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Hulk's Emancipation Proclamation

5/25/2008 5:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

For reasons that defy explanation, Hulk Hogan explained to his son Nick that he thought it would be a good idea for him to be emancipated, so that he can "make his own decisions."
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Because that has worked out great so far.


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I got six months in juvie jail 45 years ago and then got a nickle (5 years more) for emancipating a guy nobody liked. Nick needs to be emancipated into the general population. He will grow up real fast. Don't worry Nick, you will perform better without teeth.

2306 days ago

Mary Jane    

Poor Nick, no wonder he is a messed up kid. His trashy family basically is dumping him. He needs to shut the eff up, do his time like a man, and when he gets out, never speak to the garbage that spawned him again.

2306 days ago


Emancipate now so that daddy dont have to fork over cash for his mistakes

2306 days ago


Oh my gosh! What an idiot! It's no wonder his kids have turned out the way they did. He should be stripped of his duty as a father, because he is doing a horrible job.

2306 days ago

scouser gal    

whats the bet he would have the cheek to actually stand up and say what a good he is and what a great job he has my life on it.......he got no self awarness about him!

2306 days ago


80. J you are correct but this kid don't have a diplomia how is he going to college?

Posted at 10:59AM on May 26th 2008 by just here....

Just here: One can attend college without a HS diploma. You go to community college (which only requires a GED test, not a HS diploma) for 2 years, get good grades, and transfer to a 4 year university. A huge percentage of folks do it every year.

2306 days ago


If he emancipates Nick then Hulk can't get sued. That's what it's about in black and white.

2306 days ago

WRITE VH1 and NBC!    

Jack, you are wrong, I would say something to Hulk to his face, but then again, I am a mother. If you were a man and he hit you, then you could collect on what was left of his dying fortune. Just because you wouldn't yell at someone to their face, doesn't make them right. He is NOT a good father. You DO NOT buy your KID beer, (seen on camera at the gas station), allow him to drive the car YOU BOUGHT him after he has tickets for going over 100 MPH and speeding.

I have two sons that are in the early to mid 20's. If my kids got tickets they had penalties when they were under my insurance, that's called PARENTING! You don't reward bad behavior no matter HOW HARD IT IS. Being famous doesn't make you a good parent. Whoring your kids out on reality shows does NOT make a good parent. I would hate to see the definition of a BAD parent to you!

2305 days ago


Whats the price tag you put on a mans life? how much is it worth that hes never gonna have a family. Its crazy how easy your willing to side with people who allowed there minor son to get drunk and drive. This is America where if our heros dont die in iraq they are totally forgotten when they get back. Whats the price for ruining the life of a young man who served his country in war and now is going to suffer for the rest of his life. Mean while the rich boys family blames him.

2304 days ago


This is what haapends to americans brave young boys every day in
iraq. By the grace of good this guy gets home safe then something
like this happends. Instead of them being human and caring about the
pain Mr. Graziano is going to have to live with for the rest of his
life. They try and blame him what does that say about them what does
that say about us as Americans when we sit back and let people
degrade one of our heros?

2304 days ago
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