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Evil Harry Potter Smites God-Fearing Librarian

5/28/2008 4:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

When you think "Harry Potter," you think of an evil, Occultist, pagan, heathen devil, don't you?

Well, in this lawsuit, a Missouri librarian refused to push the Potter books on kids because she was afraid that The Boss -- the Almighty One -- would bring his fury on her and cast her out if she did. Unfortunately, she ended up incurring the wrath of the boss -- the one who pays her rent -- and got herself canned as a result.

So now Deborah Smith has invoked the help of the highly secular ACLU, which is helping her sue the Poplar Bluff Library for money. You know, the earthly kind. Amen.


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your mom    

i think that only a couple of people have actually gotten the point of this lawsuit.
It isn't about the lady pushing her personal beliefs.
I hope she wins.

2336 days ago

Kelly Ann    

If she has certian religious beliefs that make the Harry Potter books so horrible, there are other jobs outside book sales or library work she can get.

I believe in freedom of religion, but if you're a book seller or if you work at a library... this is part of your job. If she were working as a Cook, and the restaurant had a Harry Potter night and this happened, that would be one thing. But if you're going to work with books... come on. What does she expect she'd be doing? Selling bibles?

Harry Potter does NOT push the occult any more than Lord of the Rings with Gandalf the wizard, Cinderella with the fairy God mother or the Wizard of Oz with Wizards and Witches. It is in fact, a book about tollerance.

Those who are born of muggle parents.. can be likened to any minority race. (Mudbloods being a racial slur in HP world) It teaches that its wrong to discriminate them because of their status of birth (race). Ron Weasley is poor and it teaches that even someone considered lowly can be great. Harry was given a tough lot in life with the death of his parents, the death of his godfather, seeing people die left and right... but despite his hard life and tough inner struggles, he does what he thinks is right for the good of those he loves.

The book is the epidemy of Good vs. evil with good coming out on top, and friendship and tollerance being the most important thing. I guarantee you she's checked out books to kids that are A LOT worse. I'd personally like to know if the people afraid of these books have actually READ these books?

But in general... A, the books are sold as FICTION. they are not in the religious section, self help section or Non-fiction sections. They are in the FANTASY - FICTION sections, and if kids are worshiping the occult after reading these books, something is wrong with the PARENTS, not the books themselves.

And if she has a moral issue with this... she should be a librarian at a church, or find a different line of work. IMO

2336 days ago


I'm embarrassed to live in MO but there's a reason we are called the 'bible belt'

2336 days ago


Dear Lord,

Please help the foolish simple minded people of your planet that can not tell fact from fiction. Real from Fantasy.



2336 days ago


She quit after suffering from demotion. A lot of jobs make requirements for some extra hours to be worked as needed. The fact that she went behind her boss's back to tell anther employee that she had objections to the HP night would have gotten her reprimanded at any business. She refused to do her job. Bottom line, majority of employers tell new hires up front that some extra hours may be require as a part of the job. I bet if she would have been upfront with her boss, she may have gotten off that night. And a pacemaker doesn't automatically exclude you from doing labor. I have seen many people with a pacemaker work harder jobs than this. And most libraries have carts to move books around, and putting books away isn't that hard. I did that in college.

2336 days ago

BOEING 787    

I am sure this is going to attract the attention of The 700 Club and be the topic of
the next Southern Baptist Convention. I am sure Deborah Smith is going to claim she
is a persecuted Christian in America and go on to say that she has been fed to the lions.

It's unfortunate that in 2008 we still have religious nut-jobs who still believes in witch-
craft, goblins, heresy, and all the stuff from the Salem Witch Trials. This kind of extremism
from the Christian uber-right is not that much different from the muslim radicals, such as repression of freedom and information, declare people who disagree with them as heretical, and putting dangerous and wrongful ideology ahead of facts.

If she even followed her own beliefs, why the hell should she even be working, this is the
biggest hypocrisy, shouldn't she be in the house homeschooling the kids, cleaning the
house, and being a subservient wife as is tangent with the Southern Baptist Church?

I tell ya, these extremely religious people "of all religions including extreme atheists"
are dangerous for our society and she should have been fired.

2336 days ago


Read the AP story. SHE WAS NOT FIRED...SHE QUIT!!! Check your facts, TMZ!

2336 days ago

Kelly Ann    

This isn't about religion.

She works at a library where she's probably checked out books on Ghosts (Which is against many Christian's beliefs... there are no such things as spirits who don't cross over, "ghosts" are demons, according to many Baptist religions.)

How many times has she checked out Lord of the Rings? Cinderella? When I was in Middle school, one of my favorite books that I got from the library was "See you thursday"... a book about a TEACHER who had a love affair with a teenaged STUDENT. its still a popular book. Does she have moral objections to that?

Isn't it hypocritical to say your morally or religiously against Harry Potter, yet work at a library that contains books on sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll, ghosts, non-fiction books on the history of real-life "vampires" and books on Wicca (Wiccans)...

You can't be ok with checking these books out to kids during business hours, but suddenly have religious qualms about it if you're asked to stay after work. Either you're ok with it, or your not. You can't pick and choose what hours to be religious.

I'm Christian myself... though I don't see the "Promoting the occult" in the HP books...

but if you're THAT against something... you have to be against EVERYTHING that relates to it, so a book store or library may not be the right place for you to work.

Before I became self-employed, my boss had every right to make me work Good Friday, even though I'm suppose to observe it as a Catholic, by going to church. If my boss wasn't a nice person and made me work, and I refused, he would have had every right to fire me.

Let me ask you this.

If its against your religion to eat pork... would you work at a slaughter house?

if killing an animal is against your religion, would you work as a furrier?

If certain books go against your religious beliefs, why... Why... WHY would you work as a librarian?

2336 days ago

Media whores    

First of all... the ACLU fighting on behalf of a Christian with a Christian stance on an issue??!!! The ACLU is historically ANTI-Christian! I'm not sure I'd want them on my side! (careful Deborah, Satan is a sly one!). a Christian myself, I completely disagree with her stance on Potter... Satan doesn't need to use a kid's book when he has book burners like this working to make Christians look lame.
I'd hazard to say that Deborah has NO problem with Lord of the Rings or Narnia, as they are promoted as Christian allegories. Problem is... You would have to KNOW they are Christian allegories to comprehend them as such. Few people read or view them with that mind-set.
Frankly, the same could be made of the Harry Potter series! Actually.... more so!!!
If Deborah had actually READ them... she would know that!

2336 days ago



2336 days ago

Jeremy Bosco    

First, I can't believe something from the podunk town of Poplar Bluff, about an hour and a half or so from where I live here in Cape Girardeau, MO, would make it onto TMZ. Here's a link to more on this story, courtesy of the hometown CBS station, KFVS12:

Now, as for the idiot b**** suing the library: First of all, you can believe in whatever religious beliefs you want. However, to try and push those beliefs onto others, just because you believe them, is not just wrong, but plain stupid as well. Also, you know, I'm not a fan of the Harry Potter series, either, but did I get a job at a library just to whine about them, and try to push my beliefs onto others? The obvious, and INTELLIGENT, answer would be a resounding NO, you stupid f***ing idiot. Now, when you get hired for a job, the employer will make you aware of certain duties you are to perform, pertaining to the job, and I'd imagine that attending book fairs and other events that promote popular book series, which would include
Harry Potter, was in that job description, and that you were told about it when you took the job. And hell, that sort of thing should be something you apparently don't have, and that's COMMON F***ING SENSE. And, for the fact that you didn't whine and b**** about any of this until NOW, when it's been almost A FULL YEAR since you QUIT, is also awfully suspect.

And, then, the ACLU: I don't even know where to start, on just how f***ing retarded those @$$bags are. As if you needed more evidence to prove that, here's yet more, in that they're supporting this dumb@$$ whore, who's just doing this for money, anyway. I hope that her ignorant and misguided "religious" beliefs have room for Karma, 'cause that's gonna be very important to you in the (hopefully near) future.

2336 days ago


Sorry to split hairs, but this lady was NOT a librarian. She was a LIBRARY ASSISTANT. Librarians go to graduate school to get a Master's Degree. Library Assistants do not.

2336 days ago


Thank you Jeremy. That was bugging me too.

She waited a YEAR to file the complaint...

She was suspended for NOT DOING HER JOB then she QUIT... she wasn't FIRED.

And she didn't QUIT till SEPTEMBER. This happened in JULY.

If she had serious religious reservations and felt her religious rights had been held against her... why would she wait till TWO MONTHS later to quit... and file a law suit almost ONE YEAR after that? IT DOESN'T RING TRUE.

I also agree with Dee who said, if you're going to have religious issues with certian books, you shouldn't work in the book industry. You can't pick and choose which book you are or are not willing to deal with unless you OWN the book store or library. if you're working FOR a bookstore or library, you're subject to THEIR RULES. and if you have religious issues, you may need to consider a different line of work.

2336 days ago


The triumph of Good over Evil.

That's the whole essence of the Bible and the essence of Tolkein, C S Lewis and now Rowling.

Most English children's literature, for centuries, has been chock full of dragons, witches, evildoers, etc. but in the end Good always triumphs over Evil.

This woman must have been sleeping during English Lit 101.

2336 days ago


Well, I read all the books with my freshmen in high school. I also bought and watched all the movies. This will not turn anyone away from their faith. Stupid post. next?

2336 days ago
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