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Sharon Stone Eats Chinese!!!

5/31/2008 7:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sharon Stone is making up for her idiotic Chinese earthquake remarks ... one Chinese person at a time.

Last night she dined at Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills but had nothing to say to us outside. If only she kept her mouth shut in the first place.


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Don't believe in karma    

Wake up call to Nrthdude - she has to care about us Jackoffs because we are the ones that go to her movies, buy her Dior capture products etc. We put here where she is and we can take her down just as easily.

2305 days ago

FTM guy    

She has a very high IQ, Her statement was right on..meant for leaders not citizens. She apologized, leave it at that. For those of you who want to critisize her are probably bald, overweight and living in your moms basement!

Sharon Stone is beautiful! grow up people

Sharon I'm still waiting for our dinner date :-)

2305 days ago

pop eye    

I think her comments were more directed towards and intended for China as a country and its Communist government than the innocent, individual citizens. It was a pretty bold statement to publicly declare and I'm sure she now wishes she kept her mouth shut, but I think most people understand the point she was trying to make and also understand she could have worded it in a way that wasn't so easily misconstrued.

2305 days ago

Don't believe in karma    

She knows damn well that the citizens died and her apology, in my mind wasn't sincere and was simply damage control for Dior. Mei Ling is right - comments like that are misguided and dangerous. She will now sink like a stone - she can't backpeddle herself out of this one.

2305 days ago

can't fool me    

Wasn't she a big advocate for AIDS research? So, karma ONLY applies to the Chinese, not the gays? My point is that her blundering remarks can deeply hurt ANY group of suffering people. Any people devastated by a tragedy, be it a natural disaster or a virus, deserve support, care, concern, sympathy and empathy. Let's stop judging and start helping!

2305 days ago


Oh, big F****in' deal. She misspoke and didn't clarify. She's apologized to the dense people who couldn't figure out what she meant, so let it go. I'm amused by all this phony concern for China as well. I'm guessing these are the same people who will bad-mouth China at the first opportunity. And the same one's who have no problem with Bush putting the U.S. up as collaterol so he could borrow for his war. You all are just celebrity haters who follow TMZ's lead and make mountains out of molehills if a celebrity is involved. Since you're all so perfect, beautiful, talented and brilliant, I'm surprised you aren't in Hollywood becoming big stars and living the life of ease and luxury that you seem to thing these celebrities have.

2305 days ago

Just call me trailer trash....    

Nrthdude.....take your head out of your ass, all we can hear is blah, blah, blah

2305 days ago


Sharon was just sayin' what we were all thinking.

2305 days ago


Oh big whoop..What is she famous for? 'Basic Instict' 1 & 2? She's a B actress at best..Does China really put a lot of weight on what she says? They must really be insecure.

2305 days ago

pop eye    

42. Was the holocaust the result of karma,,, Was the Irish potato famine karma?

I like your post because I love realists. I get so irratated with African Americans sometimes because they just continually go on and on about the slavery injustices and sometimes I really think they think they are the only people in the modern world who have had a terrible attrocity commited towards them. There are actually many people in the modern, post AD life who have had it much, much worse. Genghis Khan horribly murdered and tortured millions of people. There were hundreds of thousands of people who were tortured to death in the most unbeleivably gross ways during the Spanish Inquistion. Joseph Stalin murdered about 3 times a many of his own citizens than Hitler killed Jews, if you can even wrap your brain around that one. And that's not even mentioning the genocide that is still going on in China, the Balkans and much of Africa.

2305 days ago


OH MY.........

Ms. Stone claims to have a high IQ. She MUST be right!

Think again......Oh yeah, follow this up by reading the "mensa controversy" under 'Sharon Stone Wikipedia'

Whether she has a high IQ or not, she seems very ignorant to any Budhist teachings or human compassion.

2305 days ago


Leave Sharon alone. She was talking out of passion and didn't use the right words. Sharon Stone has done so much good for the AIDS fight and it a great person. Don't let an mistake wash away the dedication and compassion this woman has.

2305 days ago


My goodness! Nobody made such a big deal when the people of the world were blaming American karma for Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Sharon Stone said something not very tactful, but she was just trying to defend those hurt by the Chinese gov't. Give the woman a break. We all have said things that come out of our mouths wrong.

2305 days ago


Why is everyone so pissed about what she said? You know we were all thinking it, just nobody was saying it. I believe in 'karma' 100 percent! She shouldn't have had to apologize. POLITICS. POLITICS.

2305 days ago


mr chow should of served her cat

2305 days ago
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