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Tatum - The Dog Made Me Do It!

6/3/2008 7:16 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tatum O'Neal is playing the oldest blame game in the world for her crack attack –- it was the dog's fault!

In this case, she tells the New York Post, it was the death of her dog Lena that set her off in the spiral that ended with her allegedly buying crack on a street corner. "My daughter and I had to put her down. It was too horrible for words," says the ex-kid star.

She adds that the cops "came and saved me" from doing crack. Of course, she pleaded not guilty to actually buying the crack yesterday.

"Nashville" Wannabe Corn Gets Creamed

The drama is already roiling on "Nashville Star" – and show is just starting to tape! TMZ hears that Charla Corn, an original member of the top 12 go the axe from producers because they thought she wasn't up to "Star" snuff.

So as chance would have it, guy group Third Town had to get on a plane at 2 am Monday to get to Nashtown for the morning. No word on what's happened to Charla, but she'll be missing the show's big move from USA to NBC.

We also hear that Taylor Swift will be performing on the premiere.

SJP – I Do Not Follow LiLo Anytime, Anywhere

Sarah Jessica Parker is super steamed that a dress designer put her in a dress for the big "Sex and the City" premiere that had been everywhere before – including on Lindsay Lohan!

The New York Times first reported that SJP wore a Nina Ricci gown to "SATC" that – horrors! – had been worn earlier in the month by socialite Lauren Santo Domingo and then – before that – by Lindsay Lohan in a Disney ad campaign. That just won't do, says Sarah: "It's just unethical and disappointing that they would allow the dress to be worn again."

Party Favors: Universal Blaze Blamed on Blowtorch ... Allan Houston Gets Back to the Playground

L.A. County fire officials say that the blaze that engulfed Universal Studios' backlot in flames was caused by workers using a blowtorch to heat asphalt roofing shingles, according to the L.A. Times. ... While old combatants Kobe Bryant and Paul Pierce battle it out in the finals, we hear that ex-NY Knick Allan Houston is hosting a celeb b-ball tournament at legendary Rucker Park on Sunday, June 14, as part of his 5th annual Father Knows Best retreat – a program that focuses on dad-son relationships.


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"Nashville" Wannabe Corn Gets Creamed

Who wrote this - lots of spelling mistakes and incorrect grammar. Not that I really care, I'm just bored haha

2302 days ago

Im just sayin'...    

OMG - I just realized that I wore this shirt 2 weeks ago! I hope no one in the office notices..... this is so unethical....

2302 days ago


Boo Freakin' Hoo, Sara "Jessica" Parker. Like this country needs some stuffy, snooty celebrity crying about a pathetic dress being worn more than once. The "celebrity" manic media need to get their noses out of the "celebrity" asses and clean it up...your nose that is.

Who cares about what toilet paper, lipstick, toothpaste, or panty liners these people use! Get a life!

2302 days ago


PROTECT YOUR RIGHT TO HATE. People should lay of Tatum O'Neil, at least she walked to pick up her drugs instead of driving ... or turning tricks (or was she?). Also, what does it matter what Sara Jessica Parker is wearing, she gotta be the *#!"ing ugliest female celebrity next to that chick whose plastic surgeon made her look like a lion. SJP is lucky she got women to be her fans.

2302 days ago


It is a dress Sarah......................just a damn dress! Now, pull the dictionary out and look the "word" unethical up! See, now you really know what unethical is!!!

2302 days ago


I typically like SJP, but if she really did say that... gimme a break... allowing a dress to be worn more than once is unethical? Apparently, she's risen above the everyday injustices of the world to think that multiple sightings of a dress is that big of a deal.

2302 days ago


It is unethical and disappointing that we have to look at SJP's ugly mug everyday.

2302 days ago


Renee ~ Isn't that the truth!

2302 days ago


SJP --> loser. Bitching and moaning about a friggin dress. The horrors! Worn by someone else! Sucks to be you.

Tatum --> once a crack wh*re, always a crack wh*re. Stop blaming it on the death of a dog. Yes, losing a pet is painful & horrible, but turning to crack is just pathetic. It's one excuse after another...

2302 days ago


FAIL! Lindsay actually wore that for a Harper's Bazaar editorial. She was on the cover of the mag and posed with differrent super heroes. Maybe that's where the Disney confusion comes in.

2302 days ago

run away!    

Sarah, it's just a dress!! sure it may be disappointing to you that someone wore it, but you kinda lost me on the 'unethical' part. I think SJP is awesome, but she needs to tone down the complaints about the damn dress.

2302 days ago


Sarah should go tell her story to the homeless, or cancer or Aids patient. Go tell a parent that lost their child in Iraq. Maybe then she will realize how ridiculous she sounds. That dress was gorgeous and the best SJ has ever looked. Be happy with that.

2302 days ago

Something smells fishy...    

Unethical? It's amazing what these people consider unethical. I can't believe the homely b***h has the nerve to be outraged. The outrage is that someone this ugly gets to wear such a beautiful dress--poor dress.

2302 days ago


TMZ - you've seriously misquoted SJP here.
She asked the Nina Ricci people if the dress had been photographed before and they said no. In the NYT she said it was their lie that was unethical. Not the fact that the dress had been worn before.

2302 days ago


Tatum needed crack because her dog was put down? Yikes...should she be in jail or long term rehab?

2302 days ago
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