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Pres. Bush -- Ruins Everything He Touches

6/8/2008 10:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It was just a matter of time.
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The 152-year-old Texas Governor's mansion, where Bush once rested his head, sustained serious damage as a four-alarm fire set the mansion ablaze at 2 AM CST this morning.

100 firefighters fought the blaze -- no one was home at the time of the fire.

UPDATE: Fire investigators say the blaze was intentionally set, but there's no indication it was intended as a direct threat to Texas Gov. Rick Perry.


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John Galt    

"Who is John Galt?"

2330 days ago


Did you see the great energy at Obama's rally and the lack of energy at mcCains?That old bastard doesn't have a chance.

2330 days ago


Nobody care who john galt is,he seems to be a right wing nut,who like george bush thinks if you say things enough times,people will think its the truth.

2330 days ago

George Herbert Walker Chicken    

FYI - John Galt is the boring, naive and pretentious ostensible hero of an otherwise likeable if lightweight melodramatic soap opera in novel form by Ayn Rand, who went on to found the RAND Corporation. If you're looking for something that doesn't strain the brain on your next plane trip, I recommend it almost unreservedly - just skip over the 75 page rant about selfishness near the end of the book; it repeats itself ad nauseum. But stay away, for Allah's sake, from The Fountainhead - that shiz is UNreadable.

PS - the part about the RAND Corp was a joke. Lighten up

2330 days ago


Coincidence that yesterday was the State Democratic Convention in Austin and the burning of the Mansion???? That's mighty suspcious to me.

Good thing that Rick and Anita were in Scandinavia (???).

2330 days ago


Number 89 (1 moron in a pod)...please educate yourself.

2330 days ago


How is Bush responsible for this fire? What idiot wrote that headline? I want entertainment news, not someone's political opinion. TMZ should get a new writer - let the one who wrote that go!

2330 days ago


I wonder if bush will do a flyover the mansion the way he did in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina.

2330 days ago


prob set by drunk frat-rats walking home alone from 6th street as usual...gotta take that college frustration out actually is sad for those of us living in Austin, who cares who lived there, it was a gorgeous addition to the beautiful historic downtown landscape, amazing no one was hurt even putting it out

2330 days ago


Educate myself? All of you right wing morons voted for this piece of garbage,why don't you get a education,you brainwashed idiot.

2330 days ago


TMZ folks are morons, and so are other liberals/dems. The reason gas prices are so high has nothing to do with Bush, but the democrats and liberal enviromentalist who will not let us drill here or have too many Government regulations to build refineries and in making the fuel. The only reason the terrorist have not hit us again is because we are fighting them there. And raising taxes like the dems and Obama are going to do will not help us working people. And neither party will do anything about the illegals or the securing the border. And we with brains all know that if Obama gets into office an makes things worse he and others will just blame Bush for the next 8 years or more just to cover their own asses. And the dems run the show pretty much now and gas keeps going up as well as unemployment , illegal immigration, and even thye could stop the war by cutting funding but don't!!! Wkae up people raising taxes, more laws, bigger governmnet does not make this country better or you have more success. And if you have a job, food, computer, car, must be pretty damn good compared to other countries. If you want a socialist country vote Obama in 08.

2330 days ago

waa waa cry babies    

how did bush ruin the country? Is he the one who has halted drilling oil reserves in this country? Think that happened with the whiny enviro whackos. Take care of drilling for oil here and develop affordable alternative fueling for cars, and a large part of our problems would be solved.

Also, would you like the Taliban and Al Queda to come over and attach other parts of our country? They'd like nothing better than to finish what they started on 9/11/01......maybe they can come find you since you think it unnecessary to defend ourselves against those who wish our country ill will.....or maybe you'd like to join them? Delta is ready when you are.....

2330 days ago

waa waa cry babies    

What are the changes that O speaks of? Can someone enlighten me?

2330 days ago

Something smells fishy...    

Politicial discussions are a waste of time, just like discussing the Bible. Because people will interpret events and political strategies however they want.

2330 days ago


That bunch of Texas water drinking idiots known as the House of Yaweh sez the End of the World is going to be on Thursday. Those non tax paying religious idiots are whom we should be truly worried about.

2330 days ago
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