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Local Newscast Full of BS

5/9/2008 1:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

When you watch this clip, keep an eye on the cow to the left ... and don't plan on eating anytime soon.

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Where's the Lost Diary?

2294 days ago

Buck Ofama    


2294 days ago


So funny. thats one of our local morning shows...Sacramento area station.

Theyre covering May Fair...its a fair in a city around here. I love them

2294 days ago


Mark S. Allen sucks, I'm in Sacramento and refuse to watch this show. The cow pie is more camera friendly than him.

2294 days ago

A Cool Videoguy    

Where is the Beef?
Behind Marks S. Allen
Dixion Fairgrounds.
Good Day Sacramento Rocks with entertainment. CW31

2294 days ago


That's our very own Mark S. Allen....UNfortunately I was watching that live this morning. Nearly spit out my coffee! It was perfect timing.

2294 days ago

Melissa W.    

Well Mark, now we know what the cow thinks of your entertainment news!!! LOL, Seriously, I love this show, but I hope that is that last time we have to see THAT .

2294 days ago


I watch Good Day Sacramento every morning and that was the funniest s**t I have ever seen on the show so far. No pun intended. LOL! Awesome!

2294 days ago


I'm sorry that this might give you an impression of life in Sacramento. This local network is a sorry pathetic excuse for a news station. It is highly second-rate and I wish it would go off the air. Someone once told me that Mark Allen and Ryan Seacrest had the same agent and that Mark could have been where Ryan is today. Can you picture this today? Didn't think so. As much as Ryan is a tool he's still slightly better than Mark. Again, on behalf of Sacramento I apologize that you had to see this.

2294 days ago


My experience is this. City people especially cities like LA etc are really interested in "bathroom" humor. So Sick is their minds they can't comprehend their own body functions. Sad isn't it????

2294 days ago



Hey, I watch Good Day Sacramento every day and their Awesome!! However, your incorrect, they rock and so many people love this show! YOU SUCK!

Loved this one this morning Mark! :-)

2294 days ago


Q: What has 3 teeth and 2 million legs?

A: Sacramento.

2294 days ago

Funny Answers    

Yes, I agree this is a slow news day, or this would not be on here, but then your reading it, so your day must be slow and you have nothing else to do.
I live in Sacramento. We like this show, it is a infotainment show. There is only one jerk on that show and it is not Mark. He goes out of his way, doing his job, some job no one else would do, because he works for a company that tells him what to do. He is supporting his family and does many things to contribute to the community. Yes, he can be silly, but then bet you people who are calling him silly etc. have gone to show, turned on the television shows, movies, and seem crap. You sure talk crap a lot. I enjoy the show, I enjoy TMZ. I would not be on here If I did not, so here is a clue: Don't like Good Day Sacramento, turn the channel, if you don't like Sacramento, then stay the F away, if you don't like what is put on TMZ, don't come to this page. Problem solved.

2294 days ago


I LOVE Mark S. Allen. The whole show is hilarious. Why watch a mundane news show? Those shows are so cookie cutter its stupid.

I live in Sacramento (antelope actually) as well. And I like him :) All of them, but mostly him. And Alan the not so much anymore not paid intern.

2294 days ago



2294 days ago
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