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Hi, My Name's Lance and I'm Addicted to Blondes

5/26/2008 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lance Armstrong sure likes to recycle his lady friends. Seems all it takes to get Armstrong going these days is an A cup and some stringy blonde hair. Check out all the ladies that have ridden on the Tour de Lance. Notice a pattern?!
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lance yuck, he is soooooo gross. I don't get it will never understand why girls like him at all.

2319 days ago


Papa Joe Simpson has already called.

2319 days ago

Susie Q    

He's a redneck homophobe cheater. He's perfect for the White House.

2319 days ago


Not sure what the caption means under Sheryl Crow's picture, but Lance is the one that dumped her; no matter what she says about it.

2319 days ago

I call Shotgun    

"3. lance yuck, he is soooooo gross. I don't get it will never understand why girls like him at all."

Becau$e, just becau$e.

2319 days ago


I agree, Lance is gross looking. Eww and one ball (sorry in advance to all the touchy people). I'm just sayin.

I try my bestest to keep the blonde out of my hair. Blondes all look the same. Stringy and fried. (goes great with one ball)

2319 days ago

Dave the pig    

He is banging Kate Hudson at this moment. I always knew she was a nasty little rat .... I even think she cheated on her husband to be with Owen Wilson, then Dax Shepard, then Owen Wilson again, now Lance Armstrong.

Just pass Kate's pu**y around ...... another used up, washed up ho who is going down the drain .... nice going, since she has a son and he has to witness a slew of man pass through his mom .....

2319 days ago


Ever see a photo of his mother? Clearly he's looking for someone just like her from his choice of girlfriends. Creepy.

2319 days ago



2319 days ago


Lance, we know you cheated. You got away with it, but we know you are a CHEATER..

Personally I believe athletes should be allowed to (safely) use whatever performance enhancements they need. The world expects athletes to be super human and accomplish alot of really exhausting s**t and sometimes they probably need some additional help. All of the people who speak out against allowing athletes to have access to safe performance enhancers, are probably people who couldn't last 2 minutes in a professional athletes shoes, but they have everything to say. They should, Shut-up!

None-the-less Lance, the rules said, NO.

2319 days ago


Hey #6

That was priceless, almost choked on my cornbread laughing at that one.

2319 days ago


He is a scuzz and an bio/enviromental hazard (just ask his neighbors). He needs to give his other ball to Joe Simpson, marry Jess and move to France. And we'd all live happily ever after.

2319 days ago

Silly Lilly    

I cannot understand his appeal! When he was on Oprah I was like please, I have to barf now. Then there is the whole Lance thing in that horrid movie with Kate and Matt Dillon You Me Dupree... and she is as much of a ho as her mother was. She is NOT that talented and he is NOT that interesting.... umm... on second thought... maybe they ARE perfect for each other but why even give them any publicity? They are just disgusting. Cheaters and liars and thats it. Apparently for him beating cancer is a license to free his willy everywhere and apparently he keeps finding relatively desperate blondes to spread like jam for him. Gross.

2319 days ago


I thought he was dead

2319 days ago

He's Boring now    

He's a Ted Bundy but without the dead bodies and Ted went for Brunettes. The guy is a total creep out. A total Cad, Louse and confirmed Cheater.

He belongs in the Sport Screwball Group of Steve Garvey, Bruce Jenner, Rafael Palmero, Roger Clemens and Kobe Bryant.

I have never met a person who speaks highly of or has a kind word about Lance Armstrong.

2319 days ago
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