Cruise Lawyers Spank Baby Store for Babbling

5/22/2008 4:30 PM PDT

Cruise Lawyers Spank Baby Store for Babbling

In a move totally out of character, Tom Cruise has sicked his lawyers on luxury baby boutique Petit Tresor, accusing them of babbling to the tabs about Suri's outrageously expensive designer Scientoloduds.

According to the cease and desist letter sent by Cruise's law firm, the store leaked false info that Suri's parents dropped a cool $350 - $400K on the tot's wardrobe over the last two years. Tom and Katie's mouthpieces claim the store violated their clients' right of privacy.

The lawyers are asking the store to, "not say anything (whether true or false) about Mr. Cruise and Ms. Holmes' shopping habits."

When TMZ spoke to Petit's Andy Behrman all we got was, "Are we allowed to comment?"