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Eyes Without a Face

5/30/2008 2:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The 52-year-old resurfaced at a West Hollywood gig on Thursday, looking marvelous.
Billy Idol
Billy's birth name is William Michael Albert Broad.

A year after getting into a serious motorcycle accident that nearly cost him his leg, Billy protested against L.A. helmet laws.


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Rock on Billy!!!!!

2346 days ago

Ms. X    

TMZ does this "memba him" for us to say negative comments, so ya'll telling us to stop ...need to stop! He was a Hot piece of Ass back in the 80's. Now, not so much.

2345 days ago


Time is cruel. He was a hottie back in the day.

2345 days ago


yo- dancing with myself was GENERATION X (with Billy Idol)

2345 days ago


Thats not a fair picture... .!!! He is sweaty and on stage and court while speaking.... thats not fair... cause he stil looks great!

2345 days ago


He looks like Bryan Adams much older brother. But I think he looks pretty good. I disagree that he has had work done. His eyes look aged around them and his face is just fuller. What is the big deal?

2345 days ago


I would still do him and do him and do him.....and do him some more......mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.......BILLY!!!!!

2345 days ago

A Billy fan for life    

I LOVE Billy and I always will. He looks fantastic! Where on earth did you (TMZ) get this photo of him? Billy is gorgeous still, this is just not the best photo of him. I guess that is why it was chosen, right? Billy Idol Lovers know the real deal! : )
Don't you worry Billy, WE love you!

2345 days ago

Inner Being    

Beauty is skin deep. This body we all posess is just an outer shell. Our body returns outward what we give it inward and outward as well. Stress, makeup, the food we eat, and the other things we put in it is the end result as we age with it. As Terry said, old age will see us all (if we make it to that age) but the jouney there is what YOU do with your body while we wait to get there. Abuse it with poisons like drugs, alcohol, and toxic foods, the end result can get pretty nasty.

2345 days ago


omg what hapened to him??? He really lost it, my dad is 59 and he looks like a teenager compared to this. A good example of what drugs and hard livin' will do to a person, what a tragic shame.

2344 days ago


For a moment I thought it was Bryan Adams having a bad hair day. I used to love Billy Idol! What happened to his spiky hair? It was his trademark. I never thought I would say this, but he looks terrible. He said he'd never brush his hair down like everyone else, so what happened? I guess that's what happens when you get old. That's depressing.

2344 days ago


wow he looks like dolf lundgren

2344 days ago


Oh nooo if it isn't the old losing his hair, so use bangs as combover trick...
Never thought I'd see Donald Trump hair happen to Billy Idol.
Should've kept his hair spiky even if he is losing his hair.
Someone please inform him the combover is never in. He looks awful!

2343 days ago


Everyone is so quick to judge him for getting old, I'd like to see all the people who are making nasty comments at his age and you have to remember his way of life takes a toll on you and he cannot be compare to others everyone is different! If people would stop judging others so much and making fun of others this world might be a much better place! Sometimes that old saying...If you have nothing nice to say then keep it to your self but not today everyone thinks they should have one and give it to everyone weather good or bad or rude and to me that is just wrong!

2343 days ago


I'd still do him...

2343 days ago
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