuz he wanted the boys to scream for his can singing ass!!! he shouldve been gone long ago... he sounds like an old lounge singer... not someone within his years

2358 days ago
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