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Jacko Enjoys Smacko Through Cracko

5/26/2008 7:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson is already thrusting his face back into the Las Vegas spotlight ... two inches of forehead at a time.

Jacko hit the Ultimate Fighting Championship match at the MGM Grand Saturday night, clad in his finest burka-ish ensemble. That's not a typo -- Michael Jackson enjoys cage fighting!

MJ rolled up to the event in a wheelchair, just in time to watch Tito Ortiz get smacked around ... that is, if he could see anything through those ridiculously blacked out shades.


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#1 - that thing he wears on his face is all that's keeping his nose from flying off.

#4 - those aren't children. They're future lifetime patients of Dr. Phil.

Michael Jackson - honorary "got your nose" champion of the entire planet Earth. And Mars. And Venus. And Saturn.

2306 days ago

Benny Barnes    

Was he sitting in the wheelchair section? Can't you get arrested for faking something like that just to get a better seat?

2306 days ago

karl jacobs    

"Who killed Kenny?!!"

2306 days ago


honestly people should leave the dude alone, I don't think he's crazy enough not to know that people are going to be talking about him....he like attention ppl! And at the end of the day who doesn't like his music??

2306 days ago

Me, myself and I    

Hmm, I liked his "THRILLER" album, but I turned against him after the child molestation charges. His transformation from a decent looking black person, into a freak white person, REALLY turned me against him.

I think he is as crazy as Britney Spears is. I don't believe any of his children have any DNA from him in them. I would love to know who are the three children's biological parents. That would be a real interesting story.

A suspected child molester, like Michael Jackson, should not be allowed to have custody of children. I see he got around US law by moving to different countries, but REALLY what in the world is this nut job doing with children?

2306 days ago


He looks like a freaking ewok for pete's sake!

2306 days ago

Dave the pig    

KATRINA'S GRANDMOM - the people on here who support this freak of nature are just as sick as he is. It appears that there is no outrage from these people .... they are exactly what is wrong with this country, they close their eyes or look the other way as far as this CHILD MOLESTOR is concerned. I hope he suffers with time in the worse way for what he has done!!!!

2306 days ago


he is saying "excuse my appearance because my face is under renovation. thank you and i do not have a little boy in here either."

2306 days ago


Why TMZ bothers to check out on this freek everybody knows how this weird guy behaves.

2306 days ago

Me, myself and I    

Too many sick people,

I am just as concerned about the children he has under his control, and it makes me very ill. That "egg doner" Debbie or Debra someone, is just as screwed up as he is. What kind of mother sells her babies to a pervert for money? I believe that all three children should be removed from Michael Jackson's custody, and placed into foster care. Michael Jackson is a freak of nature - not a parent!

Those children will be so messed-up if they are not removed from Michael's care.

2306 days ago

Democrats are evil    

And the "Freak Show continues".

2306 days ago

:what ev errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr    

Michael! Thanks so much, from the bottom of my heart , for COVERING UP THAT HIDEOUS FACE! You did the public a great service.

2306 days ago


The "desguise" he wears just attracks more attention to him. Come you all really think he believes no one will know that is him? He does it FOR attention.

2306 days ago


Thought it was an Ewok from Star Wars! If I had a face like his I'd be embarrassed too!

2306 days ago


Did he leave that stupid rag on his head for the whole time?

2305 days ago
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