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Gerard Butler Hates Life ... Fans Too!

6/7/2008 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gerard Butler says he hasn't been on Robertson in months -- and after he brutally dissed his fans yesterday, he probably won't ever come back.


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Tha'ts crazy! First!

2294 days ago

Anonymous 4.12.08 Expect us    

I love my Phantom!!! He's THE sexiest man in hollywood today.

2294 days ago


He sucked in Phantom and he butchered those songs!!!

2294 days ago


Well perhaps saying "look at that ass" is not a good start to asking for the man to take a picture with you, And your paps are just downright rude.

2294 days ago


What's with the fake accent, Gerard? You're a bloody SCOTSMAN!!!!!!!!!!

2294 days ago


I think he is just unconformable with the whole "fame" thing and does not know how to handle situations like that! But he should have known better by going to Robertson's blvd!!!!!!
POINTER: He should take classes on how to treat his fans from Johnny Depp if he wants to stick around for a long time AND TO CHOSE WISELY THE PLACES THAT HE GOES TO!!!!!!!

2294 days ago

Anonymous 4.12.08 Expect us    

Those fans were just rude. How would she like it if he came up to her and said "Look at those hooters!". It's obscene and rude. Of course, Gerard has a nice azz! The greatest, but I sure wouldn't say that to his face. It made her look like a stupid slut and very low class. Great first impression.

And Samantha? You're an idiot. Gerard did a wonderful job on POTO. You have no taste, go back to your bubblegum britney music. Leave the adult stuff to us.

2294 days ago


Why don't they just leave him alone! Losers!!

2294 days ago


He was not dissing his fans.

He was obviously annoyed and embarrassed when they go to mention his ass (which by the way yea, is really nice).

And that girl was rude and annoying. How comfortable would you feel if some stranger goes up to you and says that and then goes on to rub your back? It's one thing to ask for a picture, but to make crude remarks and then touch him is inappropriate.

And he's known to be one of the nicest guys in Hollywood and a gentleman. He simply said no and tried to move on but the girl just went on to follow him. Any other celebrity would have lashed out at her.

2294 days ago


P.S. He's HOT!!

2294 days ago


he did a wonderful job in the Phantom od thf opera.i like him

2294 days ago


They were rude for saying that while he's talking on the phone. What's wrong with just saying hi!!! and HE IS BEAUTIFUL IN EVERY WAY!!!!

2294 days ago


The paps were just a little too close to him. I'm surprised he didn't hall off and deck one of you guys. Leave the man alone. As for the ladies that said he had a nice ass. Well, no wonder he didn't want to take a picture with you. He, probably, thought you were gold-diggin' ho's or street walkers....take your pick. Give the man some space the next time you see him...Geez!!!

2294 days ago


He is the freebie I'm allowed in my marriage. At least I believe he should be :)

2294 days ago


Gerry has a well earned reputation of being VERY good and kind to his fans, but the fans pursuing him in this footage were extremely rude and disrespectful. Why should he stop and have his picture taken with young woman who comment on his *ss? TMZ, you really show your true colors by completely misreporting the facts. Gerry is a hard working actor who does not deserve to have lies reported about him. Anyone with half a brain can plainly see what is really happening in this video.

2294 days ago
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