Cheapskates and Tightwads

6/10/2008 1:45 PM PDT

Cheapskates and Tightwads

So our spies at a few Hollywood restaurants have weighed in on celeb tippers and gyppers. And the verdict is in.

We're told the worst celeb tippers at STK are two of the richest folk in town -- the Beckhams. We're told the restaurant once comped David and Victoria, and guess how much they left by way of tip? Nada.

On the other end of the spectrum, Ryan Seacrest is off the charts, once leaving five hundred dollars on a one hundred dollar tab. He's either a really nice guy or he just sucks at math.

UPDATE: The owner of STK tells us that our spy is wrong, the Beckhams are "great customers and excellent tippers."

Celeb Cellulite

No, this is not the Lunar landscape. This is actually someone's ass. Check out all the lovely lumps and bumps!

Charlie and Denise Battle Over Needles

Our spies tell us Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen are at loggerheads over whether to vaccinate their kids.

Charlie is convinced vaccinations are poison. We're told they are now at a stalemate and may end up in court. Pretty ironic and Hollywood, that a judge made have to decide whether to make the kids cry.

Apparently, the doctor for the kids has been siding with Denise. We got hold of a threatening letter Charlie's lawyer sent to the pediatrician last month, advising him Sheen did not consent to any treatment and promising legal retribution if he doesn't listen.

Heinous In High-Def

Some stars just weren't meant to be seen in high-definition. Whether it's botched surgeries, bad acne or just plain atrocious extremities, these guys and gals are better suited for airtime that's a little less technologically advanced.

Horshack: 'Memba Him?!

Ron Palillo is best know for playing Arnold Horshack in the '70s TV series "Welcome Back, Kotter." Guess what he looks like now!

Hollywood Bad Boys

It's hard to find a good man that isn't already taken -- especially in Hollywood! These are the guys that are still available. Good luck...