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Alabama Will Reunite -- In Court!

6/7/2008 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mark HerndonNote to country fans -- don't get excited for an Alabama reunion tour.

Mark Herndon, the drummer for the group Alabama, has been sued by fellow band mates to the whopping tune of $202,670. The lawsuit which was filed last month in the Circuit Court of DeKalb County, Ala.,claims that in 2003 Herndon was paid for net merchandise sales during the band's "American Farewell Tour" before the final numbers were cleared. Finders keepers!

The lawsuit seeks the full recovery of the money and wants Herndon to be kept from making any further profit from the band until the suit is settled.The four members of Alabama have not performed together live since their 2003 farewell tour. Looks like things aren't gonna change any time soon!


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Give them the money back you Chump!

2299 days ago


"The four members of Alabama have not performed together live since their 2003 farewell tour. "

Isn't that why it was a farewell tour? Duh!

2299 days ago


They should let him keep the money. Mark was a part of the group and helped tomake it what it was. I always heard he just got a weekly paycheck and was not a part of the same things the 3 cousins were. I think they need to let him have the $$ and stop being so greedy. Or maybe the other 3 are just broke and want it back.

2299 days ago


The band is claiming that they made no profit (ZERO) on a two year Farewell Tour of arenas, and it took them 4 years to find the mistake. I hope the IRS is sitting in the first row at this trial.

2299 days ago

bama boy    

You got to be kidding me, No profit??????? and it took the most famous group in country music history 4 or so years to find out??? give me a break. If that's the case then I guess the other 3 members are living on cardboard box's since they made no profit. it's crap like this that amazes me here's 4 guys that set the music world on fire, made musical history together shared each others pain and glory and now can't even sit down to a cup of coffee with out having their lawyers there. AMERICAN GREED AT IT'S FINEST!!!!!!!!!

2299 days ago


This is another case of don't believe what you read. There is always more to the story and it does not change the fact that Alabama has and always will have a history of great country music. Legalities and opinions cannot change that fact. It must be a slow news day for TMZ to print something like this. Come on TMZ, you can do better than this.

2299 days ago


Living near Fort Payne Alabama and having met some of the "boys in the band" I'm just amazed that at the vast amounts of money they have made, they are fighting over 200k. I don't think any of the three that are suing need the money.

2299 days ago

Sgt D    

Today they dedicated bronze statues of the 4 of them at the city park in Fort Payne, Alabama, all 4 were there and all chummy with each other. Guess they are good friends in public and money hounds when not in public. Living here and knowing what most of the local people think of them people not from here would be amazed at the amount of anger against them. A lot of rumors about how they bought up most of the land from poor people living close by their big houses and other things they have done. Shame on them!!!

2299 days ago


They were the country group of the 80's. Get your act together Alabama!!

2299 days ago


Living in Fort Payne we do hear a lot of rumors about the band, and as much as I love them, the truth is that Mark has been shafted all along since he entered into the band. He never brought home the "big money" like the rest of the boys. It's time they just let this go. 200K is nothing compared to what the rest of them are "sitting on".

Being digitally removed from picture on the Last Stand CD wan't a very nice thing for them to do either, considering the fact that he was playing the drums on the songs for the album. Best of luck to you Mark!

2298 days ago


Sounds like somebody needs some money...give me a break guys. Being that Randy's solo Artist thing is a flop and Jeff with some cheesy variety act and Teddy, well...Teddy might be doing good, I don't know. But as for Mark...If anything, he was under paid, he's just getting his due.Sounds to me like you guys "Alabama Inc." needs to get a new accounting Dept. It took you 5 yrs to figure this out...pretty sad ! You guys were the best but GREED caught up to ya. You should have never stopped. I think you should just chalk it up as a mistake and drop it !! Not only that, but I don't think Alabama would have been where there are today if it wasn't for that crazy blonde haired rockin drummer !!! He brought so much to that band that the other 3 didn't. Go Mark !!!

2298 days ago


Maybe what you all don't know is that the other three all got paid prior to the farewell tour and the amount was substantially more than 200k. Mark was the only one that had to wait until the tour ended for his payment. He is a decent and honorable man. At the dedication ceremony last weekend, he stayed and signed autographs and gave away his old drummer memorabilia. He sat on the tailgate of his pickup truck in 95 degree Alabama heat for three hours after the other three were long gone and never missed an opportunity to pass along a kind word, a hug, and a thank you to his fans. He's a class act.

2292 days ago

scot foshee    

ALABAMA were luckily a good act from 1980 to 1989.
In the 90's they were a complete sellout. Just bad
albums. I've kept only they first few albums because
they were good...but the 90's stuff was just embarrassing.
I feel bad that their "Farewell Tour" was such a racket
with ridiculous staging and arrogance by Randy. And Jeff's
attempts with the "AGB" is nothing more that a honky tonk
coverband act. Mark is now a pilot for comany executives.
A far more respectable career than Alabama ended as. They
truly were, as the industry said, the most "underrated act"
in country music.

1607 days ago


Well Randy and Teddy are sick and fighting the Big C, and Teddy is just trying to save the farm. But Mark Herndon has new band that is creating a buzz in Nashville. Looks like Mark may be the last band member standing. Karma is a BITCH guys.

1489 days ago


That is Randy and Jeff are sick.

1489 days ago
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