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Good Morning, Angel

6/3/2008 2:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The 56-year-old resurfaced at a charity event in L.A. recently, looking heavenly.
Cheryl Ladd
Cheryl recorded an album in 1970 as part of Josie and the Pussycats.

In 2005, Cheryl wrote her autobiography "Token Chick: A Woman's Guide to Golfing with the Boys."


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brit supporter    

This is proof...there is great plastic surgery available to those that are very careful with what they want done and who they hire to do it. Her skin is very fair and wrinkles and spots easily. Laser resurfacing, chemical peels, moderate face lift and weekly facials = a glowing face at 53....also, she keeps her weight within her teenage years. Weight gains, smoking, deep tans, bad nutrition and late nights drinking and drugging are things she does not do. She has lived a moderate life, saved her money and paid the price to maintain herself and for that she should be applauded.

2335 days ago

Kitty Angel    

There has been some Botox use ... look at how smooth the forehead is. However, the rest of her face looks pretty natural.

2335 days ago


I don't see much difference between then and now - She's absolutely gorgeous!

2335 days ago


Some Women are just BEAUTIES...She is very healthy, does not smoke, drink booze or DRUG..She does not screw every guy that looks good either...Her TEETH are the only thing semi false...Jealousy makes me angry..I am 59 and I look pretty good, no wrinkles, no money for all the hollywood goo very..I dont dye my hair and have very little grey..Some Pretty Women in Hollywood are Natural Beauties..FACE FACTS Face Reality for those of You who are not Lovely..There are Pretty Women naturally for the most part

2335 days ago

No symphaty from me    

DD, you're way off base. Look at her face, she's had no plastic surgery. I see lines, for @#$@# sake, she's only 56. My Mom didn't start having rinkles until she was in her 60's! Some of us are luckier than the rest of us. It's called good genes...wake up people. Butterflydeli

2335 days ago


Wow! She looks even better than the first pic! And to people who say it's plastic surgery; I seriously doubt it. Plastic surgery almost always makes them look much WORSE, not better. She doesn't look like a fat-lipped cat; so I think it's natural beauty. She looks positively awesome.

2335 days ago


Gosh, all you people seem to know so much about her personal life. Maybe you should be TMZ reporters.... oh wait, the TMZ reporters are classless wanna be's, aren't they.

Cheryl Ladd still looks great for 56. Whether or not she had any surgery is irrelevant. She looks good, period.

2335 days ago


No doubt this woman has had some type of work done. Even Jaclyn Smith who is stunning looking has had some work done. Why do people assiocate having work done as a negetive???

2335 days ago


She looks incredible! I hope I look half as good when I get to be her age!

2335 days ago


She is still beautiul, but, of course, she has had some work done. At least it was done well. Teenagers have work done these days, so to say a 56 yro hasn' if that is so outrageous...she looks great!

2335 days ago


I have to say, ....
Of course she's had work done!!!! VERY few stars, even Julia Roberts' caliber have not done something here or there. That being said, it seems like "plastic surgery lite" and looks good. I would say Botox in the forehead, a partial face lift (that is why the eyes are a little wrinkled, that is the whole point to fool people) and restalyne filler. Look at the folds by her cheeks/mouth in the first pic, then in the second. At 56 you are saying they are naturally SMALLER now than in her 20's? Come on. She looks great, and is a great example of keeping yourself up without going overboard, but that is not a procedure-free face!!

2335 days ago


nice work
WHo's her doctor?

2335 days ago


I have seen Cheryl Ladd several times in Santa Barbara, CA...believe me, she still looks GREAT!

2335 days ago


Lets ee she probably maintained her weight, worked out,had good genetics (OKAY, OKAY Rockin Genetics!). Probably doesnt smoke, probably doesnt fry herself in the sun and doesnt eat bad.



2335 days ago


Maybe a little plastic; certainly some (or then some) botox. Nobody has a forehead like that at 53 and a dead giveaway, no neck wrinkles. Plastic, photo-shop, airbrushing, careful lighting or all the above??? Take your pick. I do agree she looks terrific...but not without help.

2335 days ago
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