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Christina Milian is Fat

6/4/2008 12:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Christina Milian has discovered a way to get all the women in the nation to hate her -- talking about the need to diet at a size 1.


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Maybe she can get together with irene gracie - size 0 and they can lose some weight together!

2239 days ago


I hope she gets a thyroid disorder like myself and lose all control of her body! I used to be small, now I'm pretty much average and it sucks! I don't need some biittccchhh makin' me feel worse, walk in my shoes for a day and realize that what you think, just isn't important! Stupid people are stealing our air!

2239 days ago

UH HUH    

All women have body issues. No matter what size. Stop hatin' on her! She's human ya know

2239 days ago

hot snot    

i agree with #3 - doesn't matter how small you get, you will always find something wrong. The smaller you get, i think the worse it gets. it's not easy

and considering the idustry this girl is in...according to them she probably does need to lose weight, and that is a shame

2239 days ago


I wish I was a s "fat" as she is!!

2239 days ago


The only reasaon skinny beeeeotches say "I need to diet", is so that everyone will say "Oh, no you don't! You are sooo thin!"

2239 days ago


i totally agree with you #6. but i believe that yeah go on a diet and maybe you can whither away!!!!

2239 days ago


I heard a rumor that tickling the inside of your throat with your finger makes you thin. Is this true???

2239 days ago

blue pen    

What an idiot. Maybe if she keeps sticks to her plan she'll do us all a favour and vanish up her own ass.

2239 days ago


Wow. People are rude.

Actually TMZ, I read in Blender that she is actually a size 0. So try waking up one morning and putting on your size 0 pants and realizing that you can't fasten them without having a roll of flab hanging over. You would probably think you needed to lose weight as well. That and the fact that Christina is a very muscular girl and is probably very health conscious. Weight gain for health freaks tends to send them into a tail spin.

2239 days ago


Sorry but a size one or zero or sub-zero is freak action. Who the f**k SHOULD really want to look like that?? Thin, good ---wizened troll -- puke.

2239 days ago


I'm thin. Thin is beautiful. I'm naturally thin.
Size 0, Size 1 is beautiful.
Christina Milian looks great, does not need to lose weight.

2239 days ago


She needs to shut up! I am as fat as she and my friends hate it when I say I am too fat and I am a size 4 at 5'3". Well I think I am! One meal a day will keep your stomach flat.

2237 days ago


Um even if your small (size 1) you still need to be on a diet. Other wise you will not be size 1 for very long. you dont just go on a diet to get to a certain size then eat all you want. you have to continue the diet to maintain your desired size.

2237 days ago

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