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Tonight's Game: Gisele vs. Leo

6/5/2008 3:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gisele and Leo could come face to face tonight at the Garden with their new squeezes. So Leo DiCaprio gets to see Tom Brady, and Gisele gets a load of Bar Refaeli.

Please vote.


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Who cares?

2240 days ago


So, how many other people in the arena have the gisleo diseases now? Let's hope they all get drunk and throw up on eachother.

2240 days ago


Well, they're all grown-ups, unlike the TMZ staff, so I'm guessing they'll either avoid each other, or greet each other politely. And I'm sure they all know what each other look like. Duh.

2240 days ago


TMZ, when ask us to vote on something please, include "neither" as an option! Or, "don't care"!

2240 days ago



2240 days ago


They were both at a Celtics game a week or two ago. Leo has been filming a movie in Boston for a few months and has been at many games. Brady and Giselle were given the seats that Leo usually sat in. Not exactly breaking news that they'll both be at the game.

2240 days ago


Gisele is NASTY!!! Don't stink up our garden center Gisele go away.......

2240 days ago

yeah right!    


2240 days ago

Mr, Know-it-all    

Please keep in mind, at any given time, Tom Brady can definitely kick Leo's ass!!!

2240 days ago

kimberley Houston    

All them nasty as hell....Gisele is bony and skinny with no ass and a big nose what is suppose to be
so beautiful about her? Leo is my boy, he still a hoe, Tom aint all that, leaving his baby mama for
that slut Gisele and Bar, she airight...All them hoes

2240 days ago

melz s    

they both went way down

2240 days ago


The last game Gisele came to the Celtics lost we donot want her there stay away Tom take her back to New York until we get our parade

2240 days ago


Honestly TMZ HOW MUCH IS LEO'S PUBLICIST PAYING YOU?. You're so far up his butt I can barely see you. Last time you FALSELY CLAIMED Leo dumped Gisele; When it's common knowledge GISELE DUMPED LEO. Now you're propagting a knock out fight betwwen Gisele and Bar over Leo. Lol. You're so desperate you'll make anything up. Gisele NOT ONLY LEFT LEO BUT MOVED ON. YOU TMZ IS THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN'T SEEM TO MOVE ON. You're always trying to link Gisele with Leo even though she's been seeing someoneelse for over a year. What's the matter his latest modelizer conquest is not enough?. You need to drag Gisele into your made up crap to make it more interesting? Since you're constantly claiming how hot a supermodel Bar is. (btw I get five fashion mags a month and have never heard of her.) why don't you focus your made up stories on her and Leo alone.?

Oh I agree 100% with the poster who said you hire childern . You do.

2239 days ago


OK TMZ WHAT DRUGS ARE YOU ON? Bar hotter than Gisele ? on what planet? The delusional TMZ planet? She's kinda alright, but Nobody's hotter thant Gisele. Gisele doesn't even have to try , she just IS HOT. I've seen real pics of Bar & Leo. She's as pale and pasty as Leo. I think they make the perfect couple.

Oh and as for modeling, Bar does not even come close.

2239 days ago


Real smooth Harvey, mr. Hate Promoteur. First you spend a year trashing Gisele and Tom, now you have a poll on her vs Leo and his jewish girlfriend. (Yes Harvey we know you're jewish so you can cut the crap.) Like you didn't know the result of your littel hate campaign already. AS IF. I told you not to throw stones at Mel Gibson cause WHEN IT COMES TO PERPETRATING HATE AND EXPLOITING IT, YOU'RE THE MASTER HARVEY. CONGRATS.

2239 days ago
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