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Hot Dog! Tori Has the Baby!

6/10/2008 7:29 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Despite her best efforts to make her newborn sick, Tori Spelling –- everybody now, sigh of relief –- gave birth without incident. Mazel tov!

Stella Doreen McDermott was born yesterday via C-section, and weighed six pounds, eight ounces, and no amount of listeria-laden soft-serve or hot dog could keep the baby from kicking healthily and happily. "I have my beautiful little boy and now I'll have my little girl," she told People.

Tori and hub-manservant Dean McDermott already have a one-year-old boy, Liam Aaron. Oh, and their reality show starts next week.

R. Kelly's Limp Defense

So R. Kelly's pricey defense team closed their case in his kiddie-porn trial yesterday, after just two days and only 12 witnesses.

And the buzz is that their low-ball strategy – wherein they failed to call the alleged video victim as a witness – could backfire and send their client to the clink for a long time. Leaving her out, says one expert to the Chicago Sun-Times, might cause jurors "to speculate she had some inducement not to testify."

The prosecution returns today to hammer home their point about the mole.

Bros Get Plenty of B.J. in Brody's Show

Brody Jenner's new series is both brilliant and despicable.

The ultimate bro will be getting his own MTV strip, reports the Hollywood Reporter, in which a bunch of guys get to compete in man-sport like skydiving and dealing with the paps, and if they don't make the cut, they will have to leave the show's bachelor pad dripping wet in a swimsuit, holding their bag.

Even better, the bros will get "group date" and "alone time" with B.J.

Party Favors: New Edition's Bivins – Charles is in Charge! ... "Celeb Circus" Hazardous to Health

Michael Bivins – yep, the one from New Edition – is working these days as an analyst for TNT covering the NBA (who knew?) and tells not to worry about his on-air chum Charles Barkley's gambling: "He's a grown man." ... They're not clowns per se, but the celebs on NBC's "Celebrity Circus" are definitely finding out just how silly the circus can make you look. The New York Post reports that Christopher Knight, Stacey Dash, and Janet Evans have all been nicked – and repaired – in the making of the show.


No Avatar

Lenn K.    

If R Kelly gets off there is no justice. OJ and Robert Blake already got away with murder, Phil Spector might. Someones got to go to jail for their crimes!!

2329 days ago


MTV and VH1 are the masters of pumping out crap shows.

2329 days ago

just my input    

Why can't TMZ just be happy for someone...I felt the "trying to kill her baby" thing was really in very poor taste.....THis site just gets more unintresting every all are megative, over critical, and tacky much of the time....why can't you just tell the story w/ out your stupid judgemental comments....knock it off, TMZ!

2329 days ago

silly girl    

Do you people PROOFREAD????? Good lord.

"I've have my beautiful little girl and now I'll have my little girl," she told People.

WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Try again.

2329 days ago

Amy D    

I think that you have gone overboard with Tori Spelling by stating she was trying to make her baby sick. That is an awful thing to say about a Mom who apparently loves her children very much. You also stated in another clip that she gave ner baby a chemical getting her hair colored. Obviously, a man is writing this and is not even with the times....You can color your hair now a days when you are pregnant. By the way, most doctors do not put ice cream on the list of things you can't eat.
As long as her hot dog was cooked.....BACK off!
I think you are treating the family extremely poor and unfair. Leave them alone!!

2329 days ago


I'm appalled at the shrill and hateful tone from this site now.

Who writes this crap? The fat blonde we see on the shoe ? Hateful bitch.

You will lose more and more fans if you keep this up.

2329 days ago


Lay off Tori, you're starting to look like a jilted lover / psycho. Everything you've claimed as her having tried to make the baby sick ranges from flat out incorrect (perhaps even blatant lie) to blown way out of proportion. I'm not saying that you need to be all nicey-nice, just stop lying and check your facts before you wind up in a massive lawsuit. Every "story" along the way have each been debunked by several posters, yet you carry on as if defamatory lies and intentional misinformation are covered by the First Amendment. Guess what... they're not... and I (as well as many others) will sit back and laugh our arses off when you finally get sued for more than you're worth and lose.

2329 days ago


I may be dating myself here, but wasn't Michael Bivins in Bel Biv DeVoe?

2329 days ago


MTV and VH1 make shows geared to YOUNG people.

You old fogies are just too damn....OLD.

Take your mid-morning nap.

2329 days ago


STOP with the soft serve ice cream "controversy" already. I asked my OBGYN about this as no one told me to avoid soft serve when I had my (healthy) daughter last year. This doctor (different from my last, and in a different state) had never heard of a case of listeria in pregnancy caused by soft serve ice cream or anything else, and in fact said I would be more likely to be hit by a car than to have issues with soft serve ice cream. I also found nothing from googling that linked back to the medical community (just to over the top parenting sites). I was also not told to avoid hot dogs. Perhaps TMZ needs to educate those pesky doctors who've gone to medical school about all these "risks." I mean people are out there apparently trying to kill their unborn children. Also apparently daily if my experience is any indication. I have no idea why soft serve would be a no no in Australia (if it is as you say) but in middle America, it's not on the forbidden foods list at all.

2329 days ago


It doesn't matter what you think, it matters what the jury thinks in the R.Kelly trial. The prosecution has to prove WITHOUT a reasonable doubt that he was guilty. If there was doubt, or possible tampering (and they can't prove otherwise) he'll probably walk. Juries are given strict orders on what they can and cannot use as evidence. The defendant can plead the 5th and it won't be held against them. So it will be interesting to see what the jury thought of it all.

As for more stupid reality the networks really think we are THAT flippin' enamored of celebrities that we'll watch drivel? NOT.

2329 days ago


Bel Biv Devoe...... now you know! That giiiiiiirrrrrl is poison. NBA analayst you say? hmm.. He was the bucky tooth guy right?

2329 days ago


Once again, TMZ shows that they don't research. Properly cooked hot dogs are perfectly safe for consumption during pregnancy. My OBGYN assures me that it is a common misconception for people to think hot dogs are unsafe. Its not like she was eating it straight out of the fridge! Geez, has there ever been a pregnant woman at TMZ!

2329 days ago


I know plenty of women who eat hotdogs, ice-cream, hot fugde and pickles, and they didn't kill their babies.

To say that she was trying to make her baby sick on purpose is rediculous. What little respect I had for Harvey Levin is gone. He use to be a respectable lawyer and legal consultant for various shows on cable, now he's turned into a sleeze who tries to make a controversy where there ISN'T one just to get ratings.

Please quit the people's court. You're bringing the show down. Harvey is just not respected anymore by a lot of people who use to respect him.

2329 days ago


All that matters is that Tori stayed away from Candy.

Congrats to Tori, Dean and Liam!
Welcome to the world little Stella.

2329 days ago
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