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Ice T -- Add McCain to My Body Count

6/5/2008 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The guy who once sang "Cop Killer" is backing John McCain -- but his motives are more sinister than supportive.


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You forgot to bleep "f*ck".

2331 days ago


Ok, I was a big scared for a moment by the headline but then had to laugh at his reasoning :D. And more power to him in regards to his goals re. McCain hehe.

2331 days ago



2331 days ago

TMZ Fraternity    

Ice T is cool..That made me crack up..LOL The hair cut makes him look more sophisticated, like he works in an office or something...

2331 days ago


Ice-T is a sell out.

Not only does he play a Cop on TV

But, what kind of P.I.M.P. marries one of his hoes??

2331 days ago


I still love you Ice-T. Its ok, I forgive you. I hope all you Obama supporters are rich and have no debt because when he takes office he is going to raise taxes. Who do you think is going to pay for this unversal health care? Its got to come from somewhere and Obama has already said he would raise taxes to pay for it. Good Luck !!!

2331 days ago


can either one of them
even spell politics ?

2331 days ago

John Galt    

You Obama nuthuggers are a joke! Obama, aka Mr. Potatohead, has ONE YEAR experience! He's a manufactured candidate, created by an extreme liberal media. When he's not reading from a telepromter, he reveals himself to be a MORON! Uhh...uhh...uhh...Spit it out Barack Hussein! He's spent the past 20 years financially supporting the most RACIST and ANTI-AMERICANS in this nation. His closest "spiritual advisor" (his words) Rev. Wright, is the most divisive, ant-American, RACIST Christianity has ever seen. His "friend" (his words) William Eyers, is a TERRORIST! His other close friend who Obama has done personal dealings with, Tony Rezko, is a corrupt, swindler, just indicted on multiple counts, soon to spend many years in prison. Obama has been propelled to great heights by the most radical figures in America. And IF he becomes President (God help us) he will empower those who got him where is is today. Obama would be the WORST Pres. this nation has ever known!

2331 days ago


coco is one hot ass bitch ICE-T you are an OG for tappin that ass every night

2331 days ago


Look how the Dems work - Hillary got more votes but the golden boy got the votes of the dems in congress and senate. Obama is the worst thing for the Dems because he will not get this female vote or a lot of female votes. I will vote for McCain before I vote for him!!!!

2331 days ago

Amazing T!    

John Galt- Obama is a racist? Then he should fit right in at the White House!

2331 days ago

John Galt    

Eliza, you need to read more carefully. But I understand; you're a Democrat. I never wrote that Barack Hussein Obama is a racist. I said he's supported racists. I also left out Father Pfleger. A worthless, racist and Anti-American priest who preached in Obama's "church," among other things, that America is "a sin against God." Obama has a 20 year relationship with Pfleger and funnelled $200,000 of tax-payer money to him. Mr. Piotatohead also donated tens of thousands of dollars to the racist, traitor, "Reverend" Wright who said the U.S. gov. invented Aids to kill blacks. Hmm...proof that Barack Hussein financially supports the most divisive race-baiters in the country. But...but...but...Obama is a "transformative candidate." He's the messiah who will heal the nation. For all you Obama tea-baggers out there, take a stroll thru the Southside of Chicago and see just how effective Obama has been as a "leader." Get a clue. Stop getting ALL your information from MSNBC and CNN. If McCain had Obama's corrupt connections, not only would his Presidential candidacy be over, they'd demand his resignation from the Senate. But Mr. Potatohead gets a pass. Barrack Hussein Obama=The Manchurian Candidate!

2331 days ago

Bill NM    

We desperately need to restrict voting to those who have an IQ of at least room temperature.

2331 days ago

Amazing T!    

Actually, I'm not a democrat. But that just goes to show how quick you are to jump to uninformed conclusions. Good luck in your plight to try and sway votes for McCain,Though. I'm sure he'd be excited to know that he has a guy like you campaigning for him...
Also, you may want to get spell check- and some blood pressure medication.

2331 days ago


room temperature ?


if you're NOT
voting in alaska......

2331 days ago
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