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Xtina to Newborn Son: Lullabye Bye Bye

5/28/2008 3:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Christina Aguilera's not like regular moms, she's a cool mom -- one who'd opt for club hopping instead of listening to a baby monitor all night.

With her 4-month-old son Max sleeping at home, Xtina and her hubby got their party on again at Villa -- her second time out this week, sixth this month. She'll cap it off by hosting a party at LAX in Vegas this weekend. A mother's work is never done.


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Jackiemichele, you are exactly why the country is full of criminals. Why didn't you do your child and society a favor and WAIT UNTIL YOU WERE READY TO PROPERLY CARE FOR A CHILD TO HAVE ONE. Our society is full of selfish cows that $hit out kid after kid and leave day care providers to raise them. Them they wonder why they have piles of $hit for children. Kill yourself and your nasty uncared for child.

2342 days ago


OMG Call CPS people please. WHATEVER!!!

2342 days ago


# 12 -- I think the answer is YES.
Xtina shouild be at home -- the kid's just a newborn for crying out loud.

2342 days ago

There is no such thing as reality tv    

With a new baby, how does she even stay awake that late? I guess she naps, and having a nanny around helps. Doesn't mean she is a good mother or a bad one, BTW, TMZ.

2342 days ago


Damn! 16 and 17, jealous much? BTW, I'm a mother who works full time and have to leave my kids in daycare before and after school so I can provide them with the things they need without living off of welfare. Got a problem with that? Get a life and stop hating on people just because they've achieved something you'll never EVER be able to achieve - success.

2342 days ago

janet barker    

If Christina doesn't want Max, I want him. He needs TLC. Give him to me and your can get drunk 24/7 You are a gyspy, and a terrible mother. GO HOME TO YOUR SON.

2342 days ago

just wondering    

Jollyex...u tell them !! hahaha..soem people just have horse blinders on and can't see past a point in their own lives.

2342 days ago


What difference does it make what she does when he goes to bed for the night?? Good for them. I would do the same thing if I had a nanny.

2342 days ago


That baby is only 4 months old and she is going out to clubs? What a skank! Christina go home to your newborn baby! Why did you even have him in the first place? If she's out partying at Clubs you cannot tell me she's actually getting up with him in the morning. Also, I'm sure she is going to appearances, photo shoots, recording sessions, etc. It's not like she is at home with him all day and just having a girls night every once in awhile. I knew I couldn't stand this bitch and now I know why!

2342 days ago


Way to go jollyex and much promps to you and all you do for your kids.

2342 days ago

Green Is Good    

TMZ, why aren't you criticizing X-Tina's husband? He's been out, too.

Oh right. She squirted the crotch-fruit out, so she should be chained to it until it's 18. Bitches, please.

2342 days ago


I continued to go out and be social when I had a babies in my 20's.

I've had more babies in my late 30's/early 40's and I can count on one hand the number of times I've been away from them for social activities.

I did what felt right then, and I do what feels right now.

The 40+ mom in me thinks she should set aside her social life and breathe in every second of her son's infancy. But the 20something mom in me remembers how necessary it was for me to engage in personal activities that were appropriate for a mom of that age.

2342 days ago

Green Is Good    

Why isn't Nicole Bitchie getting the same flack from TMZ? Because Bitchie lets TMZ know when she'll be out in public with her spawn.

2342 days ago


jollyex, you stupid wh0re...

Why didn't you do your child and society a favor and WAIT UNTIL YOU WERE READY TO PROPERLY CARE FOR A CHILD TO HAVE ONE.

2342 days ago

just wondering    

ok...I'm off to water my garden ! and maybe plant some begonias...hope they will be happy in the shade , that is the only room I have left for them . hahaha

2342 days ago
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