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Charlie and Denise Battle Over Needles

6/10/2008 3:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Our spies tell us Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen are at loggerheads over whether to vaccinate their kids.
Charlie and Denise
Charlie is convinced vaccinations are poison. We're told they are now at a stalemate and may end up in court. Pretty ironic and Hollywood, that a judge may have to decide whether to make the kids cry.

Apparently, the doctor for the kids has been siding with Denise. We got hold of a threatening letter Charlie's lawyer sent to the pediatrician last month, advising him Sheen did not consent to any treatment and promising legal retribution if he doesn't listen.


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not every one gets autism from vaccinations but if i had know the risk when my child recieved his i would have reconsidered. he is not autism but started having auditory processing problems after the shots. before the shots he was fine.

2324 days ago


It is laughable that ALL of you think you know Denise, Charlie and their two daughters so well!!!

2324 days ago


to all of the people who say its worth the risk then you have never had a child that has autism or other problems with the shots,it you did, would you still say its worth the risk

2324 days ago


Vaccinations are Poison. That's a tough one between 2 split parents. Vaccinations cause more harm than good, and they ARE linked to Autism. IF she vaccinates them and they do get sick from it, or develop autism, Denise is gonna feel like a really big loser. I would rather take the risk of my children developing some disease that was wiped out years ago, than to willing try to make my kids autistic! Team Charlie.

2324 days ago

eat a dam twinkie you skank!!    

I do agree that not EVERY shot is needed. I would say to denise to do your homework , hell give jenny MCcarthy a call, and find out what shots are absolutly needed for the kids.. then see if you can seperate them, ask for Charlie, if he was so concerned about poison in peoples bodies, he wouldnt sleep with hookers who can be carrying STDS!!!! hes just a pig who is out to make denises life hard and is using... what else the kids of coarse. I think she does love those girls but has alot of growing up to do herself, and she ca use a finishing school or something!!!

2324 days ago


I think the main point should be, why can't these two parent their children without having to use the court system.
As Judge Judy says: sometimes you have to love your kids more than you hate each other. They both need to stop this or the kids will suffer.

2324 days ago

Dawn Crim    

Anyone that says vaccines are safe and effective, please ask yourself these following questions and do YOUR HOMEWORK. Don't just repeat what your stupid ignorant doctor has told you!

What about the two former directors of NIH and their claims regarding vaccines? Please research this. Also ask yourself why the director of the CDC (before Julie Gerberding) RESIGNED during the Autism/Thimerosal Congressional Hearings. None of this is questionable?? Furthermore, please answer my questions below.

I belong to three community forums where there are literally thousands of families who are either parents of vaccine injured children or are victims themselves. After reading the majority of comments, it has become very apparent that many of you know nothing about vaccines and disease, but just the fears that you remember as a child. Where is YOUR PROOF that vaccines have eradicated disease and where is YOUR PROOF that vaccines are safe? Every time that I ask a doctor or nurse for proof I find that they know nothing about vaccines and they are simply basing their decision on "blind faith" in the system. Please just explain "a few" facts that I have outlined below. I also urge you to DO YOUR HOMEWORK on the subject before putting more children and adults in danger.

The CDC tells us that 36,000 people die each year from the flu (in order to try to mandate yet another vaccine and of course sell more too). Yet, their MOST RECENT statistics showed that they only reported 1,806 deaths in 2005 (the majority in the elderly). In previous years, it was even less. CAN YOU EXPLAIN THAT?

The CDC tells us that 20,000 babies contract congenital rubella each year. Yet, ONE YEAR BEFORE the vaccine came on the market, they only reported 14 cases in 1968 of Congenital Rubella Syndrome. There were even less in previous years. CAN YOU EXPLAIN THAT?? Why is this the case with every vaccine/disease that I have researched? Lies, lies, lies??

How about the SV40 Virus? Can you explain why just 6 mo. ago the CDC mentioned nothing of U.S. Citizens receiving this contaminated polio vaccine? Very recently, they changed their story and stated that millions received it. Despite the fact that the virus causes cancer in lab animals, there is no proof yet that it does in humans. I just spoke with a mother whose young child just tested positive for it. How some 50 years later? Why, the cancer causing virus is being transferred genetically of course! So, whether you vaccinate or not, your own future generations will be affected thanks to these lunatics.

Why do doctors not practice informed consent with vaccines? Why do they only tell you about "fussiness" or inflammation at the injection site? Do doctors know that the brain has a separate immune system? Do they know what happens to it during and after vaccination?

Why do the majority of doctors not report reactions to VAERS? Why do doctors not read the vaccine literature for each and every vaccine? They don't because two different hospitals almost killed me and my baby last year due to their "lack of knowledge" involving vaccines. I now have hearing damage, my child has vision damage and I won't go into the rest of my living hell either (it is attached). IT IS ALL VACCINE RELATED!! Why do doctors not inform you of the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program? Why does .75 cents from the sale of every vaccine go into this fund? How much has been paid out to date? What have they paid out for? I would love to see every healthcare worker jailed for not practicing informed consent. Doesn't it go against their Code of Ethics?

Why are we told that formaldehyde is toxic in the air, but it is safe to inject it? Remember the FEMA trailers? My infant received AT LEAST 300 MICROGRAMS OF IT WITH THREE VACCINES! Is that why he suffered from high-pitched screaming, developmental delays, congestion, regression in milestones, etc. According to Easter Seals, it is not normal for a child to regress in achievements. Yet, his pediatrician didn't see a problem? Why isn't everyone working together on the vaccine issue? Why is the media not reporting the truth? I am just a stay at home mom - but even I can pull CDC statistics!!

Why is there still mercury in the "mercury free vaccines"? Why are we lied to? Yes, it is still there because there is NO WAY to remove it 100% because it binds with other agents in the manufacturing process! How many trace shots will trigger Autism? An independent lab (Hapi) tested 4 mercury free vials and THEY ALL HAD MERCURY! Why are we now getting many prescription drugs from China (uninspected too). Oh, I forgot our government poisoned China's children with mercury laced vaccines. Prior to 1999, Autism was unheard of there, they began buying U.S. vaccines, and by 2005 they reported 1.8 million cases! Wasn't it in 2006 that they poisoned our pets, children and food

2324 days ago


What a dumbass. Not vaccinating your children is far more riskier than if they are vaccinated. Someone needs to get some education!

2324 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

Like why does she even have to run it by him?..He wouldn't know if she took the kids to the Doc..Denise must like to push his buttons..

2324 days ago

yadda yadda    

as a mother of an autistic child WHO WASN'T vaccinated I have to side with Denise. I didn't vaccinate for this exact reason and still had an autistic child. Yes it's mild but the dr said it doesn't usually "show itself" until around 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 years and depending on how bad not even dx til age 3. Parents need something or someone to blame and it's easier to say "its the shots" then face the fact that bad things happen just now it has a different name. I was told in the old days a lot of kids were called "retarded" with no actual diagnosis and more then half would have/should have been told atutistic. There it's more it's talked about more.

2324 days ago


Those little girls are adorable!

2324 days ago


Face it people - vaccinations are poison they are a form of population control, they cause Autism and kill. Open your eyes America, read about it - then comment, don't be blindly brainwashed by conventional MONEY making medicine.

2324 days ago


18. I've had my four year old vaccinated with everything that my doctor recommended and no signs of autism here.

Posted at 2:38PM on Jun 10th 2008 by Uuum

Yes, and I smoke like a chimney and don't have lung cancer. Yet. So?

2324 days ago


So let me get this straight? Charlie Sheen can do every drug on the planet and drink himself almost to death, but those vaccinations are poison! What the hell? This man should have been neutered.

2324 days ago


Charlie is retaining his rights to have JOINT CUSTODY for MEDICAL ISSUES. Denise has been treating the children without his input. The letter in question state that the doctor IS NOT to treat the children anymore. PERIOD! Also, children DO NOT GET VACCINATED WHEN THEY ARE SICK. Unless there is an EMERGENCY, the doctor is supposed to honor the Order, especially since he has been notified to do so. If this is a NON-MEDICAL EMERGENCY, which vaccines ARE, then if Denise wishes to envoke RESIDENTIAL PARENT authority, she MUST file an Order with the court and have the court decide who is right! It is not Denise's or the doctor's right to strip away Charlie's Custodial Rights. At this point, Charlie is right on this issue.

2324 days ago
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