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Gloria Allred: Bev Hills Can Be a Real Drag

6/6/2008 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Las Vegas may be the City of Sin -- but according to Gloria Allred, Bev Hills is the City of Shims, or women who dress in the "gender uniform of a male."

Women looking like men? Not here.


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Im just sayin'...    

Does she own anything to wear that is NOT pink??

2294 days ago

That is NASTY    


2294 days ago


PROTECT YOUR RIGHT TO HATE. Gloria Allred is so freak'n ugly and her voice is like listening to someone dragging their fingernails across a chalkboard. But, hell, I would love to be married to her so I could spend her money on the bitches and hos in the Thirty Mile Zone.

2294 days ago


It is so obvious this is a frivolous law suit. She/He can't expect people to know what is underneath their clothes. The Beverly Hills Hotel has every right, and even a responsibility to act upon her actions. As a woman, I would be very upset to have her in my restroom. Even if I knew she was a cross-dresser I would be offended. If she can't identify as a woman, she has no business in a womans restroom. She is in a hotel, go to your room, for goodness sake. She is wearing a do-rag, dressed in mens clothing, even if she produced an ID it would be suspicious. I think security did just fine, in protecting its other clients. She has chosen to be different, then cry about it. I think this was a set up for a pay check. I hope the hotel defends itself and does not settle. If the hotel didn't act, they could be sued. This is such a frivolous suit.

2294 days ago


this money hungry wrinkled old crow needs sum P-E-N-I-S bigtime.. NO JOKE...

2294 days ago


Well, I happen to love Queens in the restroom. They have the greatest makeup tips!

2294 days ago


actually, ALOT of ppl go to the beverly hills hotel for their resturant and lounge, so the chances of her even HAVING a room are very nil. and anyone with eyes could have seen she was a girl. she's got a case and the hotel needs to shape up now and make sure their attendants are more sensitive and know how to read body language better. just b/c you're dressed differently doesn't mean you can hide your DNA!

2294 days ago


gobble gobble gobble

2294 days ago

Jihan Coleman    

The security "did just fine protecting their clients" from what exactly Julie? Taking a pee and then washing your hands???? You sound like a moron! It's not like the girl was in there naked or having sex for crying out loud!! Which, by the way, I have witnessed MANY heteros do in public restrooms. (So much for straight people having the corner market on morality) Bottom line, this is AMERICA!! Where we have the freedom to represent ourselves however we choose as long as it doesn't break the law. If Ms. White wants to dress as a man, that's HER BUSINESS and her right as an American citizen! And if the Beverly Hills Hotel is sooooo concerned about "protecting their clients", then maybe they should have restrooms identified as for "Feminine-Looking Women Only Please", "Masculine-Looking Women Only Please", Feminine-Looking Men Only Please" and "Masculine-Looking Men Only Please". How absurd is that?

2294 days ago


Does she actually practice law or does she simply play a lawyer for the cameras? Has she ever actually tried a case?

2294 days ago


Gloria -

I am all for GAY MARRIAGE. Hook up with the he/she already - - and make it legal.


2294 days ago


7. - This wasn't a queen, it was a woman who looks exactly like a man. She doesn't even have curves as if she wraps her chest.

10. and 14. - She/he does NOT look like a woman. Get some glasses already.
Would you want something that looks like that following your daughter into a restroom? I wouldn't. If it looks just like a man, what the heck does everyone expect???

Some of you are so clueless. This was obviously a creep looking to cash in with a lawsuit and he/she found it.

Shame on you, Gloria Allred. It would scare the hell out of any normal woman to see something like that in a women's restroom.

2294 days ago


5 Julie - I agree 100%!!! People should not be expected to assume what looks like a man is a woman.

I can't believe how ignorant so many people are. This being America has nothing to do with it. We see what looks like a man. We don't have x-ray vision. Get real people.

2294 days ago


She is the biggest attorney publicity whore I've ever seen. Unfortunately she's not really good for her clients. Whenever I see that SHE is the lawyer, I automatically think her client is guilty.

2294 days ago


Maybe this is all about her trying to get in the middle of something SO stupid and outrageous that people will forget she took Rob Lowe's nany's case. That one just doesn't look so hot right now does it? Move on and get your face on TV for something!!!!

2294 days ago
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