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Sloppy Dick Yanked from House Party

6/2/2008 6:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just when you thought Andy Dick couldn't do anything to make you think he's a bigger douchebag -- he did this.

The walking rehab patient Andy Dick hit up a Hollywood house party yesterday and got so wasted he threw a beer bottle at a guy and then had to get carried out to a car and thrown in the front seat.


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HILLARY HATER... Obviously you've never had an addiction.

2298 days ago

Jay P.    

The greatest walking advertisement for birth control I've ever seen.

2298 days ago


It is very sad!! True he is an adult that should control himself. But he also seems to have a problem. I know that the majority of us have had too much to drink before and made an ass out of ourselves. The difference is we didn't have leeches trying to make a quick buck recording and exploiting us!

2298 days ago

Fact Checker    

This is the Evil Twin of Andy's. I don't like this one. He tried to kick out my car window when I drove him away from an Oscar party where he was doing things that would have ruined him if captured when he was still on TV. Quite sad. He is one of the sweetest guys, general sadness about him. When he is Sober Andy, he eats raw food and is so very carful with his health, friends and life. I just hate that all the "wantabes" attach themselves to him and bring him down. He is very fragile and only needs people who don't want anything from him around him. I am sad to say that this video is tame compaired to what I have seen over the years. We miss the REAL Andy. Come home to Idaho.

2298 days ago


Dig a whole and throw him in.

2298 days ago

W. ZZais    

WHAT a sorry SOB! He should of been knocked out for throwing the bottle.
Next Step :Celebrity REHAB" and a nice check for the loser. His mother must be
so proud......

2298 days ago

Good God    

Maybe - MAYBE, Just maybe the continuing press & footage will do what friends & family haven't been able to do - shame him into picking himself up from rock bottom and getting help.

2298 days ago


So sad, we will probably read someday about him being found dead.

2298 days ago


Good lord, this wasted in the middle of the day lol

2298 days ago


Did you see the poor dog in the beginning of this video? Andy the Idiot is a human being with free will; he chooses to live his life this way, so if he ends up killing himself, so be it. I feel badly for the poor dog. He didn't choose to be living in that house... I hope he is being taken care of.

Sorry, I've been alive long enough to care much more for animals than most people!

2298 days ago


Seeing serious and perhaps beyond help addiction in full swing is very difficult to watch. There's not one thing funny about this video. It's beyond sad. This man is seriously ill, and we probably won't be seeing him around for much longer if he doesn't get help, but based on what I've witnessed with other alcoholics, he may have gone beyond the point of no return. I sure hope not, but based on this video, it sure looks like he's a goner. VERY SAD INDEED!

I never thought the guy was talented, but that's moot.

2298 days ago


Lisa, the dog has free will, too, perhaps more so than someone too drunk to walk. The dog, who is sober, should make better choices in who he lives with. What's wrong with you?

2298 days ago

L.A. Native    

...seeing anyone suffer from the effects of addiction is anything but funny!

2298 days ago


at least the dog in the background knows better
than to embarrassingly lick himself in public;

2298 days ago


Wasn't he also connected to the death of David Strickland?

2298 days ago
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