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R. Kelly's Exhibit Pee: Odor in the Court!

5/13/2008 7:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The R. Kelly kiddie porn trial kicked off jury selection yesterday, but apparently the biggest issue for participants was the smell of pee – we mean, literally.

Kelly, according to the AP, "frequently held a tissue over his nose" during the nine-hour sesh, and even the prosecutors had to complain about the odor wafting in from the loo. Perfectly apropos, as one of the state's allegations is that Kelly relieved himself on an allegedly underage victim in a videotape. Talk about turning State's evidence!

Oh, as for all the legal blah blah blah: Three jurors have been selected, leaving nine and alternates to go.

Ash and Pete Go Stealth for Nups

Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz have been trying to keep their marriage news under wraps – and it looks like they might've succeeded.

Us reports that Ash and Pete are getting hitched this Saturday – but unhelpfully, at a "top secret" location. "Proper invites have not been sent out but instead guests have been given a save the date notice," says a source. It's going to be "an intimate affair" for "family and close friends only."

Wonder if Tony Romo will be crooning the first dance?

Isaiah Wants Coin for ABC's Promophobia

Eagle-eyed TMZ told you how Isaiah Washington was seriously PO'ed when he saw a promo for "Grey's Anatomy" that featured his axed character – and now he's taking action.

Isaiah has filed a formal complaint with the Screen Actors Guild over the promo, alleging that they can use the character, but not the image, to advance a story. Washington's Dr. Preston Burke was featured in a news story that Sandra Oh gazes at in the offending clip.

Peter Nelson, Isaiah's lawyer, tells Reuters that they are looking for a "financial settlement."

Party Favors: Was That Karl Malden in That Sex-Ed Flick? ... Khloe K Needs All the Help She Can Get ... Naked Cowboy Not Only Reason for Traffic Jams in Times Square

Just rolls off the tongue: Paris, Kim K, Pammy and Tommy, Jimi ... and Karl Malden? VH1 has uncovered a creeptastic '50s-era sex-ed flick as part of its SEX: The Revolution rock doc series, and the question they're askin' is: Is that Lt. Mike Stone, or isn't it? You decide. ... Speaking of the Kardassians, the big Facebook dating-app company, SNAP Interactive, wants the family K to know that they would like to create a profile and load it up with their dating software to find Khloe – yeah, that one – someone, or something, to love her. ... Some real Jews –- and a guy who's playing a Nazi –- will be helping to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Israel in Times Square. We're told that Ben Stiller, Robin Williams, Billy Crystal -- and Tom Cruise – will be featured on billboards in NYC, sending personalized video greetings to Israel on the Reuters building.


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mmmmmm hmmmmm    

why does the courtroom smell like pi$$ andShiite?? thats gross and non jokes about his turn-ons. prolly cuz its a government office and naturally reeks of sewage lololol

2363 days ago

pattie in cali    

r-kelly, your one nasty man, what is your problem? i think you need HELP.

2363 days ago

John Astin    

Hmmm, let's see. The same uneducated, typically stupid TMZ *ahem* "writers" seem to have committed yet another grammatical error. "Kelly relieved himself an allegedly underage..." I think we're missing the word "on," as in. "Kelly relieved himself ON an allegedly underage victim. Bravo once again, stupid ones!

2363 days ago

Not Impressed    

The loser board is so sad....Washington needs to suck it up and admit that he is homophobed and quit blaming everyone else for his total career suicide. Get some serious counselling and take R. Kelly with you. The prosecutors probably overflowed the toilets to bring home the obvious point....Pedophiles who pee on children will end up in the toilet

2363 days ago


Khloe is the most normal female in that family. She is self confident and a very attractive young woman, is not self absorbed, actually works at a job, and doesn't feel the need to strip or make a sex tape to become famous. I love how she gets under Kim's skin. She's so normal, she has to be adopted.

2363 days ago


Washington's homophobic comments were simply the straw that broke the camel's back. He'd been trouble on the set since day one. I'm not a lawyer, but it seems to me that if that photo of him was taken as publicity for Grey's then they own the rights to it. As in, they can show it on the show, burn it on the show, run credits over it on the show, do whatever the heck they want with the photo because they OWN it!

2363 days ago

Jackie C    

Maybe Isaiah Washington needs the money. He owes his agent moola and he owes the IRS moola, so we suspect he's hitting ABC to try and dampen the hit his account will account if he doesn't pay up and soon.

2362 days ago


Whoever thinks that's Karl Malden has no idea who Karl Malden is. Not even close. You call yourselves Hollywood reporters? Lame.

2362 days ago


The producers own the rights to use his character and image any way they see fit. If You go with Mr. Washington's way of thinking, they would never be able to syndicate this series after it's original airing... and that's where most series make their money. Sorry, but he's just sh-t out of luck. :P

2362 days ago


Hi mom.

2363 days ago


Ugh! Khloe Kardashian looks like what you would get if Herman Munster and Joanie "Chyna Doll" Laurer had a baby. Feh! What a piglet!!

2363 days ago


Do Pete and Ashlee really think that people care?

2363 days ago

Carolyn A-B    

Re. Isiah Washington: He who laughs last, laughs best, my friend.

Welcome back, we miss you, and I look forward to seeing more of your work. You're a fine actor, and you will be vindicated.

Or paid, anyways.

2363 days ago


Isaiah Washington, you are an idiot. Just go on with your life and leave the show alone. You know why you were fired and it was for good reason.

2363 days ago

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