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Cruise Lawyers Spank Baby Store for Babbling

5/22/2008 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In a move totally out of character, Tom Cruise has sicked his lawyers on luxury baby boutique Petit Tresor, accusing them of babbling to the tabs about Suri's outrageously expensive designer Scientoloduds.
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According to the cease and desist letter sent by Cruise's law firm, the store leaked false info that Suri's parents dropped a cool $350 - $400K on the tot's wardrobe over the last two years. Tom and Katie's mouthpieces claim the store violated their clients' right of privacy.

The lawyers are asking the store to, "not say anything (whether true or false) about Mr. Cruise and Ms. Holmes' shopping habits."

When TMZ spoke to Petit's Andy Behrman all we got was, "Are we allowed to comment?"


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While I think that level of spending for a toddler is ridiculous, I think it's bad business to blab about your customers.

2342 days ago


It's a public store-if they don't like it have their assistant shop for them or go somewhere else. Way to clog up the legal system more a**holes!

2342 days ago


They don't want the ridiculous amount of money they spent on clothes for their child , who will outgrow them in three months ,to be known because they are embarassed. AND they should be.

2342 days ago


Worship the lawsuit. Worship the legal system. Worship lawyers.

2342 days ago


TOM CURSE is a CURSE upon humanity.

2342 days ago

CA Mom    

They want privacy. It's their business what they spend their money on. I bet they don't shop at that store anymore. Suri's a very cute baby.

2342 days ago


Suri is one of the ugliest babies I've ever seen. A pit bull would gag if it bit her.

2342 days ago


Scientologists love to sue.

Just wait til Hillary loses the nomination, and she will sue the DNC.

( you knew already she's underwritten by Church of Scientology. Look at the Clinton White House staffers in the 90's)

2342 days ago


Anyone walking down the street who sees Suri Cruise with an item from Petit Tresor, Burberry or FAO Schwartz, could find out the item price and sell the info. to the tabloids.

2342 days ago


It's about time someone stood up to this pathetic store! The store is ALWAYS leaking information to the press about their clients.

Quite frankly, I'm surprised other celebs haven't stood up to them before.

2342 days ago


They have the right to spend whatever they want WHENEVER they want. Only a tremendously STUPID storeowner would yak about their exclusive clients- if someone spent 200K in my store, I'd want them to know I respected them and would even let them shop after hours, and would be very discreet and handle their purchases myself to PROTECT their privacy. Hell, I'd DELIVER it to them at their convenience! WTF is wrong with the idiots at Petit Tresor? Who would want to shop there if they blab your private shopping habits to the press? They make a fortune off of people recycling money through their store. Stupid people- when RICH people spend, they make OTHER PEOPLE better off. Why would you criticize them for what they SPEND???

2342 days ago


Quiet, all of you! No one is allowed to talk about anything EVER!!!!

2342 days ago


OMG I'm sick to death of these people! Does he have nothing better to do? So big deal that it was said how much they spent, who gives a rats ass?
I guess his law firm has to make money somehow.
I think people should just boycott ANYTHING to do w/Mr. and Mrs. Cruise and see how far they will go TO GET publicity again.

2342 days ago


He could have used the $400,000 to help a new Scientologist reach OT8. That's right, $400,000 and you too can be just as enlightened as Tom Cruise. Boycott all Scieno celebrities!!!

2342 days ago


I need to open a store in Beverly Hills where I can mark up dollar store clothes and sell them for $1000.

2342 days ago
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