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Huckabee's Obama Assassination Proclamation

5/17/2008 12:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Good thing this guy dropped out of the race, cause we certainly don't need this brand of presidential "humor."

Former candidate Mike Huckabee was speaking Friday to the NRA, when there was a loud bang. Instead of continuing his speech, he aimed a joke at Barack Obama. *crickets*

Huckabee apologized for his "offhand remark," saying it was not "intended to offend or disparage Senator Obama." Obama, for his part, refused to comment.

Because what's funnier than killing a U.S. Senator?!


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Electing OBAMA would be like making someone straight from boot camp a General. Enough said!!!!!!! Elect Clinton and pervert Bill can oversee the interns. Again, enough said.

2350 days ago


These Whacko bible belt Christians always do these things......they do or say something eivl, wrong, name it...then, .....they say they are sorry...God fogives them...
good as new !! an etch-a-sketch

2350 days ago




2350 days ago

Oh Puhleeeeze    

This article is absurd and intellectually dishonest. He said nothing about assassination. He didn't even imply such a thing. It was simply a joke about Obama's apparent fear of guns, i.e. due to his strict gun control stance. You liberals need to get a clue!

2350 days ago

Mary Worth    


2350 days ago


I'm kind of surprised Huckabee said something so idiotic. He's a republican and a lot of them are aholes, but Huckabee seemed like a nice guy. As for Obama, when the tape comes out of his wife Michelle referring to white people as "whitey" Obama will lose the nomination. There is a tape of her using negative language against white people that is making the rounds in republican circles. It's only a matter of time before it goes mainstream.

2350 days ago

800 pound gorilla fart    

with all the ultra left-wingers joining Obamas' camp people better cling to their guns and bibles . Dlckhead . Those will be the first thing taken away under the ultra left -wing rule of King Obama . Dlckhead.

2350 days ago

watch the game before commenting    

As I read some of the comments posted I can tell that racism hasn't left it just became blame the other man. Some people on here are wishing the assassination of Obama and that is real sad. I mean if you don't like him don't vote for him but to wish for his death tells me that there is some hidden hate. Obama is not God's angel but he is a human being. I don't like people that I work with but I will never wish death upon them. To me that just shows the hypocrisy you have. I bet half of you stating for Obama to be assassinated is against abortion. I bet half of you who want him killed watches fox news. They have brainwashed you by using fear, terror, and your inner racism that everyone has. Blacks have it, whites have it, latinos have it, and especially the native americans. We have this hate because it has been fed to us to fear what is different other than to embrace our differences. Stop the hate people because we only have one life to live and if we continue the cycle we will wake up and realize our opportunities has left and God will be asking what have we done for each other and will answer nothing to a world of damnation.
Now for the people who say they won't vote for Obama but for McCain just remember what McCain is offering you. He thinks the economy is going good to all of you who are losing your houses, cars being repossessed, and you can't pay your bills or buy groceries. He wants to go to war with Iran(song he sang bomb bomb bomb Iran) which will lead us into further debt. We already have a shortage of troops hence draft will be reinstated. Think with your heads people before we become the third world country. We are in debt to China, we have food shortage already(rice, sugar), and our money is worth less than European money. They don't want our money anymore.
Obama has something to offer. He wants to fix our economy something he has been working to do in ILL. He wants to bring us together as a nation. Although his skin color makes him black, remember he was raised by a white woman with his white grandparents. Obama always been above bringing race into it. You let the media (Fox news) dictate what they wanted you to see. You let the media fool you so at the end what you have to deal with is the color. Stop looking at the color of the man skin and more at what he can do for this country. I today tell you that if you vote for McCain just to stick it to Obama, you are the one who lose. Remember when his days end as a candidate, he and his wife are still well off while you are suffering, he and his wife will still have a job while McCain focus only on his rich counterparts, he and his wife will be able to sleep at night while your conscious eats you up when you realize tomorrow you have to see which bill you can afford to pay and continue to have money to pay for your gas. Don't vote because you hate someone vote because you believe a person can change what we have in the world today. McCain wants your hate vote and if you are a supporter of McCain you have that right but don't put us down because we believe in our candidate just as you believe in yours. God Bless You ALL!

2350 days ago

Just call me trailer trash....    

upchuck huck, upchuck huck, upchuck huck 'nuf said

2349 days ago

Former Huckabee Supporter    

Huachaca, Obama would never make a joke about his rival being shot. Even the NRA audience didn't think this was funny. Making jokes about political assassination Is more than a corny joke in bad taste, it shows a level of hostile ill-will that I thought Huckabee was incapable of. And, since you are calling Obama supporters "crybabies'" you should know that if fi WERE to cry over this, it would be because Huckabee was my candidate until he dropped out, and I am so disappointed in Mike.

Right now, Obama is that last man standing who hasn't made some uncalled for hateful remark about the other candidates. About the strongest thing out of his mouth is when he called McCain's foreign policy "naieve." I haven't seen Obama swift-boating McCain about how McCain gave info to the enemy when he was a POW (McCain admits in his autobiography that he made a deal to give information in return for medical care). W Bush and the GOP swift-boated McCain for that, but Obama has never brought it up.

I haven't heard Obama remind us of the Clinton's many scandals. He hasn't even gone into their closet so full of skeletons that they can barely shut the door, despite the fact that Hillary has "thrown the kitchen sink at him" in an effort to smear his reputation.

Obama is the last man standing who hasn't crossed over into that place in politics that I can only disrespect. He sticks to the issues, and to answering the false charges raised against him as others try to swift-boat him. He doesn't back down, but he doesn't stoop to their lows.

2349 days ago

yer mom's soo effin hot!!    

killing regular citizens is hecka more fun!!!

2349 days ago


How sad this whole subject is. There is not one of you who has not made a stupid comment. There is not one of you who has not made an off color joke. You can sit and be high and mighty, or you could learn to research and use common sense. Obama is not the one to help this country. If you work for a living, he wants to tax you even more to pay for more welfare programs. Now I understand that there are people who are having a difficult time with the poor economy with layoffs, but we have created a leasure class of people who for the third generation have done no work at all and yet still blames the government for all of their problems. If you who are working think that the government should be able to take more money from your already dwindling paycheck, go ahead and vote for obama. And if you believe in God, you are especially a target by the democrats and their fringe support groups. Unfortunatly McCain is not much better. He is as democrat as they come, except he clamis to be a republican. They are all in the pockets of the same people, it's just that democrats are working extra hard to destroy this once great country.

2349 days ago


Country jake steps in the dog's business.

2349 days ago


Obama might attack American automakers for not making enough environmental friendly automobiles, but when he goes home he drives a gas-guzzling V-8 hemi-powered Chrysler 300.

2349 days ago


When are you republicans going to realize that guns kill innocent people everyday? I would rather kiss another woman than shoot another human being.

2349 days ago
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