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Dayum, They Look Good!

5/15/2008 3:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brad and Angie look pretty hot too.

Hollywood's hottest MILF and DILF made their grand entrance at the Cannes Film Festival this afternoon.

Somewhere in New York, John Mayer is handing Jen a box of tissues.


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brazen weep    

HA!!!! Why no mention of that obvious rug that Brad is wearing?! Where did all that hair come from all of the sudden? No wonder why he was hiding under that hat for awhile... trying to make the world forget he was balding.

2266 days ago


I will be branded a 'hater' or called jealous for this but, here goes....... Angelina is not THAT pretty. She's pretty, just not all that. She and Brad seem happy so more power to them. It's great that she adopted those kids and that she and Brad are having several naturally as well. I just never saw the big deal about her looks. There are a lot of models and several actresses I can think of who are much prettier.

2266 days ago


She may have Brad, and a bunch of kids - but she is no Jen.

2266 days ago

Dave the pig    

Brad cleaned up well! They do look gorgeous together. I hope these twins are as beautiful as Shiloh - or handsome if they are boys.

I tried to sympathize with the Jen lovers but now I think she lucked out. I would have immediately given birth to this man's children :-)!!!!!

2266 days ago

eat a dam twinkie you skank!!    

I do agree they look very nice, and the whole Jen thing... from what i've heard she mislead him... saying she wanted children and a family then changed her mind after they were married. It also does annoy me that they seem to ignore the fact that America has children in need of homes too!!! Not a hater at all just bugs me when people ignore the very place that makes them thes famous millionares that they are

2266 days ago

love them    

psd - why? because i speak the truth, even tmz. agrees this couple got it going on, you can;t deny that, puke all you want, what ever gets you through the day. DON'T HATE THE PLAYERS, HATE THE GAME. brad got the best looking lady in the world and angie still got the best looking man in the world, jealousy can only take you so far in life.

2266 days ago

who cares    

I am so so sick of these two. I have never like Angelina from the beginning. When she stole Billy Bob from Laura Dern she was a blood vile wearing skank and deep down she still is. You can dress her up and put some make up on her but she is still a man stealing skank bag. As for Brad...temptation is a horrible thing but to cheat is even worse. You and Angelina have no truly deserve eachother. Brad has always looked to me like he smells of sweat and pee! Gross!

Everone has an opinion and I have always loved Jen A. I truly wish her a happy life full of love...after what these two did to her she deserves it!

2266 days ago

who dat    

the most over-rated couple in hollyweird.

2266 days ago


*****DAMN***** Brad look good...I would like to have a baby by Brad...;-)

2266 days ago



2266 days ago


Pretty is as Pretty Does...They really are good people....Their actions prove it, their public service is outstanding.

2266 days ago


brad pitt looks older than billy bob thornton now !

that angie sure knows how to speed up the ol' aging process.

the poor bast*rd.

2266 days ago

who cares    

Dovewood are you kidding me? You want to know what their actions prove. She slept with a married man...Brad is not the first guy she stole from another women and Brad cheated on his wife. "once a cheater always a cheater" Their actions prove that they are not good people. They have no morals and don't care who they hurt to get what they want.

If I had the money they had I would adopt too. Millions of "good" people would. Angelina has issues...its so obvious. I dispise people like them. Marriage is not something you just throw away. It is a serious commitment that is exactly why they are not getting married....They both know it wouldn't last!!!!

2266 days ago


i really don't get it! why does she, big lips have her boobs showing like that? and what is the big deal about her having more kids.?

2266 days ago


I like her big mamas.........

2266 days ago
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