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Paris Would Lose Her Head If It Wasn't Attached

5/25/2008 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After Benji Madden took a swat at our photog and stiffed the valet, karma b***h-slapped him back via his airhead girlfriend, Paris Hilton.

Seems Paris was in such a hurry to bolt the restaurant, she left behind two diamond rings at her table. The staff found them after she'd already left, and the manager told us she could come pick them up anytime.

Maybe she meant for them to be the tip?

UPDATE 4:30 PM ET -- We just spoke to the restaurant and they told us Paris had her manager call and have the rings delivered to her. She couldn't even go and pick them up herself!?!?


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Laffin all the way    


2288 days ago

sparkys nemesis    

Your photog was realllly annoying. I don't blame Benji.

2288 days ago

just wondering    

well, what the heck does he expect if he is hooking up with Paris, don't like the papps ?, better find someone new to chill with,

2288 days ago


Wow Honest staff finding those rings. Surprised they did not end up on eBay!

2288 days ago


That girl (not woman) has so much money that it wouldn't bother her if she never went back to get it.

2288 days ago


TMZ, last night the ghost of Charles Nelson Riley appeared to me, and told me to warn TMZ and Harvey Levine to stop doing mean stories about Paris Hilton. And also stop doing mean stories about Miley Cyrus. Charles Nelson Riley said that Miley Cyrus is America's princess and will usher in a new age of peace and prosperity. Back to Paris, Charles Nelson Riley said Paris Hilton is just a misunderstood girl and if you do not stop talking chit about her you will all be reported to the Insterplanetary Heavenly Counsel of Broccoli headed up by God himself. So stop it TMZ. Just stop it.

2288 days ago


its a tip keep it

2288 days ago


Obviously Benji does not realize how ridiculous he looks................the Madden brothers do not know how to dress! Shorts and black socks? Pull your damn pants up.................he has as much class as Paris! That is about as much as you could fit into a thimble!

The earring and ring is probably CZ hence, leaving it behind!

2288 days ago


My daughter brought home "The Hottie and the Nottie". She is 15. Her friends and cousins were having a slumber party. The Moms got the snacks ready and we decided it was probably harmless fun. They watched Miley Cyrus and picked apart the whole thing . (Normal.) Then the stupid Paris movie comes on- boe-rang, STOOOOPID, downright idiotic. The girls were howling ! It was not funny. They were laughing at poor Paris and her awful costars ! They fell asleep from the boredom ! I went to the computer and looked up the reviews ! The best one had 1/2 a star and the guy said it was the worst movie EVER made, worse than "Glitter" and that movie with Jennifer Lopes and ben Affleck ! He said one critic who was screening it with him yells in the theater, after about 10 minutes," Well, shoot me in the f---king face, for watching this apcray !!" Paris should just live off her parents or (!!!) try to get a GED, and go to a low grade college or trade school. She has NO talent...and NO class.

2288 days ago


Sorry for the typos.

2288 days ago

jane doe    

I wonder what else She left on Her chair? She's disgusting! They both are using each other for the exposure. Gee thanks TMZ!

2288 days ago


Benji is just blind and paris is just a piece of trash with no talent,money cannot buy respect,talent,class or a brain,sorry paris the public is tired of your crap,oh and all that charity work your doing,yah right!!!!!Just keep spreading around your std's tramp!!!!!!!!

2288 days ago


Benji = whiney little bitch. "Waah, there's a camera getting close to me, let me throw a temper tantrum." Hey ugly tattoed idiot. Try acting like a punk with the wrong person, you'll be treated like one.

2288 days ago


This proven liar has to wear drag-queen makeup just to get in front of a camera. She gets so wasted at her paid-for club appearances, she babbles incoherently into the microphone, and dances with stage curtains. Or, she yells out gems such as, “I want to f__k you all” to the club patrons. All in an effort “to better” herself. Despite her phony claims at being a “sweet person,” she bashes Kardashian and other celebrities with jealous and cheap commentary on public radio. What self-respecting person could be a “fan” of such a shallow creature?

2288 days ago


when I'm out for dinner I don't remove my jewellery

don't even remove my rings to was my hands for fear of forgetting them or losing them down the drain!!

then again...............

I'm not a Hilton

2288 days ago
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