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Hulk's Emancipation Proclamation

5/25/2008 5:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

For reasons that defy explanation, Hulk Hogan explained to his son Nick that he thought it would be a good idea for him to be emancipated, so that he can "make his own decisions."
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Because that has worked out great so far.


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This definitely has something to do with money. Why else would you emancipate your child???? Oh but maybe its not the law suit, its the Divorce!!!! If he is emancipated Linda cant get child support.

2313 days ago


This is to let you know that there will be a major boycott of your
networks & sponsors if you pick up and/or air any show that the Bollea aka Hogan
family are a part of. This is based on the just released audio
conversations Mr. Bollea had with his incarcerated son placing blame
on the victim of the tragic car wreck that Nick Bollea (who was drunk
courtesy of his father who purchased the alcohol for his minor child)
caused. It also shows they have no remorse for what has happened to
John Graziano (the victim) & their only concern is for their own
financial gain.
This notice is also being placed on TMZ's website for others to
follow suit.
Thank you

2313 days ago


What the hell are they up to? Why do it now? What could possibly come up in the few weeks before his birthday, especially considering he's IN PRISON??? What a freakshow this is. As if anyone isn't going to see right through this. The parents will be found responsible in any trial anyway, no matter when it happens, and it sure isn't going to be settled in the next month.

Is it just me or can you hear in Nick's voice, his thinking 'oh man, even my family is about to ditch me'. I can hear the worry!!

2313 days ago


They are very disgusting people.

2313 days ago


I always thought rich people had it so easy.. This kid, no wonder he's screwed up. His parents are ass*****. Hulk just wants to save his ass and cut his legal ties with Nick

2313 days ago



2313 days ago


This is a true "reality show " unfolding in front of us. This stuff cant be scripted.

2313 days ago


If he didn't want to pay child support, he could just ask Nick to live with him.

2313 days ago


He doesn't have to pay Linda support for Nick right now, because Nick isn't in her custody, he's in the custody of the State of Florida. There's something very fishy going on. I listened to the whole tape, and it sounds like Hulk is put out because he has to be 'bothered' with all the details of his son's imprisonment. Then he tells Nick, 'oh you'll still be a minor if you're emancipated' but duh, if you're emancipated, you are AN ADULT, that's why it's called 'emancipated adult'. You are treated like an adult across the board. No wonder Nick is so screwed up, his dad is giving him very bad advice, and his grasp of the legal implications are totally false.

Hulky can't go on with his own life as long as he has to be responsible for Nick, You know, I really didn't like Nick at all for the last 9 months, now I actually feel sorry for him. His mother is a wack job and his father is a nutcase. Nick never had a chance.

2313 days ago


The day that Nick turns 18, he is eligible to be transferred to the adult section of the jail. He will most likely stay in lockdown due to his "celebrity status", but he will no longer be locked down due to his juvenile status. He doesn't realize this and neither does his father. No more DOJJ status for him. Time to be locked up with BUBBA.

2313 days ago

Standing by the edge    

Why didn't Hulk get the child support suspended while little Nicky is incarcerated? Why would they go through the legal process to get the punk emancipated this close to his b-day? Could it even be processed and ruled on before his b-day? Linda is going to loose the child support at the end of July anyway when he turns 18.
I think something else big is going on here but it can't be to avoid the civil lawsuit liability - the accident occured when little Nicky had just turned 17. Nah, they've got something else up their sleeves.

2313 days ago


They are a bunch of hillbillies! I'm sue Teryy wished he got rid of his son along time ago so he could of held on to his money. Its all about the money and fame with the Fakester!

2313 days ago


Disgusting pigs is putting it mildly. Why did hulk say he was going to pay for ALL of john's medical bills then? They are truly some sick ass nut job people!!!! He won't pay for his & nick's mistakes, BUT he'll put his money on BLEACH AND TANNING SALONS! By the way they look awful!!!!! I can't understand why the DA didn't charge hulk hogan for supplying the alcohol to his minor retarded spoiled offspring! If it was anyone else they would b charged!!!

2313 days ago


Lovely! THat cheap s o b Hulk is trying to hoodwink his own kid to save a few bucks, while he's sleeping with his other kid's former bff who also happen to be her look-alike! Are they living a disgarded "Days of Our Lives"-manuscript?
Btw, if Nick is stupid enough to go along with the emancipation scheme, he deserves the legal and fiduciary troubles that are sure to come with it.

2313 days ago

Standing by the edge    

Man, something stinks here. If there were an emergency why couldn't Nick call his lawyer? Is this a way for Hulk to stop paying the legal expenses for his son? I wonder if the courts will even entertain the motion with there being such a short time until N. is a legal adult. You can just hear Hulk putting the crap in the kid's head; "You're not comfortable with anyone else making your decisions, ya know?" I don't trust the Hulk one bit. What a Guido.

2313 days ago
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