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Sharon Stone Eats Chinese!!!

5/31/2008 7:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sharon Stone is making up for her idiotic Chinese earthquake remarks ... one Chinese person at a time.

Last night she dined at Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills but had nothing to say to us outside. If only she kept her mouth shut in the first place.


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Just call me trailer trash....    

amazing.....Nrthdude still has his head up his ass

2344 days ago

Don't believe in karma    

Look out everyone and mind your spelling - the spelling nazis are catching up with you.

2344 days ago


Oh please! Sharon had to spread her legs to show people how high her IQ is?

She ought to keep her legs and her dumb mouth closed.

2344 days ago



2344 days ago


Chanel pulled her ads from China.

2344 days ago

Don't believe in karma    

Thu je che - how do you justify her karma comment that was so insensitive? You can't blame the media for spinning that - we heard it with our own ears..

2344 days ago


this is what happens when you start eating granola,love,peace,karma and what the hell did i just say,hmmm so i wonder what she thinks of the wild fires,9/11...smoke some more pot sharon i'd love to see you stoned on the red carpet getting into a philosophical mood and conversation with the cameraman.your such a fricken granola brain.

2344 days ago

Don't believe in karma    

Emme, you mean Chanel pulled Stone's ads? - I didn't know she was employed by Chanel too. Anyway, that is good news!

2344 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

32. She shouldn't release bad witchcraft spell all over the people's ears.

After fiim with 50cent, val, and stone. 50 cent house is gone; Stone lost million dollar sponsor deals and movies. Val could be next target and losng movie frame. "Streets of Blood" is most likely become box office failure. Do you have any idea what "K*rma" does? It's release real life bad spell over the cloud, nature, earth, people's ears, etc... It is scary? Yes, it is....

Posted at 3:40PM on May 31st 2008 by Jim

WTF? There is no bad witchcraft spell in speaking of karma. Karma is neither good nor evil, it is just the natural balance of life. Christians speak of committing sins and then atoning for them. Same idea, different words. Does this make confession and prayer a bad witchcraft spell?

Go Sox

2344 days ago


yep chanel pulled her ad's.funny how kate moss can snort cocaine off a piano and she becomes darling of the industry and people get outraged that she got fired,so she gets rehired but insult the chinese and you get tarred and feathered,it's all about dollar amounts and sharon stone knows the people she represents are world wide,they had no other choice when it comes down to dollars,she messed up.if you want to speak your mind don't be a spokesperson,if you need the money you are bought and paid for sean penn and the rest of the list are rich enough that they can say whatever they want and they don't care what it cost them.the rest of us don't have anything to lose so we can say what we want.sharon did not cover her flabby little azz.

2344 days ago

kerry zaputz    

Why is anyone even interested in what this has-been has to say? With what she's spent on facial cosmetic surgery, botox, and lip fillers, she could completely fund the Chinese rescue effort.

2344 days ago

frogs and gravel    

She received close to 13 million dollars for appearing in basic instinct 2. Now That Is Karma!

2344 days ago

Life is Never Fair    

Stop offering help to Chinese people against their government if they don't ask for it. It's very rude. A lot of young Chinese students come to US for higher education and some of them go back to China every year. They are neither stupid nor brain-washed.

2344 days ago


karma karma karma bs bs bs ban the word it's bs it means nothing. People just use it as a manipulative device

2344 days ago


I wouldn't be talking about Karma or bad things happening when people do the wrong thing after getting a brain tumor that could return. It begs the question Sharon, what did you do to deserve a tumor in your head? I can only think she said something so incredibly stupid because it gave her "press", you know the old saying "any press is good press"....I hope for the sake of all of us she keeps her mouth shut. I think she is a b lister now and sadly is on her way to the d list. Say hi to the Hogans when you get there Sharon..

2344 days ago
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